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>The companies unveiled a prototype of the network on Monday at the UN headquarters in New York during the second summit of ID2020, a public-private consortium promoting the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal of providing legal identity for everyone on the planet

>"Without an identity you can't access education, financial services, healthcare, you name it. You are disenfranchised and marginalized from society," David Treat, a managing director in Accenture's financial services practice, said in an interview.

And it is made by Microsoft.

What does this mean for open-source? Is M$ going to use this to wage war on FOSS?
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Blockchain ID will somehow be connected with your biometrics, so it can be unique.
>What does this mean for open-source? Is M$ going to use this to wage war on FOSS?
The whole initiative is open-source, dumbass.
It is one of the first major steps to go cashless and fully digitilize payment systems on the planet.
For example you can buy food.

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hackerspace nearby?
Also, you have typo in your pic

Listen, I get it. Free open source software is good and software companies should be more morally conscious, but whenever I listen to Stallman talk about it, i can't help but be annoyed. He is like that guy that used to be in your high school class, and would criticize you because you're wearing a pair of Nikes, or snicker at you because you listened to mainstream music like Green Day, when he only listens to records from bands titled shit like "The Rising Opiate of Cains Soulless Underbelly".

What pisses me off most though, is he acts so self righteousness, just because he can do some stupid nonsense like re-write to the firmware chip of some cheap, innocuous network card in his laptop from 1998. He is like the nerd version of Alex Jones, peddling conspiracies about Intel coming to take your guns.

Stallman overrated.
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>whenever I listen to Stallman talk about it, i can't help but be annoyed.
>He is like that guy that used to be in your high school class, and would criticize you because you're wearing a pair of Nikes, or snicker at you because you listened to mainstream music like Green Day
Because he believes software freedom is an important issue that everyone seems to be ignoring for the sake of convenience. 1984 is happening and nobody gives a shit, of course he's going to be harsh.
>he acts so self righteousness, just because he can do some stupid nonsense like re-write to the firmware chip of some cheap, innocuous network card in his laptop from 1998.
You clearly know very little about him. He can do more than that. He has won 30 awards for his work in Computing as well as other areas, he wrote most of GCC, he pioneered the GNU system, copyleft, and the GNU General Public License. I think he's earned the right to have some authority when he talks about computing, considering all the contributions he's made to the way we use computers.
Also, don't take the 'install Gentoo' meme seriously. He never actually said that.
couldn't explain better myself

Why do you still buy Noctua fans when they cheapened out and made them in China?

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so what should we buy instead?
san ace, nidec, gentle typhoons.

You know, the type of fan noctua copied.
What isn't made in china?

There's a fucking cooldown on replies and it's bullshit. 4Chan is better
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Fuck off and die.
Preferably in a fire.
Because I don't have money enough for a computer fucktard. I don't even have data, this was just an old s5 that I nabbed from my stepdad
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

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Is it good?
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I want one in silver but they dont seem available yet.
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>Core i7 7th Gen
It's a scam. Do not buy.

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What do you think of these parts?:


I keep getting this warning:

'Some Intel X99 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Broadwell-E CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions.'

But the website doesn't seem to have any motherboards featured without this issue

I will just use it for some light gaming, work, a touch of brand new Alt Coin mining and having tonnes of tabs open.
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If anyone has any parts they disagree upon please let me know, I might have picked some silly options due to being a complete noob.

What in the actual fuck is this

If you want to cryptomine the Graphics cards are fine but everything else


Does daddy steinberg have money trees in his backyard?
>Does daddy steinberg have money trees in his backyard?

I am a semi neet that makes pretty good money lol.

I want people to be as brutally honest as possible, I am sure some of the things are retarded.

What is wrong with the Samsung 4TB SSD though? Or is it an issue in combination with the other components?

nobody has a calculator this comfy edition

(tech-only webms)
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10 rupees
>nobody wastes so much space in a calculator edition

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Windows 8.1 > Windows 7 > Temple OS > Windows 8 > Gentoo > Windows 10

Prove me wrong.
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>windows 8.1

U misspelled windows XP SP3+Zune theme.
Imagine being this retarded
I can't, you're right. Better than 7 indeed

Alright /g/ I've recently downloaded Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) in the hopes of attempting to undervolt my laptop CPU(s) for better thermals.

I have an i5-6200u laptop (pic related), and an i7-4700MQ laptop I'd like to try this on.

I'll mainly be doing this as an experiment on the i5 laptop because it is already able to keep itself at 60°c under full load, however the i7 hits 80°c and thermal throttles so the ultimate goal is to improve the i7 situation.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing through XTU? How safe is it? Will XTU reset the settings if I cause the system to become unstable and crash?

I have a few benchmarks you could say, that I will be testing it with. One of them being x264/5, which will be able to completely load down the CPU for an extended period to test high load stability. However I've been reading several forums that suggest a CPU stable at max load may still crash when near idle. Is this true, and is there anything I can do to reduce the likelihood this will happen?

Finally, advice on the best practice for safely reaching the minimum voltage would be appreciated. At this stage I think I'm just going to drop the voltage in 10-20mv steps, and after each step re-running benchmarks until something bad happens.
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I got my 7700HQ running down on -0.110v via cpu offset, about 10-15 degrees cooler. I'm not sure how the 4700MQ would react to that though but desu you should repaste your laptop since it will def help it since it is aging and the paste is probably worn out as well.

Firstly undervolting is very good thing to do. Especially for laptops. It improves power efficiency, increases lifetime of the component (heat is the main killer of components) and you get the exact same performance as before (just with less heat and less wasted energy).

However you should also re-paste you CPU so that you get the best results as possible.

