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Mac fags will defend this
something something poorfag
>Mac shit
who cares

Anyone else starting to use more apple products as they become more successful in their career/social life?

I don’t have as much time to play video games and mess around with Android all day and also have more money. Premium apple products just become more and more appealing.
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Fuck off, iPajeet
>as they become more successful in their career/social life?

You mean as they become more successful and sucking dick and being a faggot?
How well do your mac run SolidWorks?

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What is the most optimum laptop that balances affordability and power to run decently/well software like matlab or mathematica?
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Any laptop with at least a 4GB 1060.
>matlab or mathematica
You really dont need a supercomputer to run these, unless you plan on doing some wacky shit
a raspberry pi can run those
Anything with 4+ physical cores with 8+GB of ram

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Alright, well, I came here reluctantly because every other time I've been on this board I've been called a faggot and told to kill myself. Which is understandable because I was asking for help, I'm a skiddie, etc. But tonight I come because I've started to take the steps to get out of the skid-zone. I'm trying to learn C++, and after I've become proficient in it, I have other languages in my queue (C#, Python, VBS, etc.).

I was wondering if anyone had any tips, because I'm halfway through this first course and I feel slightly retarded when it comes to why you even need headers (.h files) that #include another .cpp file, to then compile all of that to another .cpp file. It just seems like extra steps to me.

And also, if anyone can suggest other languages to learn so that I'll have a chance in the vast IT field.

Any help or stories would be greatly appreciated.
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start here
>if you can't finish this, then kill yourself
I know I can probably do a google search and get general answers to this question, but I'm going to ask you anyway - what kind of stuff can you do with Python? Like how is it different from C++?
It prototypes a hell of a lot faster than C++ but it's difficult to make it do non-trivial things efficiently.
i.e. it's quick to make stuff in python but a well made C++ program will work better
to be honest the only surefire way out it to just do stuff. doesn't matter the language, just learn stuff, program stuff, and don't be afraid to try new (to you) things. Also try to make sure you have stuff under your belt from low level to high level. Know how to write a memory allocator and use a web framework.

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Is the GTX 1060 a good card or should I suck it up and pay retarded prices for a 1070? Please, help me. I know nothing and haven't purchased a graphics card since 2009.
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1060 is fine for 1080P i wouldnt bother with the 1070 unless you find a normally priced one
Is it suitable for vr?
1060 for [email protected]
1070 for [email protected] or 1440p 60hz

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i bought a thinkpad and now i need to put linux on it.

if i were installing debian minimal, what's the best window manager/de? i want lightweight, fast and easy to rice
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Why would you just install the kernel? Did you mean GNU/Linux?
Lubuntu is great

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what's the best ide, /g/?
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For what language?

Another Intel Coffee Lake price has been leaked
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Will they be compatible with 1151¿
Same socket new chipset. Deal with it, goy.

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Had computer off while I was gone over the weekend, came back and it takes 5 minutes to boot. Got into task manager and half my ram is being used by some weird ass service.
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>good luck i'm behind 7 botnets
i hacked it while you were gone
It's sending Microsoft all your info, give it abut 15 minutes.

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Name the best piece of technology to come out in the last 5 years. Ultra Hard mode: no Apple products.
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is pickle rick the 'luke, I am your father' of our generation?
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Could be any country or subculture of a country(Silicon Valley for example).

What makes places like Germany and Japan and parts of the US to be so good at creating new technologies? You could write a book about all the innovations the Nazis pulled together at the height of WW2 their engineering power was overclocked basically. They made huge leaps in record time, how?
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American ingenuity
German engineering
Japanese refinement
Fuck off /pol/. Anyone can be an engineer.
the only answer is autism

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>tfw feel so dumb and subhuman because I can't learn everything
>don't know rigorous autistic proof based maths
>don't know computer graphics
>don't know how to make video games with engines built from the ground up
>haven't read 100 classic books
>don't know enough about or any of linear algebra, statistics and probability, logic, discrete maths, graph theory, series and limits, real analysis, complex analysis, quantum theory
>don't know how to make impressive shit through programming (bitcoin exchange website, programming language, compiler, interpreter, etc.)

>feel guilty if I focus on few things, feel like dilletante if I try many

>tfw I minimise guilt by spending lots of time on the internet to procrastinate life

My guilt is all encompassing. It's like I'm in the middle of the ocean and everything is a long swim away
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Nice blog, frog. Please fuck off
Today you will learn how to make a text red in HTML (in a very hacky way):

<span style="color: red">Create new habits by small steps</span>
computer graphics are done by transforming matricies into an array in memory which represents pixels on your screen.

the tricky part is the algorithm used to determin which points on the polygons go in which pixel. It's done with raycasting.

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So... what's the best Linux distro just for a fuck-around machine? I already have a Windows gaming machine so no need to take that into consideration, but for a laptop for uni where I'm studying CS and doing a lot of programming, what's the best distro?
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Alpine linux
are you fucking retarded, Ubuntu

>most popular distro
>lots of support for it
>it just werks
>easy to use
Ubuntu so you can spend time programming and not ricing your system for screenfetch threads

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Use forth be gangster. The language to rule all.
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this forth campaign is probably gonna work on me.
Forth meme reigns supreme
Those who follow the forth meme are thugs

How dangerous is this shit?
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yea its the best thing since hotpockets xoxo
Welcome to 1998. Even dubious PDF files are dangerous if you don't have an antivirus.
>Even dubious PDF files are dangerous if you don't have an antivirus.

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