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Konqi kde > gnome.png
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Konqi explains the math!

Any questions?


Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)
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No. Konqi should explain to bistrobutors how to configure KDE, which is where 99.9999% of KDE problems stem from.
Also, super/meta/whateveryoucallit should be configured for window management actions only.

Also, let's check how long it takes for some anon to post lewd /aco/ tier posts.
Gnome is dependent on systemd, while KDE is a buggy mess. Use i3wm instead.

>Also, super/meta/whateveryoucallit should be configured for window management actions only.

Why? Pressing the ?? key and typing in the required program/file in the search bar is very quick/convenient. Alt+F1 would work too, but I have no Fn lock on this laptop.

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Hey, iPhone user for the past three devices.

New iPhones are 2expensive, tempted by the new Android offerings.

Should I jump ship? For my next phone, I'd probably want to stick with something $700 or below.
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Don't listen to the people here. Stay with Apple, Android is a laggy piece of shit like every open source software.
>Being this retarded
Low effort

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Why doesn't 4chan use php anymore?

I think it's the best language for web development.
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because Go is faster, safer, and easier to grok
When did 4chan stop using PHP?
I thought it used python

So, I bought the Punkt MP01 and it's alright. Build quality leaves something to be desired but all in all, it's pretty cool. The main problem is something I knew before I purchased it but just simply ignored: 2G/3G coverage in the US is severely lacking.

So, that begs the question. Is there a phone I can buy in the US that is essentially a feature phone for AT&T that supports LTE? I don't really want a flip phone because that would make me look like more than tryhard faggot than having a feature phone in 2017 already does.
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Why do you need fast internet access on this thing though?
He doesn't. You missed the part where 3G coverage in the US is complete ass. (probably because it's an outdated technology)
But 3G is for data? Why does he need 3G if he doesn't need data?

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What device is /g/ posting from?
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My Note8 which I've had for two weeks.

a tablet + keyboard combo thats running chromium

Phoneposters are faggots.

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How to unlock iphone x:
>Wake up the phone
>Raise it up to align camera with your face
>Wait for it to recognise your face
>Swipe up
I guess I'm buying iphone 8 this year instead of this piece of shit
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They said you can swipe and it will recognize you in the time it takes to do that.
When did they say that?
I don't get it. Even with "touch ID" and facial recognition, I still like a 4digit password, or even a pattern code.

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Nobody talks about it? Really?

Yet another reason to NOT buy android devices. Fucking fragmented android is a cancer of smartphones, and yet another jewish trick to force you into buying new phones in order to fix software issues.
>inb4 just get pajeet(TM) custom ROM
no thanks.
My next phone will be either Nokia 1100 or windows mobile phone (the one with x86>arm translation layer)
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>being too brainlet to compile your own rom
>using bluetooth
what is this, 2005?
>disable bluetooth


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1MB, 4160x2340px
Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.
I get this error while booting from USB.
Other info:

Windows 10.
AMD Phenom II X4 955.
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB.
Western Digital WDC WD5000LPVX-22V0TT0.


I did some research but couldn't solve it.
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Linux isn't difficult to install, you're just dumb.
Remove you GPU and use integrated for the time being.
Looks like your GPU is causing a ruckus.
Interestingly, you left that out of the OP.

I wonder if that was on purpose.

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Any Dell XPS owners here?

I need a gaymen laptop -travel a lot, game a bit, but use a lot of GPU intensive software for video work- and I'm torn.

-Amazing screen
-Shitty 1050, wont be able to play games that well

ASUS ROG (idk which)
-went through 2 of them already (g73 and g551, great lapotps)
-mid to shitty screens, which is important to me

Any suggestions?

I need to order today so that I get it before I leave for two months.
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There's the Inspiron if you want a GTX 1050 Ti.
I'm more looking for a 1060.

I'm considering the ASUS gl502
Also, why do gaymen laptops have SUCH shittys creens.

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Chrome will no longer autoplay content with sound in January 2018


Literally every comment I saw on several sites is in favor of that. Why the fuck is this not a feature in Firefox? Google is making money on ads and even they try to stop those annoyances. No wonder no one takes Firefox seriously, if they can't even come up with innovative ideas on privacy/annoyance protection.
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>if they can't even come up with innovative ideas
What are you talking about? They came up with support women, women support and by the way, give women money you asshole
This. Who cars about the browser, they need to finance projects in India and to that "fake" news.
>inb4 "muh chrome botnet"
Can Faggotfox block autoplay videos?
No? Didn't think so

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Since we're never going to agree on "trustworthy" providers, this would be the next best thing. Let's discuss.

How does cryptomator+nextcloud compare to Seafile's native client encryption?
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It is very, very good, Anon... (You) just keep using it!
>file level encryption
Insecure PoS. Even with file size and name odfuscation.
What's the point of nextcloud? Its functionality will be broken anyway. Just use sftp or syncthing.

>Insecure PoS. Even with file size and name odfuscation.

How so bro?

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*blocks your path*
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>You need 3-5 years for an entry level job
why is this allowed?
*applies anyway*
*bowls 'em over with my staggering intellect*
*gets hired*
Because NEETs deserve to suffer.

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Subscribed to LinusShillTips out of laziness. Every single piece of crap video he puts out are literal full length placement products, shills and ads inside the video which is already a fucking ad.
Any good tech channel?
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I don't get the hate for the guy.
I've seen a few videos, yes, he shills a lot, but it doesn't sound completely single sided.
He's a nice guy that's not the issue. A lot of his videos are full length product placements and it's getting annoying. Techquickie and his livestream on the other hand are really good.
Recently found out about a new channel called Tech Deals, very straight forward without the cringe from Linus and live streams.

File: energyefficiency.jpg (168KB, 1286x1006px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 1286x1006px
So, is it safe to say that webdevs are destroying our planet?
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Source: http://greenlab.di.uminho.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/paperSLE.pdf
I do webdev in Java. seems pretty fast and energy-efficient
>blame webdevs

this is jack shit compared to windows X OS

File: 302078_v1.jpg (57KB, 450x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Windows 10
>Battery life = 5 hrs

>Battery Life = 2 hrs
>anon you are a fucking retard, get TLP and powertop
>Battery Life = 3 hrs

Why do you mess with my life like this /g/?

Why is battery life so shit on laptop with Linux?
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Because linux is crap. All the gay ass anime posters will get mad but its true. Its an incomplete system with no features.
>t. I never knew the comfort of programming on Linux before
I never said it was crap, I just want better battery life.
File: top kek man.gif (3MB, 270x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
top kek man.gif
3MB, 270x266px
Battery life is fine on my Thinkpad. Maybe you should use hardware made by people who aren't out to subjucuck their own customers.

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