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Why did so many servers switch from Red Hat and CentOS to Debian/Ubuntu? What are the advantages?
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Its cheaper (free) and does basicly the same!
In the short run it reduces support payments to Red Hat so you can get your bonus for "reduced costs"

In the long run when you get hacked, it doesn't matter because muh golden parachute
Because of lennart Poettering

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Tell me /g/, is this laptop worth buying.
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I don't know.
Can you repeat the question?
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> Thinking opinions here are not fictitious or shitposts.

i'm looking for a "plug and play" mouse for gaming. i don't like the idea of needing software (unless someone can convince otherwise). looking to spend around $60 max.

HyperX Pulserfire is what i'm looking at.

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>shape is no good, especially the side
Better buy G403 instead.

>inb4 logitech chill
My daily driver is Cooler Master Sentinel 3 btw.
do you know if the optional software download is needed?
maybe needed is not right word... warranted(?).

thanks for replying, about to give up.

Hello /g/. I'm not happy being a poorfag. This is why I'm getting a job at McDonald's with a pay of $8/hr. After taxes this leaves me with $1,062.48/mo. With special financing at $20/mo for 36 months I should be able to own 53 iPhones. Should I go all in on iPhones or is better status-wise to mix in other Apple products?
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Do it faggot
what is "special" financing?
not sure how things work in america, but usually any half-decent finance operation would assess your earnings and only approve you provided you earn enough to live properly as well as pay off whatever amount youre trying to borrow.

then again they wouldnt give you 53 separate 20$/month plans on only just over 1k/month

would you give money to a casual/part-time worker at mcdonalds a loan of $53000 at 20$ a month
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LibreOffice or MS Office?
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libreoffice because it's free. But it needs more development. The real answer is LaTeX
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Would you fuck that rabbit, Y/N?

why are there no decent buckling spring keyboards on the market anymore?
Does anyone make some sort of switch?

I just want a backlit WASD or CODE keyboard with IBM typing feel.
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you have shit taste my friendo

Just get a Unicomp and mod it if you're that desperate
unicomps are shit though.
thats why I said to mod it, but they're not that bad -- I had one for about 5 years

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I think I am right in thinking C is the better language for where my interests lie. But if this is the case can anyone shed any light on what people mean when they say C++ is backwards compatible and a superset of C? If this is really true surely learning C++ will by definition be superior? My only grasp is that C++ is mostly about OOP whereas C isn't?
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Lost the first bit of my post when typing -

I'm just a IT sysadmin/helpdesk but I have a passion in computer engineeirng/sci. Last year I took a beginners course on programming which used Python - it was great but it isn't really a low enough language to provide any insight into computer engineering - the course was more of a learn computer science approach. I did teach me a lot of fundamental programming concepts though.

I doubt i'll ever be interested in writing any front end applications, but I would love to learn the fundamentals of how to write a device driver or kernel module. Ideally I want to specialise in operating systems in my career so hope this would also help in this area.
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>mom flushed the std::cin
>I doubt i'll ever be interested in writing any front end applications, but I would love to learn the fundamentals of how to write a device driver or kernel module. Ideally I want to specialise in operating systems in my career so hope this would also help in this area.
This is C territory.

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Not sure if this is the right board, but gonna ask anyway.
Anon, wanna play audio at 32 bit depth and 192 khz rate, but have no idea how this could impact my performance while playing vidya. Using external audio device.
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The human ear can only hear 24 fps, dumbass
Could you faggot explain this in more detail, dont know anything about audio.
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>mom found the stage 3 tarball
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>mom found the backdoor
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>step dad's son found the repost
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>programmer lead renamed my variables to pascal case

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Since i asembled new pc i am getting bizzare errors that appear so randomly i cannot even began to explain them. one thing i was wondering about is that i have i5 7600k but run w7 and bios on new motherboard (pic) is half a year old. is updating bios good idea? i never done it and dont want to brick brand new purchase.
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you know we cant do shit unless you tell us about the errors
what basically happens is pc resets itself. no bsod or any other indication that something is wrong. just instant power cut and immediate restart.
like i said, the amount of shit i did to get it fixed would take me hours to describe so i will just say the current state of this fuckcluster.
now i can play game browse net et.c BUT the after couple minutes sometimes seconds of watching youtube video OR after starting a download in the browser but only some downloads the pc resets like i said. thats what i narrowed it down to after days of reinstalling, updating, switching parts etc.
you would think that its network card issue or something right? NO, when previously i took out GPU pc would reset before i could even type in password. in fact it seemed like the moment i input couple letters on the keyboard it shit itself. as if GPU somehow through powers unknown is stabilizing the MB or system when its plugged??? i cant even begin to comprehend...
as for event viewer it mostly logs Kernel-Power and event id 6008 to confirm that indeed system shut itself down unexpectedly. nothing more. Although sometimes, not always but sometimes i get Schannel fatal error 40 and 70. googled, didnt help.
PSU doesnt seem to be problem as it can run no problem for hours as long as those certain unknown issue is triggered.
I think i will RMA MB but thats painful wait. maybe i will RMA GPU so they fix slightly loose fan on my 1060.

not sure what more i can say.

sounds like an Intel problem

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>wonder woman writes email to batman on her lagdroid
>on screen keyboard remains despite using her Bluetooth keyboard
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Come on, who really cares about this minor detail in a overall crappy movie
I gave up on all the goddamn superhero movies a long time ago

We are training Google's neural networks every time we solve a captcha, shouldn't we all collectively get royalties for any profits google makes from it's future trillion dollar AI industry?
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No because you do it for free

just use legacy captchca
you're not understanding the relationship going on.

a site (in this case 4chan) asks google for a way to verify that a prospective user (or in this case poster) is in fact a real human. google offers to vet every prospective user in exchange for some human computation in the form of this training data.

you're a commodity that 4chan is trading. commodities don't get to share in royalties.

>pay $1000 for a phone
>have to pay $70 extra to be able to quick charge it and $50 for a case to protect the glass
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>$50 for a case
it sounds like you're just really shitty with money.
It is $1150 plus all the extra shit you may want.
>no physical bezels
>has software bezels instead

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>overpriced garbage
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Yet you faggots can't shut the fuck up about it. Do you guys really want it that bad but can't afford it? I don't get it.
>I don't get it.
a women wouldn't.
You are more of a woman than I, buddy. Continuously talking about something you claim you don't want. Keep flooding /g/ with this shit.

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What is the most recent/best CPU without a backdoor installed?
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Intel Core 2 Duo Generation 3 are still rather recent and they can be fully un-Intel-ME'd with Libreboot as an example
AMD's old non-botnetted CPUs aren't worth it
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#Hillary2016 I'm with her
muh backdoors, no one wants your collection of MLP so dont worry you neckbeard faggot

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