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>no smartphone, will never get one
>been using iTunes 10 since 2012
>have iPod Classic and like the way I can organize my music with it
>been doing this for 12 years now
>but iTunes is so shitty for Win7
>want to switch to Foobar or Clementine but afraid it won't have the petty features I like

Can either of those programs do these things?
grid view of artists with album arts, album view by "sort album" id3 tags, mini-player with album art, building playlists to work on iPod Classic

>inb4 extreme autism
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I dont want that gay-ass Linux shit
Why are you on this board.

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Show me your phones /g/
Post it's specs and what you like about it.
I'm looking for a phone to buy that I could use for penetration testing.
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I have the samsung galaxy j1 2016. worst fucking phone ever, avoid it like the plague.
Xiaomi Mi5S. Best phone I had so far, coming from an LG G3 that died. Fast, nice camera, good battery life. It also charges quickly, Miui has a matured design.

The only things I dislike are Miuis RAM management and the somewhat large bezels at the top and bottom, but thats probably because of my previous phone.

What do you use for pentesting? dsploit?
Kyocera duraxa
I like it because it's not in the Google or Apple ecosystem

Has /g/ played TIS-100?

What did you think of it?
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Fun but tedious.
If you have only basic or limited programming skills, it gets very challenging at the middle of the game. Otherwise it is fun to play and somewhat easy to get into.
I'm too fucking stupid for it, only got to the second or third program.

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I'm trying to recover data from a damaged SSD, I successfully created an image of the entire disc using dd.

Now, Is there anything I can do to try to mount the partitions in the image?

Or should I just use foremost to recover stuff raw?

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dam son
fyle systum?
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So what's the verdict, /g/?
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it's shit
Give it 7 years when it can directly interact with the DOM.

For now it's really just good for game engines.
Javascript killer.
All webdevs will be surely extinct.

thinkpad 13 (2 gen) it's true thinkpad? it's good computer?
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this thinkpad sell without keyboard backlit and ips-display. i will want after buying change keyboard and display. it's good idea or search for better computer?
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This is the woman who wrote the article.

What do you think /g/?
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Context, maybe?
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hire her.jpg
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oh yeah that article. that was great.
< Google says

It was meant for >>61772633 , I didn't want to make a new thread.

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So I got the latest update after weeks of avoiding it. Now the system spergs out if I don't want """""""""warnings""""""""" about using the now super dangerous .exe installers.

Srsly why do people take this crap? I installed LTSB in a heartbeat and wow what a fucking surprise, everything works as it should. It's like being back at Win7. Shit.

Also wtf is this image supposed to mean? I need this update in order to beome a niQQa and play minecraft like some /v/tard? Fuck me.

This faggots are BEGGING me to switch to MacOS or Linux.
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>I need this update in order to beome a niQQa and play minecraft like some /v/tard?
Upgrade to dual booting Windows 7 and Gentoo.
>switched to linux (no dual booting anymore)
>too lazy to set up wine for games
>urge to play games went away

6 months strong, feels real FUCKING good

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Which linux distro would you recommend for a C++ programmer?
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i wish i could save her in some sort of GNU+Linux time machine...
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I'm serious.

If I sell something for $1000 from eBay, how much do I actually get after eBay and Paypal fees?
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10% goes to ebay
I think paypal takes another 3-5%
If standard business account rates apply, then it'd deduct $0.30 from the balance, then 2.9% for PayPal.

Never sold anything on eBay so I can't say whether PayPal's fee or eBay's applies first. If 10% goes to eBay, that's a fucking rip-off.
Holy shit, 10%?!

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Convince me to buy this over the macbook pro.
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Why would you buy either?
Carbon fiber > aluminum
Matte > Glossy
Trackpoint > Apple Trackpad
Function keys
Despite not having the full amount of key travel of a thicker ThinkPad, the keyboard is still way better than the MBP.

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This is my computer

you like it?

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my speccy!
It's great anon, thank you for these posts.
wow bro are u a high current gaymer??

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I'm aware I'm breaking rules by asking but considering what the system is I think it warrants.

I have an old PC that was used in the Space Shuttle program. It has some unique parts installed. I'm separately working on the weird EGA video card but for the time being I'm trying to install an ISA VGA card to at least gain access to it.

That said, it boots up with the EGA card (no video obviously) but when I remove that card and install the VGA card I get the video error beep code (One long 2 short) or an unknown one (Long-Short-Long-Short).

Additional pics can be found at http://reimuchan.com/rockwellpc/index.htm

I communicated with Diversified Technologies who built the main PC about 7 years ago but they are now out of business. I have a lot of experience with old hardware but admittedly haven't gone this deep into the technical realm of this vintage system in a couple decades.

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give it back Jamal
Get a real PC
If this thread 404s you might be able to get an answer in one of the /g/ retro threads. They deal with a lot of tech from that ere.

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Explain yourselves
Hard mode: Buy them from a reputable source https://eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters
Protip: do it
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I'm not murrican. We already had a good eclipse 18 years ago
cant you view it through a pin hole
already got pairs for the whole family :^)

So this google manifesto has been responded to by senior staffers literally backing up the fact that Google is a cucked monoculture where dissent is shot down publically and forcefully.

How do we fix the tech sector? I say nuke the entire West Coast.
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nah that's a waste of money. let them die on their own.
4chan should create its own tech company then
Great idea, I'll make the logo

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