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How much time will it take me to learn and master FL studio?
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About 6 weeks to 6 months.
You? Five years with a good mentor.
you won't get far without a head
if you just derp around making "le dank beetz" you'll end up like every EDM producer nowadays
If you can keep your head cool you can make good stuff. The guy sucks at rapping but his beats are pretty catchy (he uses FL)

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Should I use Yahoo Weather, Weather Underground, or OpenWeatherMap?
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Just look out the window. If you want to know tomorrow's weather then flip a coin.
Nice trips. The third day of the three day forecast is 80+% accurate.
weather underground is probably best. has lots of details about dew point and graph of temp and precipitations vs time.
check your local TV station doppler for real-time thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes

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>Make a program that does what is needed and be happy
>someone else has made one that does the same but its 10% faster
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>someone steals your idea and makes it better.
just use -O6
>make program and use it daily
>it has bugs
>one part stops working (uses data from the internet)
>too lazy to fix it
>don't know where even to begin fixing it
>want to rewrite it to handle the bugs better
>feels like a waste of time because i should be studying a completely different field instead

Ah, I don't know.

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Is I5 3570k worth €120?
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fuck no
What is it worth it then?
take how much the r3 1200 is and halve it, that's how much you should be paying.

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How come the British have no consumer rights when it comes to Internet?

If I was paying 30 Britbux/month (or whatever you Brits pay) for "upto X Mbps" and only getting half a Mbps, I'd be suing everybody.
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> upto
The british government.
Airstrip One does not believe in the rights of its citizens.

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What's wrong with Kotlin?
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made by botnet
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It's all right.
It's okay, but I can see no reason to use it over Scala.

Yes, Scala has some warts and is a "moving target" due to ongoing efforts to reduce the warts, but it also has all the really nice shit - libs and language features alike.

One might argue that Kotlin is more of a Java replacement, but that's a hard to impossible sell where Scala wasn't accepted anyhow.

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I'm wondering if Apple fanboys will boycott Oreo after they're collaborating with Android
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you need to be > 18 to visit this board.
>ITT: things only stupid fanboys think of
Probably everyone loves boycotting random shit for random reasons yet? Had Oreo came ouy against Charlottesville yet?

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What programming language should I learn if I just want to do real basic stuff like automate repetitive tasks like mass file renaming, and for doing basic interactions with spreadsheets and word documents?
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why gentoomen hate OOP so much?
lets say you're writing a game and want to spawn many enemies. using objects it's trivial
how would you do this using functional programming language?
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By not wasting your time on childrens games.
Because OOP is too intuitive, easy, functional and useful.
Define an enemy as a function on the game state which returns the enemy's state. Generate the function calls with dynamically with self generating code

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Will I become a good programmer if I buy dragon dildos, programming socks, install gentoo and post Akarin?
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No you're just gonna be considered a gay faggot
This pretty much desu senpai gentoopan.


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Firefox will soon know every site you visit by default as "opt-out".

Is RAPPOR really secure as they claim?
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brave here I come.
t. Brave shill

But you forgot to mention they do the same thing.
Things are never as secure as claimed. People always make mistakes.

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I've never really had the courage to ask, but it is getting rather critical!
Please help!

I want to combine two sets of icons! Of one set of icons, I wish to use only the application and folder icons! Of the other icon set, I wish to use everything else! Additionally, I wish for them to inherit from where they used to inherit!
For example: if an app icon is missing in the icon set I wish to use for app icons, it should borrow from the icon set it would have originally borrowed from, and when the battery icon is missing in the other set, I wish for it to borrow from where it would have borrowed from!!!
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what even
Icons for what platform you stupid fucking nigger?
GNU + LINUX!!!!!!!! is this not a given

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OpenRC vs Systemd
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install gentoo
I'm not even mad that systemd exists. I just wish that more distros would have alternate versions that didn't have systemd
>not just blocking systemd telemetry on your firewall
linuxbabbies are braindead children

Is this a meme cert at this point? I either here its good to have or its a complete scam.
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Literally sitting in a Sec+ class right now, would like to know what /g/'s opinion is.
Bump since I also want to do IT as a career
Get the spelling cert first you dumb gook

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Best way to un-Botnet a google pixel?
I used Nightly on it, location is off, orbot is on majority of the time, I really like this phone but it's google so....
what else anons?
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It probably has both software and hardware backdoors. What you do on it means nothing to stop them.
You're a faggot
Just using a google pixel doesn't make a phone more a botnet
Android is already a botnet in itself since it's owned by jewgle
So it doesn't matter if you use a google pixel, as long as you use android you're getting tracked by jewgle
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