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is it safe to put in screws on the back of a gpu chip for mounting? pic related
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answer me boy
come on guys ive googled and found nothing please?

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how's your tech startup coming along /g/?
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stop this bullshit already
>shitskins and women
Of course, the only one with a computer to do any work is the white guy. The rest are dead weight fucking diversity hires.

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what is your opinion about managed service providers?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Yeah let's get more normies in on this. What could go wrong?
>efficient and convenient
that's a pretty good pump scheme i'll give ya that

What's the proper way of using this today without making it too bloated with updates? I've given up on windows 10, literally installed fuckin Enterprise N LTSB + a million tweaks and it still will not stop bothering me with updates
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use 8.1 with classic shell.
Install Gentoo and put a Windows theme on it. If you're retarded enough to use Windows, you'll be retarded enough to not know the difference.
>slower than 7 AND 10

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>need to do something new
>ask google how to do it
>click on first stackoverflow link
>see 6 paragraphs of explanation
>fuck that
>scroll to first code block
>copy, paste & change variable names accordingly
>downvote the answer and close the tab forever

if it's really important to understand then i will be doing it enough that i will figure it out intuitively over time.
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>go to coding bootcamps
>get programming job
>mostly just write sub-par code and get the others to fix it for me
>knock off at around 4 PM because co workers would rather not give me anything new to do
>come home to heat up chicken fingers and derail /g/ threads into politics

Why do only shitty chink companies make PCI USB expansion cards?
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probably because others can't profit off it

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Somehow became an Android dev at the company I work for. Where did I fucking go wrong?
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java is at least better than the streets, anon.
your post made me lol.
Here is hoping for when you hit the jack pot with that billion dollars app.

If OP makes a billion dollar application, he's not going to hit the jackpot, his employer will. He might get a raise, but he certainly won't be getting a significant portion of that billion dollars.

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>He grew up through the era of windows 95
>He grew up through the era of windows 95
>He grew up through the era of windows xp
>Anyone else remember those days?
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Man, my first computer was a 1987 IBM PS/2. It was 1992 and I was five, but it was great. But then dad got himself a 486 with Win 3.1 and I didn't really touch the old one again.
But yeah, lived through all the major Winblows releases.
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I started on windows nt and some type of old school mac. Have pics somewhere but no idea what kind of mac it was. Damn, those were the days....

Btw, I'm also in my 30s

You ever feel weird about hanging around a place like this??
First machine was back in '99 with Windows 98.
Good times, I feel like computing was more fun back then, might just be nostalgia tho.

Help me /g/
I'm a poo hand and my employer keeps me locked up in the server closet on a Friday night. Worst of all the fucking Jew so cheap with cable my cat 6 is missing the orange/white. I hate my job. How's your tech job?
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I design the shit you work on

God I love my life

I think its time to leave 4chan though, wtf I am still here even though I'm more successful than the average anon on 4chan...
Sorry poojeet. On the bright side, I like your nails. They're well maintained and not neckbeard-tier.
Who uses ur server?

A company, or other entities

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the fuck.png
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In Linux you have to press Alt + PrtScr + O to take a screenshot.
Why not just PrtScr?
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>in Linux
What fucking autism is this? On mine, I just push PrtScr
On most distributions 'Alt + PrtScr + O' is default unless that's changed?
That sounds more like a "You're a retard and can't rebind keys" problem more than a "Linux" problem.

Also probably an Ubuntu problem.

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Quick PSA: Same ransomware authors who put malvertisements on Piratebay last year are back.
They put an invisible iframe, blocking most of the magnet links on the torrent pages, you should probably be safe as long as you don't use Java plugins or Internet Exploiter on Windows since that's what they exploited last time.
Use umatrix or iframe blockers if you're considering visiting Piratebay the next few days.
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Thanks desu
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>Using tpb in the current year

Fucking normies.
What should I use instead

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/bsd/ - *BSD General Thread
Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OPNsense, FreeNAS, etc.

Join IRC:
#baot @ irc.rizon.net
#freebsd,#openbsd,#netbsd @ irc.freenode.net


Curious Linux user? Ask questions, get answers, ignore obvious trolls.
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Just switch to Linux already
I already switched from Linux.
Switch again

As a c++ beginner with some background in fortran which book should i choose?

>Accelerated c++
>Fundamentals of c++ programming
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bump. I know python but want to learn a real language
Nicht jeder ist so privilegiert und wurde mit der Weltsprache Englisch begl├╝ckt

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There is no one single best linux dis-
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That's not Fedora though.
is using debian with kde good?
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