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Will this thing ever see the light of day? Should I just say fuck it and buy a chink pocket instead?
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I get the dev update emails. At the rate they're going it'll never be released, you should get something else.

This. Get the gpd pocket.
Overpriced garbage.

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I have a shitty HP thin client and want to upgrade the graphics power. What's the best PCIe Low Profile bracket graphics card that can be fully powered from the PCIe x16 port?
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RX 550, GT 1030
Depends on what you need it for.
I have a 650 Ti which is reallt fucking cheap nowadays and it runs some pretty good games

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sounds pretty cool i don't know what you're problem is, there giving away gpus for free.

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Where is the best place to buy a second hand (I.e. cheap) pic related? Ebay is all full price as is everywhere else. Niggas have these in there draws where they could actually be making $3.50 buy selling them to people who actually want to use them (A LOT OF THEM)

Where to buy / find cheap r-pi's anons I need A LOT!
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>so poor you have to be 2nd hand sbcs

damn son
orange pi from aliexpress. go to /csg/ for more info.
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>in their draws
>their draws
nigga is you stupid

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About to go pick up my new Thinkpad x230, Core i5, 256 GB SSD, installing MacOS on it. Did I fuck up, /g/?
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you meme wrong and should feel bad
This is the reverse of putting lipstick on a pig

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I just bought a cheap 16:9 monitor for a secondary and found it wont fit on my desk.
A friend offered to trade me his 4:3 screen for it.

What issues should I expect?
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You sure it isn't 5:4? You left out screen size information.

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Is there any contemporary program like the Computer Chronicles that showcases modern technology advancements in a professional way? I'm not looking for some youtuber spouting memes
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Why wont Valve release something like this?

Fuck kikestarter faggots who never release their product and flee like jews.

I just want something I can play my Steam indies/2D games on the go with.
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because its a dumb idea that probably wont sell.
Who are they gonna sell it to, broke indie-shit loveres?
There are shit ton of easy to run games on steam. I would imagine it could do what steam machines failed at. And with support for inhome streaming and whatever it seems to great idea.
Once again, who would buy it.
The logistics of it are just not there.
A)good luck finding a x86 processor to fit that power envelope without sucking. On top of that, it would almost certainly be running some custom linux install so tehn you are reducing yourselves to linux compatible steam games.
B) You could use ARM and basically just make an android device with a gamepad attached. Then you are stuck with which ever games have been ported to android or maybe linux if they choose to do that.

Either way it wont be very cheap, will have a gimped library and probably will have a shit battery life.

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Are you using dnscrypt and dnssec on your openwrt router? If so, would you show me your dhcp file? I cant make the two work at the same time.
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Important question, I second OP
Third, bump
OP here. Here's what my dhcp file looks like atm (went back to regular dnsmasq because I couldn't connect to the Internet otherwise): https://pastebin.com/rrh48Kuz
I have three different resolvers that why you see three 'list server' entries. How can I enable DNSSEC without losing these settings?

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Is there any good app or desktop program to schedule WhatsApp messages to a broadcast.

I checked some apps, but neither of them worked well.
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Oh, this is a question. I forgot the question mark.
Nigga this is America we don't use that shit. SMS forever.

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Why is Debian such a piece of shit? I've tried running it on a virtual machine, and it's broke twice now. Arch doesn't have this problem.
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The problem is in between the screen and the chair.
I use it on all my computers and have no problem with it. There are some actions that cause a warning to be output to logs/console, but nothing is broken. I'd say Arch is easier to "break" because you have to piece everything yourself.
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Weak bait.

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>using web browser as editor
why should I use then excluding vim and emacs? there is no alternative but the other browser as editor called vscode

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Now they're just fucking with us.
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I bet they hired some new designer autist and let him loose
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>it automatically sends information
>willingly using an LGBT botnet browser

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>t. Chrome Baby
it's the best browser. They took out all the google crap and made it a usable browser
Best browser by far

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Old thread >>61952954

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
read the old thread

>Have a question?
read the old thread
read the old thread

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
read the old thread
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A friend of mines introduced me to a medium-sized local tracker; reading the rules, I saw that that submissions must be approved by staff before becoming public.
Watching how everything worked and the log page for about a week, I came to the conclusion that the staff neglected, then rejected some submissions in favor of "verified uploaders". Those "verified uploaders" happen to have the power to approve their own submissions.
So we went ahead and tested the submission system: My friend and I submitted different versions (which is allowed) of something that was sure to be released by one of the "verified uploaders"; Nothing happened for 6 hours. Then, as expected, the "verified uploader" submitted his versions, approved his submissions, and 40 minutes later, a moderator that was online the whole day, rejected our submissions claiming they were duplicates.
I'm already considering alternatives, but I'm wondering if this happens a lot in other trackers.
P.S: The log page (which happens to "glitch" a lot) logs when an user submits something, a submission is approved/rejected or edited/deleted.
read the old thread
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I had a better OP

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