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How do I program something this fucking small without java it's impossible. What language do I use?
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Mini C
just looked it up and I think you can use arudino or python
assembly, pajeet. what architecture?

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ITT: Apple's real target audience
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rich people? because he is rich
Anyone with a double digit IQ.
People who are computer illiterate.

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but i heard that zuckerberg personally programmed a hard AI to run his house
How do you prove to others that you have self awareness, self determination, feelings, consciousness, a soul/spirit?

Many of these things may not even be required to qualify as 'AI'.

All that AI may require is the ability to perform it's actions to the best of its abilities within the boundaries we set.

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Please tell me that those of you who oppose net neutrality with the "freedom" argument are fucking trolling. Look up the definition of free as in free market. Among other things it means that small competitors can still enter the market. If you have fast connections to bigger companies and startups have to pay a lot to even enter the market, these startups are less likely to succeed. Fewer competitors means an unhealthy market. Even the hardcore neoliberals who think taxation is theft and minimum wage is literal communism should oppose net neutrality.
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People who oppose net neutrality are mostly people who don't understand it. They think that it's one of those situations where a bad concept has been given a nice name, like the "good air for our kids to breath" act, or something.
In reality, NN is about putting in place laws that would prevent ISPs from deciding what you can and can't use your internet for.
Think about it like this: If the power company wanted to step in and start charging you different rates depending on what appliance you had plugged in, or block certain types of appliances all together, wouldn't you want the government to step in and say "no, that's illegal", this is almost exactly the same. If you honestly oppose NN, please respond to this post with your reasoning and I will personally respond to you in an attempt to help you understand.

I'm someone who has worked in telecommunications industry for 10+ years at an executive level. I have more understanding of how all this shit works than most. I'll be around for a couple hours and I'll come back tomorrow. I will honestly respond to any question you have.
>If the power company wanted to step in and start charging you different rates depending on what appliance you had plugged in, or block certain types of appliances all together

of all the analogies from liberal shills i've read on this subject; this is the dumbest fucking analogy any human has ever made. god have mercy
I'm actually a republican, and republicans should recognize the issues with a lack of regulation of ISPs this way the most, unfortunately, a low of astro-turfing and bot posts has used buzz words and spammed the idea that republicans and non-liberals should be opposed to NN, when in reality the far left would be the ones to benefit the most from a lack of NN, since websites that promote things like the KKK, Nazis, etc. would be some of the first to go if ISPs were allowed to decide.

It was a quick metaphor, one easy to understand for the most people, it's simple, yes, by design. If you have an issue with it, you should refute it instead of making yourself look stupid by saying it's wrong without proving it. Otherwise you either come off as someone baiting replies or someone too stupid to think for themselves who is engaging in perceived political identity.

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>RX Vega listed for sale in online Norwegian retail outlet
>only $1150 US Dollars
ONLY $1150
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Why is a tech place taking Diner's Club cards?
You antigun communist shits don't seem to grasp electronics are cheaper in the US because we're not a socialist country. Go back to sucking achmeds dick,.
Those Norwegians are a crafty bunch.

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does qt still look like windows 98 ?
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Fuck off rajeesh
no it doesn't.
yes if you choose that style

next time 4chan.org/g/linux curry nigger

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is this the official /g/ phone?
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I don't understand this shit

Seriously why are the manufacturers of these babby tier tech phones not held accountable for the outrageous prices?
>integrated ethernet

Yes please.
>Future enhancement: Active interrogation capabilities
What does that mean? WIll it waterboard somebody?

Maybe you can petition NSA to develop more affordable hardware.

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- Safer than Linux
- Incorporates best init system called OpenRC
- No obscure GNU policy
- No obscure packages
- No NSA-Kernel developed

What Makes TrueOS® Different?

What makes TrueOS different? TrueOS is based on the legendary security and stability of FreeBSD. TrueOS follows FreeBSD-CURRENT, with the latest drivers, security updates, and packages available. Also, our brand new driver package brings in support for newer Intel graphics chipsets and hardware. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading features like PersonaCrypt, which allows encrypting your user home directory and carrying it to other TrueOS machines. TrueOS also supports GELI full disk encryption, keeping your data secure even in the case of physical theft. So go ahead and give us a try. If you hit any snags along the way, we are glad to help.

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>So go ahead and give us a try. If you hit any snags along the way, we are glad to help.
I tried, but had issues with boot media when trying to install it on an old thinkpad with switchable graphics. Tried iso, and img with similar results under different bios configs.
that's why you won't succeed in life
name sounds like it would be a chat client

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My PC is just shutting down randomly and then restarting a few seconds later how the fuck do I figure out what's wrong with it? Sometimes it will go days without doing it, it's not related to load or temperature, it's not related to my OS because it can crash before booting to the login screen. Sometimes it can go over a day without doing it and then it does it randomly.
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could be a ram issue (run memtest)
could be a faulty power supply
could be any number of other faulty components, but those seem most likely
power supply replace it.
man I don't have a spare usb reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Hello and welcome to Tech Deals!!
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his advice is VERY straightforward. Love this guy
>watching shills on jewtube try to sell you shit
you people are low-IQ sheep.
Also known as a shill who has neither shame nor subtlety.

>he isn't using a windows 10 theme

Are you trying to get laughed at in public?
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>windows 10 theme
>no bottom taskbar
>window controls on the left
ew no ty

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sudo apt update
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pacman -Syu
rm -rf /

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Should we all be using zsh or fish?
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>not using bash with you're own patches
zsh is for hipster nerds
fish is just a slightly worse version of bash that has pretty colors
why bother? zsh does all that and then some.

only problem with fish is it's not posix compatible, nor does it have a posix compatibility mode like zsh

Do you think there is room in the market for a 3rd home desktop CPU manufacturer?
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of course not. amd exists just intel isnt a monopoly

many people just use phones now as well
Apple has enough power to make it happen. They are control freaks so they might wanna switch to their own CPU's based on ARM. Companies like Adobe might desperately start rewriting their apps for ARM for that reason.
There are some minor - very minor - CPU manufacturers, mostly Chinese, that exist solely to challenge the monopoly of American companies.

You don't hear of them, because they are so insignificant, they barely sell any products.

Will Mommy and Raja deliver tomorrow???
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the brown niggers from hardware canucks are acting extremely excited and they generally don't oversell shit. i'm starting to get my hopes up.
it all depends on price

they were aiming at beating the 1080, but nvidia kicked the stool when they launched the 1080ti unannounced. amd just got hanged.

if they price it at 1070, with performance above the 1080, they would redeem themselves (unlikely), but they would have failed at the top tier
>if they price it at 1070, with performance above the 1080
Naive. AMD is a corporation. In that regard, they just as greedy as Intel and nVidia. They will price it as high as the market will bear.

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