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itt post ye comfy desktops
pic related is my daily machine presario m2000 running bunsen.
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> Intel Celeron
It is the native resolution of the laptop. I usually have a second screen hooked up to expand the real estate on my screen, though.

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>buying the Jewish botnet after Core 2

laughing pepe.jpg

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lol all microchips are cucked

intel is cucked by american intelligence agencies and the mossad
AMD and IBM are cucked by american intelligence agencies

chink chips are cucked by chinks
gook chips are cucked by gooks

its cuckery all the way down unless you somehow can fabricate your own chips
Wouldn't librebooting solve this problem?
Not until we get open source CPU's will we ever be safe again.

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>decide to try out microshit winblows
>can't be that bad
>go to do print a file
>printer jams

literally never had this problem once on ubuntu. how can windows fuck up something so simple?

>the wintoddler will defend this
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Kys how is this a winshits problem

hmm well let's see i've printed probably over a thousand times on linux and this did not happen once, and now on the VERY FIRST TRY by microcuck, the print jams

HMMMMMMMMMMMM i wonder what could have changed, i wonder... the mystery will never be solved...
How old is the printer? I'm assuming you're using Windows 10. My scanner stopped working after win10. No driver support.

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Is this just a meme? How well does it work?
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What is it?
as far as i know it's like "agile" but even older and less relevant

Hey guys, I'm learning programming by myself, so I have no scheme to follow. What projects would you suggest me? I know it's about what I want to be able to do, and I'd like to know more about browsers, networking and OS. I'd like to learn for curiosity, I don't think I'll ever get to sell anything. Still, can you point me in a direction? Pic related, already doing those.
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Oh, btw I have a pretty good knowledge of Java (yeah, meme, botnet, whatever is your new buzzword to make everyone hate something), enough to make C# programs, basics of HTML and am learning C++
>tfw captcha contains ZION
you have pretty old version, check g's challenges v4 and up
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Like this? Still, can you give me some pointers about language, projects and so on?

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I aint clicking that shit
Have you really never used sourceforge?
It's just an announcement for a (boring) 7zip update

t. redditor

go back to your safe space at GitHub

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>qbittorent has no scheduler

What's a good torrent client with a scheduler? Alternatively can I setup ip tables to let torrents connect at certain times?
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Use pic related
Learn bash
11 years of development by the entire FOSS community and they don't even have a scheduler?
Use uTorrent 2.2.1. Took one guy 6 months in his free time and it's still the best client in the world.

What did microsoft mean by this?
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they meant that you can choose whatever the fuck you need
But I'm bad with open choices
I really want to install all of them

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> how do we get tech illiterates to install a key logger into their own browsers?
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>gime those key strokes and i will craft your personal emojji
sounds like it's designed more for regular illiterates
>when the browser itself is a keylogger

Yo /g/, what is your opinion on net neutrality and Internet freedom these days?
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Is there any reason my opinion on net neutrality should change?
freshie straight off the boat from reddit or /b/ detected
True net neutrality is troublesome for tyrants so it needed to go away, thank you globalists

What happened to 3d tvs?

Seemed to be a big thing 7 years ago

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Everyone realized they were a meme and so they stopped making them.
VR is replacing it and I think its so much better!
yu needed to reframe the entire fucking season of your game of thrones to see a buggy 3d kinda fucking shit.

no wonder it didnt took off.

those 2 min demos in the video are made perfect in weeks.

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Going to Japan in a couple of months, is there any point in buying a laptop there instead of in europe?
What I want is a 13" 1080p. Bonus is if upgrading gentoo doesn't take too long, otherwise arch is fine.
Don't want graphics card messing up my linix.
Also, already tried the xps, it had coil whine so I sent it back.
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Power supply might be wrong voltage
Manufacturer won't help you with warranty and support if you're outside the country
Customs might want you to pay import tax
No. Disgusting gaijin in japan here, there is no point. Everything is expensive.
>is there any point in buying a laptop there instead of in europe?

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Operating system.
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>white people dancing
You're either a self-loathing white person or a nigger. Congrats, you're trash either way.

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What's a good whiteboard programming question to ask during an interview? I'll be interviewing a new software developer and I want a problem that will weed out more than just poos and purplehairs
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>mfw HR is asking me what questions he must ask me
I dunno, what project are you recruiting for? What is your sphere?
Tail-recursive Fibonacci.
I've never held a programming job, but I'd go with some kind of list-sorting thing; perhaps a list shuffler.

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Post your Basemark results.

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Well shit, that's me humiliated.
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