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Hello everyone you may have heard of anonymous and luzsec well they have inspired me to create a new group TH3 D1GIT4L 4G3 And my name is DIGI.TAL
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lol you sound pretty leet bro
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Hi, I'm CIA. We're back-tracing your IP right now. Be ready to get raided by the cyberpolice. Consequences will never be the same.

Best computing setup:

Tablet PC (iPad pro) for mobile use and casual browsing

Desktop PC (iMac) for home use and heavier usage.

Prove me wrong.
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phones are better than ipads
Smartphone - Can do anything a ipad can

Laptop, optimally x220 - If you're gonna need it, can do what you need and can remote to your home if you need to

Desktop PC (custom) - Outperforms imac twice while being half the price, customizable and much more modular

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Anybody here an audio fag?
Is anyone on /g/ an audiofile?
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I personally think that it's deprecated, but I still bought my favorite albums on it. It feels just nice, opposed to having everything stored digitally
There's an argument to be had for LPs when we're talking pre-digital recordings. Mostly due to mastering decisions and the wear-and-tear of the original masters from having been pressed so much. There's very little point on grabbing LPs on modern recordings, though, as most of them are going to be digital masters pressed to analog anyway and rarely sound significantly different. Sometimes they put actual effort into an LP pressing, but not often. They'll always hold novelty for their yuuge artwork, though.
Got around 200 records, mostly EPs

Not an audiophile though

Anyone else a left handed mouse user here? I just brought a mouse and Im using it left handed, swapped the buttons too. But what Im wondering is, is it better doing it this way or buying a dedicated left handed mouse? It doesnt feel awkward to use but when i swap the buttons they dont feel as responsive. Is this normal or will i adjust to it as time goes along?
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You know, I've never thought about left handed people when it comes to trackball mouse. I guess if you get one with the trackball in the middle its not so bad, but some of them still have the special buttons on the side or something.

BTW I have that exact mouse, but right handed, it's pretty good. I have had it for over 3-4 years, no problems, except it goes through batteries faster than other wireless mice.
I'm left handed but i have no problem using a mouse with my right hand. Anyway, if you really want a left handed mouse i'm sure there's a few options out there. I think razer made some left handed mice.
Thats the main reason im asking. I just brought a regular cheap usb mouse, i didnt want to worry about batteries and all that shit. Ive tried searching online for left handed mouses and honesty. most of them look like shit. Plus the majority are wireless and i dont want a wireless one
Ive always used the mouse right handed but decided to use it with my left hand. it feels much more natural for some reason. But I do eventually want a better mouse with more buttons, but i dont want to be forced to use it right handed

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Now what?
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are you actually installing windows 7?

how shitty is windows that you guys stick with an OS that's like 10 years old?
Update with Simplix
I actually like windows 7 more than the new ones, my computer is running way better with it, not that I have a crap computer

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This is phone kino cringe
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phew, i was worried we weren't going to talk about the iphone x design on this board.

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I've never liked phones with white bezels, but there's just something about a silver iPhone 6 and later that really makes me want one. Are there any actual cons to owning a white phone? For example is the white bezel really distracting while watching videos?
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Yeah. Get black bezels phone for media and games. White if you want to surf the web, apple ui was white list time I saw it, so you might as well get a white phone
White phones, and white phones with gold trim are marketed to women. It's a feminine color scheme. It's the same reason both Diet Coke (a woman's brand) and Coke Zero exist despite almost being the same product.
All modern apple products are marketed to a feminine audience. I don't see how the white iPhone is all that different than the space grey one

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Riddle me this, why is it OK for Google to bundle Chrome on Android if MS was fined over bundling IE on Windows?
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My S7 came with an "Internet" app.
usually they don't bundle it

the phone you're buying is a custom rom which comes with google chrome because there's some shit in the contract saying that both they have an agreement with google to offer it preinstalled besides plain android and that you actually want that and that's what you sign for.
and how is that different from some random MS EULA exactly?

Why is visual studio so bloated and buggy?
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To help NET curry niggers to produce something useful.
It like any IDE has actual features that more than show their worth when you're making anything more complicated than a circlejerk hello world. If you kind of stick there, you'll just be fighting everything. Stick to vim or emacs and pretend you're superior to the other hello world shits.
>Auto complete that isn't shitty
>Refactoring tools
>Actually good debugging tools
>Can install vim extension for keyboard editing
>Easy and intuitive to understand
>Everything just works right out of the box

Have fun working on substantial projects with emacs, peasants.

An anon in /spg/ told me that I have SailfishOS going for me, since I have an Xperia X Compact, pic related.

However I think Sony has only officially licensed the regular Xperia X, and not the Compact model that I have.

So, what is the benefit of using SailfishOS instead of regular botnet android?
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I fucking love that phone. Phone design done right.
just wanted to say that but I don't have an answer to your question OP.
now that is a sexy phone.
what a nice phone, simply beautiful

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