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Why are so many paywalls for news sites so sloppy?
Most of them just check for a referrer and an user-agent but they don't even care to check the IP of the request. You can just pretend to be a googlebot indexing their stuff and you're free to read whatever is behind the paywall. Also, why doesn't googlebot use some sort of a digital signature?
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Last time I heard it wasn't trivial to spoof you user agent, maybe that's why.
>It wasn't trivial to spoof your user agent
There's literally one click addons to do tha

NYT's paywall is hilariously leaky. It gives you 10 free articles per month...and how many you've read is stored in a cookie! Delete cookie, 10 more articles.
They don't check IP because many places like in airports all users share the same public IP.

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How do i remove dry cum from my laptop?
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lick it off
More cum

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ff privacy.jpg
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Last thread a dud, here's an actual list.

Firefox 54.0.1 (64-bit) (Current) Used to use this for Netflix only. Netflix works on Pale Moon atm.
Pale Moon 27.4.1 (64-bit) (Current) Main browser.
WaterFox 54.0.1 (64-bit) (Current) Installed, never use it. I remember it being touted as the 64-bit firefox, but both FF and PM have that covered now. Just tested and Netflix works on Waterfox as well. I may switch to that for main since all the extensions work too.

Cookies Manager+
FoxyProxy Standard
HTTPS Everywhere
Lightbeam (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
Privacy Badger (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
Self-Destructing Cookies (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
uBlock Origin

Blender (Turned off, affects some websites negatively when logging in or displaying search results only one on this list I consider “a pain”)

Will FF and all or some of these spin-offs and add-ons be kill when the certain (idk exact) update happens? The only reason I use FF and it’s derivitives is because the extension add-on system allows great control over your browser’s behavior and features.
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All you need is uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere.

here's a better idea for your privacy: don't install flash in the first place
A sound plan but not feasable 100% of the time yet. soon.

Battery thread!

Post em!

Phone: BlackBerry Keyone
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Zte axon 7
Galaxy s 4

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I want to change my ISP, getting tired of AT&T lately, too much throttling and they change rates without notice. I know it differs from area to area but I'm curious to know what everyone is running.
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what kind of fucking retarded question is this? you should have at least said what your options are.

ask people around you, dumb fuck
>ask people around
what the fuck you think im doing, fucking dumbass
how about you tell us what city and state you live in

and if you don't like att, just use whatever cable provider is in your area

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>thinking about building a new computer with a Ryzen processor
>Zen 2 comes out next year and will be 2 process nodes smaller than the current Ryzen processors, or as much of a difference as between the FX line and Ryzen
Should I keep waiting?
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I will be, just because I don't like buying the first generation of anything. It usually ends up being a case where I pay the company's bills for them to iron out the mistakes for the lucky second generation buyers.
nah, just get the one you really need right now and upgrade once ryzen 2 matures

R3 1200 for gaymen, general purpose computing and R5 1700 for multi-tasking.
Wait till next year and then buy a Ryzen cheaper. It's the only thing to do if you're not a tool.

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Jamal stole my iPhone today.

He asked if I had a phone he could use to call his homie to come pick him up.

I said I did, and gave him the phone. He typed a few numbers then sprinted away with the phone.
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And you didn't just call right away to get it remote turned off?
nice 1st world country amerifats
>african-american asks for your phone
>don't want to give it to him
>realize you're a beta male and afraid to say no
>also don't want to seem racist by saying no
>you give it to him already knowing there's a good chance he will steal it

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Hey 4chan, this is my first post :D
So here goes:

First year CS uni
First of my class
Had some personal projects in the past but now I really didn't have the time
Summer came
I live with my parents until October when hopefully I go back to uni
Need money for rent until October
No programming jobs in my town
I can't go back to uni without at least 1000 euros

I need fast money until October, am good at coding and I have no idea where to start. HELP ME /g/
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do some shit
Like what ? I was going for an Android app, but i have no good ideas.
Do physical work.

What did he do, /g/?
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Lied, raped (allegedly) and took money fro USG while pretending he's fighting them.
Overall, he's scum.
Here's a list for you

He literally exposed the secrets of the CIA niggers

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Why is Elon Musk so afraid of the potential of A.I?

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You can't con pure logic-based "thought".
Because at least one Tesla has gone rogue and had to be chained down, KARR-like, at an undisclosed desert location. They're all afraid that it'll keep happening, since they don't know why it happened.
Don't listen to him. He's just salty about losing at Dota 2 to an AI made by one of his interns.

Is there a way to get the sleek design of an iMac/windows surface pro with better value/power of a normal pc/self build
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How much power are you wanting, in terms of individual components?
Just enough to play video games at max graphics and performance
look into a hackintosh

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Apple makes the best personal computers.

>Beautiful inside and out
>A combination of hardware and software made for each other
>No unnecessary garbage
>macOS (need I say more?)
>Longetivity, lasts for years and gets consistent OS updates for 5+ years.
>Great customer support (No Indian support center).
>Great warranty
>Supports almost all mainstream Applications from Adobe, Autodesk, Black Magic, etc.
>Not Wangblows
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I want to creampie you
>>Not Wangblows
But you can install Wangblows on it.

>install windows on a macbook
>runs applications better than osx does
Honestly, optimal configuration of a Macbook is with Windows as the OS unless you are coding for the Mac environment, then just use OSX as a secondary OS.
>install windows on a macbook

Enjoy your paperweight lmfao

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Homescreen Thread.
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what is the difference between a homescreen and a desktop thread? why are homescreen threads allowed if desktop threads aren't?
Desktop threads aren't allowed? Not sure why there would be a difference.
Gotta have my green

Thinking of doing a red theme next but can't find good sets of red tiles, any recommendations?

I picked this green set because it makes icons it doesn't even have green also. If anyone can recommend colored icons that also do this so I can have them be consistent that''d be awesome

>Liking ThinkPads
lol, what a bunch of little boys! This is what real men use!
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well can I get one for $150? I'm in the market for a laptop.
That's cool, but also far too bulky for practical regular usage. Also doesn't have a clitmouse.
thunkpads get pussy, not this lego

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Anyone have a guide on how to make a hackintosh out of the Lenovo legion y520? Just bought it for school and i'm tryna use Logic pro x.
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install gentoo instead
why haven't you checked tonymacx86's hackintosh site before posting your question in here?
no one has written a guide for the y520. Only lenovo similar i could find is the y50

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