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Can a national security organization CRACK a .rar file with a good password? How?
Not bruteforce.
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Someone would tell you, but then they'd have to kill you, so, move on.
They would just need to bend space and time to look back when you were typing the password
What are backdoors

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it just occurred to me that there is no retro style computer equipment available. you would think with all of this hardcore nostalgia pandering to 80s and 90s kids that someone would be selling plain jane white towers with a few extra hdd shelves and led monitors inside of a crt style shell. even if it was a niche operation, it would sell pretty ok for the novelty of having a modern build inside of a classic style case that hasnt turned disgusting yellow and throw on a "crt" that weighs 7 lbs to complete the look
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I had that same desk!, I would consider getting one if not outrageous
Don't know of anything remotely like the monitor idea but Lian Li has some pretty old looking cases you might like.
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I just picked up an old 233 MHz tower; I'm currently trying to decide which snowflake distro to throw on it. Any recommendations?

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Stop idolizing this loser.

He's the worst kind of loser there is. He's a self made loser. With his talents and past programming experience he could literally walk into any tech companies HR office show them what he's done with vax and tos and get hired on within 24 hours making more money than he knows what to do with.

Seriously fuck this guy. He's a 40 year old virgin living with his parents making no money because he is too lazy to try.

Let him be a lesson to others. The only way you can truly fail in life is to give up.
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He has mental health issues...
He's way older than 40
who's a loser?

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>Intel getting wrecked by mere glue
Glue bathed in blood.
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>mfw Intel gets rekt by poo in loo's
>mfw Intel gets rekt by a woman CEO
>mfw Intel gets rekt by Super-Glue
>mfw Intel gets rekt by CONTRACT KELLER
>mfw Intel gets rekt by 260 million Dollars R&D vs 12B from Intel
>mfw Intel gets rekt by price/performance ratio
>mfw Intel gets rekt by performance/watt ration
>mfw Intel gets rekt by ARM/Microsoft threatens to sue them too
>mfw Intel gets rekt by THEIR OWN FUCKING MAYO-TIM

also: very nice Die Shot

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Why are all news sites such cancer? It feels like visiting one without Ublock + Noscript is a death sentence
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Check out disney.com Why do they need 5 CDNs?
Because you’re visiting them for free. They need money, goy
>spread fake news and clickbait
>people share it on social media
>get millions of views
>add ads to maximize income
>"oh noes 20% are blocking our ads! whatever shall we do?!"
>"it's simple... add 20% more ads to compensate!"
>"wait... but are ads enough? don't we like... need to track the users so we know what kind of articles they click on and how long they spend on each of them?"
>"yeah good idea add 2 or 3 trackers to do it for us!"

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Man I fucking swear someone's backdoor ed my computer. How do I look for signs of tamper from a third party. Where are the general hiding places people store hidden programs on some one else's pc. Windows 7 64 bit. Am I going crazy? Idk. But when I open task mnger sometimes I see programs I don't really trust. So vague of a description, almost like it's a system program, but maybe it's not. I'dk I'm no le haxor but I've owned a pc since I was 16, im 26 now, so I am familiar with the programs that run on a daily basis because I'm glued to this thing 50 hrs a week or so. I'dk anyone got any stories about this type of stuff? Getting fucked over from hackers and nsa?
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Dude fuck if you're going to be this paranoid about shit go fucking install Gentoo and install fucking Tor.
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I can't help it.
install gentoo
use chkrootkit

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How organized and functional is your dock? What does it look like? What applications have you chosen to be the most accessible?

>linuxfags, iToddlers, winbabies, OpenSTD carriers...
Anyone with anything dock-like is welcome ITT

It's time to show off those sexy dock pics, you dirty slut.
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have a shortcut for whisker menu and type tgree letter for a program, enter.
Looks like shit
>not frequently multitasking between multiple applications at once, and placing your commonly used applications in a convenient and organized sequence for when you're balls deep in mouse-heavy workloads
it's like you're a faggot minimalist that fucks golden retrievers or something

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Anyone knows about a nice program that allows to monitor traffic usage by application and that works on Windows 7? (Kinda like the network part of the Win8.1/10 task manager)
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Maybe wireshark
Its too... detailled I dunno, I was thinking of something like htop or glances but with a win gui

give me one good reason why you don't use IOS mobile operations system in concert with the macOS desktop operations system or else

only macOS and IOS can provide the seamless integration and synergy
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>vendor lock-in is a good thing
Fuck off.
I have no need for desktop integration or synergy.
Also lifestylism is lame.
too locked

Do people not realize AMD is a failure as a company?

They just want to do a quick cashgrab, please their stockholders, and leave.

Nothing they've done with with the Zen architecture is innovative. Sandwiching old tech together is nothing new and actually sets a dangerous precedent.
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how's Chaim doing?

Lisa is my waifu. Already made $20k <3
And intels processors are still worse than that

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Anyone here a successful self taught programmer?

I am a 23 year old loser who works in a call center, I been taking some classes on the side that would help me work my way deeper into an IT support role; but seeing people who are able to program seems so much more impressive to me. I think it would be fantastic to have that skill not just to get a job as a programmer (although that seems like a nice benchmark) but also to create my own shit.

I have been fucking with Java lately to get an understanding of OOP but this is not the first time I tried. I always get overwhelmed and feel like I started to late. If you are a programmer happy with their abilities who taught themselves how did you do it? Not just what did you use but how did you approach it? How long were you at it before you started feeling any sort of satisfaction in your abilities?

Any help would be huge right now, thanks /g/.
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1. Programming is a shit job
2. Be lucky you don't have to do that shit job.
3. Everything under CS is just monkeyshit.
4. Kys
This. If you want to move ahead, look into getting an electrical engineering degree.
I'm interviewing for a position this tuesday.
I'm almost completly self-taught.
I feel like I'm underqualified and unlikely to get the job though.
Why is it a shit job?

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Why the hell is it so hard to find a simple, working and not-integrated-with-facebook MP3 music player?
I just want a drag-n-drop styled player like the good old days.
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literally foobar2k
Is this for mobile devices?

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I purchased this large meme

>phone shuts down at 13% instead of 0% battery
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>doesn't say what phone it is
>doesn't know about battery cycles or maintaining health of battery, or that reported battery levels can get out of sync with actual levels from misuse
>lazy fat stupid lardboy lays in bed watching anime all day on chinkphone running battery down to 0% and doesn't even bother to learn anything about it
its a xiaomi Mi Max

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So how dirty will Intel fight now that they've been cornered by AMD and ARM?
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Shills are working overtime. Pretty sure the ratio of shills to actual posters in CPU threads is now over 2:1. We may be rapidly approaching the shillgularity, where 100% of all image board posters are on a payroll.
remember of the six gorillion transistors
>t. Mr. Poor

>The Apple Maps app on a 120Hz iPad pro is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen

>This sounds dumb as hell, but it nearly brought tears to my eyes. It's by far the most impressive thing I've ever seen computer/tech wise.

>Exactly what about Apple Maps is so impressive?
>The speed and responsiveness of the 3D rendering, at a very high frame rate.

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>being on Reddit
I seriously hope Android jumps 120hz meme as well, probably the only thing Apple did right in the last 5 years.
i use 13fps because my eyes cant detect it, all above that is a meme

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