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How do I use Discord anonymously?

I keep getting invited to a Discord but I don't want my IP address or any personal information given out to people.

Or is Discord fairly secure in keeping user information private?
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votnet meme shit

I come to /g/ once every few years.

I just need a little input so I can make up my mind.
Oh no not your IP!

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How do I save all blog posts locally? More specifically I'm gonna be out of internet connection for awhile but I'd like to save a blog (with all it's entries) powered by wordpress so that I may read it without internet.
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The blog posts are in the database.

If you save the database and the wordpress files then you have backed everything up.
How would I save the database? I'd also like the website to be as close to the ordinary with-internet experience as possible (with links to blog entries of the same blog still functioning)
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OP here, solved it with "HTTrack Website Copier" which downloaded content of the root directory of website and recursively downloaded subdirectories without breaking links such that I got essentially a fully working snapshot of the webpage :)

I want to buy a borderless monitor and don't want to spend more than 200$. Which should I buy?
Pic related is LG 24MP88HV-S. Is it good?
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*bezel-less, or as I like to call it bezel-free.
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>Is it good?
Good shit aint cheap
Cheap shit aint good
u2414h masterrace
My nigga this monitor is the best thing I've invested money in

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Is the Q6600 still a capable CPU for web browsing and other normie stuff?
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also interested
yes it absolutely is
the q6600 is the eternal cpu it might never be good again
but it's always adequate
with linux or an ssd it got really capable

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>posts a legitimate question about a problem which many users face
>nvm fixed it
>thread closed
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>i don't know the answer but i hope you get the fix
>here is your fix
>link broken
OK, you've had your say, now fuck off

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I hate the fact that when people are 30. and they used a ps3. and on a ps4 they act like they never heard about it. damn
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This website is for 12 and over, back to bed jimmy.
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I have zero clue what this even means but it mentions game consoles.

Roblox sucks, but it's sad to see a major piece of software suffer when it's only one change away from being great.

The reason it sucks is because only people willing to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising their games can actually get any players; a stark contrast to the original "Build your own game" attitude of the early years.

Roblox will never fix this, because the company doesn't even acknowledge the existence of all but the hundred-or-so most succesful game developers using it.

Fortunately, there's a solution that players can implement, and it's an awesome one.
It's theoretically possible, both in terms of technicalities and popularisation, to have thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands) of players to link their Roblox games together via a system of portals.

It's difficult, since there's only one way for games to communicate with each other: By using players to carry data packets.
Players can teleport from game A to game B, if game A is programmed to send them to game B. Game A can attach any data it likes to the player, and this is the only information that game B will receive as the player teleports in. Game B cannot see which game the player came from.

It may be crude, but I think it's enough.
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To elaborate on why players linking their games together is great:
There is already a game in Roblox that is made to send you to random games, but it gives you 99% uncustomised junk, and the game you arrive in never has a way to travel to another game from it.
It's popular nevertheless, because people love randomly exploring.

But instead of having a hub that sends you to random dead-end junk games, players could have portals that allow them to target specific games, that contain identically-programmed portals.

This sounds straightforward, but these portals have no means of communication with each other, except by attaching data to players. So, somehow, portals have to discover every other place that has a portal, using nothing but sporadic data packets that choose their own destination.

At the same time, there needs to be a way to prevent games from joining the portal network so that players will come to them, only to remove their portal while remaining a possible place to teleport to; there's a great incentive to do this, because people want players to teleport into their place but not teleport out (disconnecting manually and reconnecting to another game is possible).

An additional challenge is that there is no way to be certain that information about a specific game is true: Game A could be called "Paintball", but game B can say to game C "Hi, I'm game A, and my name is Nazi Yiffing Simulator"; and so when listing game A amongst the teleportation destinations, game C will describe game A as "Nazi Yiffing Simulator".
Sure, game A could encryption so that information from it cannot be spoofed, but there's still the risk that game B could jump the gun and pretend to be game A while distributing encryption keys.

But I imagine these are all challenges that peer-to-peer network programmers have had to deal with before, which is why I'm asking /g/.
great post anon, i read all all of that. where can i subscribe to your blog for more insightful comments?

Totally not saging this btw
why the fuck are you playing a game for 10 year olds and why are you posting about it on /g/

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hey /g/, I found a dead micro SD card. Any Hail Mary pass tricks to try and bring it back?
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try drawing a pentagram around it. sarcrifice a few flies. light some candles.

Hail the Omnissiah!
Nah man, sacrifices scale with number of gigabytes, if it's a 32 gigr you need to sacrifice a goat the very least. A 1 gigr you can probably get away with rabbits

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>he said it
>slash gee
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Hi, Linus! :D

Welcome to slash gee!
Is he our guy?

He is

he just spent 20 minutes bashing Intel on the WANshow (from 20min20sec mark)


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I do not like using Youtube and would like an alternative.
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Well now I know where all of the Antifa faggots get their clothes...
Thank you for your blog post on the technology board of four chan dot org
There is no alternative.

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My 7 year old deathadder broke on me, never buying another razer product again don't worry. I'm looking at the Corsair Sabre RGB, what mice would you guys recommend? Dont link me to the mice /g/ page because that shit is outdated.
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>buy gaymer shit that breaks
>"should i buy this other gaymur mouse?"

Back you go
Your face is outdated, faggot.
So you're mad because you got 7 years out of a mouse?
Have fun being eternally disappointed. If you liked the shape and weight of the Deathadder, either get a Deathadder or a Steelseries Rival 300. Otherwise just go to a store and see what you like.

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I've been ravaging the internet for profitable crypto currencies and tactics behind general mining. my findings have lead to Monero (XMR) whcih has been falling in value lately, and is difficult to mine because of its popularity. now ive been looking into useless currencies to mine, and while it may seem counter intuitive to mine something useless, if a specific coin ever goes up in value, you already have lots of its value since its eas to to mine.

i'm mining with a gaming pc with an i7 and gtx 760, more for an experiment than profit.

What do you think?
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Before people comment, i know i spelled 'which" wrong
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BitBean isn't mineable. Funny meme though

My highschool is going to start teaching using laptops, they're offering Chromebooks but I'm just gonna buy a shitty laptop instead, they're going to make me sign a thing saying they can go through my laptop. Besides through their wifi, how can I secure my laptop laptop so they can't if they want to?
Pic related
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Buy your own laptop.

>someone didnt read.

Windows 10 os

How the fuck do I get a decent USB-C dock that I can plug my Ethernet, HDMI and peripherals into without paying $350US? This shit is extremely overpriced, and the OWC ones that are affordable are sold out in the HDMI/non-Autistic colour.
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Consider buying a non retarded computer that doesn't force you to buy stupid dongles.
Don't be retarded


That took 2 minutes
You're welcome.

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UNIX conversion says that we'll hit 16 in 2020
>been here since 10

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