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I think someone blocked me on snapchat. Our conversation disappeared, the account disappeared from my friends list and when i search for it and hit "add friend" it says "Sorry, couldn't find /username/". I can see the username in the "Add from Contacts" list.

Seems like straightforward deleted me. However, I can still find the account in snapchat search engine and can see their bitmoji.

Dod the person delete me, or just delete their account?
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Dumb botnet user
But then again it is you who stalks me everywhere I go online.
Install gentoo, that should fix this.

I've got this old ZTE Obsidian phone that had a soft brick (Stuck on screen with Android dead on ground with red triangle), how do I format it? Recovery mode factory reset doesn't help.
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Not even worth it lol. It's like a $29 handset, just buy a new one goy
I'm a poor cunt who still lives with his parents, gimme a break, baby!
Somebody tried flashing xXXTURBO_LOO_ROMXXx by RAJESH42

-I don't know, you tell me ;)

ad fly links

Is he a good programmer?
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How did he come up with the Facebook idea?
We don't know obviously.
Atleast he is able to programm a website. How should we know if he has good programming style?

this meme is shit

How do I get rid of this message?
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delete system32
install gentoo
Clean install.

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Long story short, I have a creeping suspicion something awful has happened to my SSD.

Everything on it is stuttering and slowing, etc, etc.

Now, I don't have another $100 to throw away, especially on something that may be remedied merely by me not being a retard. So, /g/, my question to you is

How does a man check whether or not his SSD is degrading?
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You buy an Intel drive and run the Intel SSD Toolbox for full health info.
>he fell for the SSD meme
buy a real HDD lmao
Waste of money

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does anyone have a mirror of this?
it's down for me.
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What file are you looking for?
If you google the address, you find the reddit thread where it was first announced. There's a partial mirror there.

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I told you guys the vega card is worse than the fury x card in terms of IPC
I said this shit 3 months ago
fuck everyone who doubted

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Is there an easy way to install Iridium in Manjaro? Static build, etc? Or will I need to compile from source?
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Download Octopi, enable yoaurt (click the alien)

Download Iridium
Same guy, you're also totally fugged when it comes to .deb packages since for some strange reason debtap doesn't work on manjaro (it works on every other arch distro)

t. manjaro user
appreciated desu...Octopi seems interesting, have only used Pamac up to this point

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Can someone give me a non meme explanation of what's this liquid like stuff within my phone? What is the cause and is it dangerous?
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Its cum

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Is memtest86+ still the go to memory test?
Why does it sometimes run super fast, an another time it takes like 10 minutes to move 1%?
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ram ghosts
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So I commute 4 hours a day on public transit and have lots of downtime on the bus, what's a good Ultraportable Laptop, just plan on writing small projects in C
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Thinkpad x200 or x60. If you want a good proccessor and don't care about muh freedumbs get an x220.
sounds like keyboard is your main focus
that would mean a thinkpad
discounts over here >>>/g/tpg
X60 memepad with trannyboot is the only way to go

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What is a good programming language for game development. I'm using Python right now to get a general idea of how it works. Please give me a straight answer.
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That Madotsuki looks like shit. I fucking hate that tumblr loves YN.
Also go to /vg/ for gaymen dev shit
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unironically, C++/C.

The general rule is to use the most widely used language in the field. Spending a few days upfront to pick up a new language is better than spending an immeasurable amount of time reimplementing libraries and shoehorning the ecosystem into supporting your use case.

For ML, that means python. For game dev, it's C++. Rust has a chance of becoming a viable option for game dev in the future (say 10 years from now), but I wouldn't recommend it in its current state.

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I just installed the new Firefox, fresh, and installed some add-ons (uBlock, Cookie AutoDelete, etc).

For some reason, Firefox won't apply any of the themes on 4chan, like Tomorrow. I select Tomorrow from the drop-down and I get fucking nothing.

What gives? This shit is annoying.
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Switch to pale moon already. You're going to have to switch anyone once firefox 57 rolls in and kills XUL.
I just want to solve this issue. I have no interest in Pale Moon.
Disable the add-ons, clear your cache, select the theme and then force a full refresh on the page.

I'm assuming that by not mentioning them in your summary, you didn't fiddle with any of the privacy settings. If you did then revert settings to default before doing the above steps.

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God forbid any of you fucks would admit to using Windows 10 at all, but do any brave enough to admit it also use
>pic related?

If so, for what? Is it anything better than a meme?
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Can you repeat that in English?
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I fully admit to using W10 because I enjoying having access to stable software and drivers.
I also fully admit to using WSL.

Works pretty much the same as a net install without an X server. Any video or audio you need to run through it will just error out, but emacs, ssh, gcc, all the built-in utilities and etc are all there and work exactly like if I was on a full linux system.

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Hi, i'm starting an informatic career as just level 1 technician. In order to do a clean start i want to chose which dist of Linux i should use to be able to set up a FTP server easilly. which one should i choose ?
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Install Gentoo
>FTP server
Arch Linux is usually best for this
Void/gentoo linux

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