When you start undervolting, you should do it using little steps at time. After you have stepped down the voltage little bit, you go and do the benchmarks again. You keep doing this until the system becomes unstable. Then you revert back to the last stable settings and run one extensive benchmark. Prime95 is pretty good to test if the system is "production" stable.

If the system becomes so unstable that it won't boot properly, you clear the CMOS and all BIOS settings revert back to their default. Below link lists couple methods to clear CMOS.

I guess repasting is an idea. Any suggestions on which brand (one that works well, but doesn't cost a fortune)?

I've always found that removing dust from the fan radiator makes a big difference, so I do that regularly on all laptops I've owned.

I have the i7 laptop currently set up as a desktop, with the bottom cover removed for better air flow, which reduced the temps somewhat. For the time being, an undervolt should hopefully suffice.

I'm using XTU so hopefully it will reset when I crash the system.

I thought x264/x265 would be a good test, because it probably involves using floating point, and integer numbers. It is also optimized for all of my CPUs instruction sets, so it should give the CPU as much of a beating it will probably ever see. If it passes the x264/x265 test I don't think I'd have any issues with anything else, but I could be wrong.

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Im here to shill an app I wrote under 6 hours. Its called grabify, it allows you to download spotify playlist from other sources like youtube or so which are written as plugins.
Its open source and written in javascript. However I need /g/'s help implementing some parts and to write plugins especially torrent related ones. Could you guys check it out and review it for me. Pls no bully ;-;
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Forgot URI
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I did it so fast because I wrote it in JS. And something like this doesnt require low level access, why would I write it in another language?

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>move back in with my parents
>they immediately want me to be home IT
>make a deal they must comply with all my demands tech wise
>they agree
>they leave for a week
>I buy 2 thinkpad T60s, libreboot them, replace their wifi cards with free ones, then install voidlinux with i3
>confiscate all electronics in the house and replace them with said thinkpads
>I then use then install LEDE on their router and setup a DNS to block all known ads and trackers
>I sell all the proprietary electronics and use the funds to make a home server to act as a cloud network for all information and encrypt all drives with a 52 character long password
>I do the same with the email server
>I completely block all connections to google, Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc
>they come home and I give them their thinkpads with Icecat and let them see my work
>"anon nothing works, why can't I check my email?"
>I tell them gmail is proprietary and I have created a completely free email server here at home with the name @fagg.ots
>they say nothing
>a day later they kick me out for no reason and as I'm leaving some Microsoft tech support poojeet in his shitty car drives up the driveway
>"why the fuck are you here?" I ask
>"I am here to fix your computer problems" the fucker says
>I realize what's happening
>they are trying to use proprietary software
>I rip my shirt off that was emblazened with a picture of stallman and smash the poojeets head in with my thinkpad
>I then smash the window in my thinkpad dock and make haste to the server room
>they are dismantling it and have a non-free router ready to replace all my hard work
>I screech so loud my parent's hearts burst
>I then shit all over the house smearing "NIGGER" all over the walls
>i then walked back outside and siphoned the gas from the poojeets car and use it to set the home on fire
>to this day I have not been caught
I wish normalfags would learn.
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Go back to rėddit.
Fuck you. I put all that effort into making what is an untrue story, but at least one I thought might make someone giggle and this is all you have to say?
>go back to "x"
No, go fuck yourself. How long did it take you to think and write this out? Do you know how long it took me to think and write this story out? How much planning I put through each word? But no, fuck effort, fuck quality, let me spout off this same fucking line because I have nothing to contribute other than my hatred of anything I deem not to my autistic bar of quality. Go fuck yourself and die.
install gentoo

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So /g/, I bought a phone today which seemed to be too good to be true. And it was. I bought it 'refurbished' and it turns out its blacklisted. How do i get the phone back up and running?
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Give it back, Jamal.
Give it back, Devuan
To who? I bought it off a website.

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Are "gaming" laptops complete memes? I don't expect one to perform like a purpose built desktop but I would like one that can handle modelling and renders at least passably for school.
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No they are not. I don't think the ones that cost above $2000 are worth it but I know there's market for that.

>for school

Dude... Just get a regular laptop with discrete graphics, you can get a dell with a 1050 or even a 1050ti for cheap.

Best laptop for your needs
Gaming laptops from the 'standard' manufacturers : AKA. Dell, MSI, Asus, Razer. They're all crap and not worth the money.

If you want a decent laptop, buy a Clevo. It's a chink company that manufactures bare bone laptops (basically just the laptop shell and mobo)

>b-but I'm not buying chink shit.
MSI and a few other mainstream sellers get their mobo's from Clevo, then solder on CPU, GPU and drives and sell it as a 'non-upgradable' system with their logo on it.

You can't directly buy a Clevo from the chinks, so you'll have to look for a distributor in your country. Sager is the biggest in the US. Through Sager (or any other distributor of your choice) you can configure the parts that you want, and be charged accordingly. Also nothing on the system is soldered on, so you can change/upgrade basically everything but the shell and mobo.

I bought a Sager to the recommendations of /g/ (the ones that weren't deluded into believing *all* laptops were shit)

i7 7700k (Desktop CPU)
GTX 1070 8GB DDR5
16GB DDR4 RAM (8+8 in dual channel)
1 7200RPM HDD
(It has 2 HDD slots and 2 M.2 SSD slots)

cost me $2200 at the time of purchase, I think the price has gone down a bit. I also bought an SSD separately.

The things is a beast and outperforms my tower PC built in 2012. I did initially have throttling on CPU intensive tasks, a delid solved that, now temps max out at 75°C

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Why the fuck does this exist?
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Someone stupid without any sort of photo editing skills doesn't like Javascript, which is why that picture exists.
I meant JavaScript.
Because it's easiest way to create desired end result.

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