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ITT we discuss the biggest failures: I'll start: Skypes new mobile version.
>absolutely hideous color scheme
>horrible design
>layout makes no sense, removed all simplicity in favor of unnecessary and unwanted complexity
>options and buttons are placed arbitrarily making it impossible to navigate the interface
>blatantly invades user privacy, tries to force access to your contact list, and your mic/camera
>tries to (extremely poorly) emulate Snapchat/instagram/Facebook even though it was never meant to be a form of social media
>optimized like shit, loading times are even worse than before, delay in messages
>a dozen unwanted features that it tries to force on the user (share the moment!/update your "wall"/tumblr gifs/share "highlights"/followers/invite people to Skype/share your profile!/share your personal information!)

How can one company shit the bed so hard?
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>using skype after microsoft bought it
el oh el
>Making Windows
>not using superior Teamspeak
Getter audio and less bottleneck lad

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So, is this a good choice, or just another honeypot?

Looking for a mail service aside from Google, which I use for work
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Protonmail is godlike.
The Bergjuden will take care of your anonymity.
Setup your own mail server
Protonmail is shit unless you are willing to pay (free only encrypts your inbox, not emails that you send). Tutanota does more with their free version, and is a better value with their paid version. Both are only a compromise, though. The best thing you can do is set up and manage your own server while using GPG.

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Hey gee, has any of you have any experience with technologically illiterate older folks?
What's the easiest foolproof way for them not to fuck up every time?
E.g. convert a Youtube link to .mp3
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Phone a tech savvy talkative and set up screen sharing.

Those shoulders.
They cant follow anything that takes more than 3 steps, so keep it simple.
Idk, I'm getting my dad an iPad hopefully he can work it. You pretty much have to write step by step for dummies type instructions and if anything goes wrong it's BOY GET OVER HERE AND FIX THIS *wrong name of product goes here* FOR ME WILL YA

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#intelrekt2017 never forget
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#opisafag #stopusinghashtags
please delete this antisemitic thread
Not really relevant

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Where can I find good resources to learn lambda calculus.

Some speculated that lambda calculus gives one another perspective in thinking, thus improving the view on problems. It's also the father of LISP wich has done many things for the world
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I don't think /g/ is your place if you want to learn.
just read sicp idk
why not?

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Excluding the current cpu generation, was there any point in time where a brute force approach took the performance crown over a more efficient architecture?
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Are we talking something like a lower IPC 2ghz CPU beating a higher IPC 1ghz one, or something like Bulldozer shoving twice as many cores as Intel into the same price range and winning in multithreaded workloads but failing horribly in singlethreaded?
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>what is netburst

Well the moar coarz race has only seen a couple gens so far (if we consider the side with the least recent update cycles), so I mean mostly about focus on GHz vs. focus on IPC (a very simple way to put it, but you know what I mean). At least in recent times I remember, when we had a competing Speed Demon architecture and a Brainiac architecture from either side, Speed Demon lost on both accounts (P4 vs. Athlon XP/64, and Bulldozer vs. Nehalem and forward).

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>This is the end. My only friend, the end.

Looks like I get to spend tomorrow complaining to corporate HQ about this. If they don't remove the cap it will be time to complain to the corporation commission and BBB. My only other options are DSL, microwave, or satellite. Thanks 2017!

I hope none of you other cox customers will stand for this.
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just a way to milk more money out of you. you can get unlimited back for an extra 50 a month on top of whatever you normally pay.
>If they don't remove the cap it will be time to complain to the corporation commission and BBB.
good luck
>My only other options are DSL, microwave, or satellite.
which is exactly why the cap exists, they know this
>"I have to pay to be a burden on someone else's copper lines? Unfair!"

kys op, shit thread.

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why is mpc-hc the best video player for windows?
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Why did you stop beating your wife?
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because frame skip. pause the vid and push ctrl + right arrow key

you can go frame by frame to get that pantyshot
>ctrl + right arrow
Just right arrow key works too.

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Guys I need your help urgently.

So a couple days ago my computer started acting up. Long story short there was a problem with booting up and the hard drive was "locked" so I couldn't repair or reset it etc. I have windows 8.1

I created a boot device USB from windows 8.1 and tried to reset my PC while wiping all my files. (All my files were backed up so losing them is not a problem). Only problem is I accidentally used a USB recovery from a windows 10 x32bit computer, and when it got to 100% reset it said there was an error and now I have no Operating System installed on the hard drive.

The good news is the actual hardware is fine (I think) and I just have to figure out how to re install an operating system on my computer.

It came pre loaded with windows 8 and is a laptop.

How can I install the original operating system back into it now?
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Get a fucking Windows 8 recovery and do the same thing and then install gentoo and not your personal tech assistant fag
fucking frogposter
>Get a fucking windows 8 recovery and do the same thing

But there's no operating system on it anymore. Would it still work?

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Hey /g/ what do you think of ReactOS?

Posting from my ReactOS VM!
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Please respond ;-;
Its a neat idea

But its still like 10 years away from being useful even for laptop use
What is another good OS I should try?

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/g/ help please!

What would happen to my HDD and SSD if I put them on pic related (induction cooktop) and turned it on full?
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it would cook inductively
Their batteries should charge to 100%
Thermal throttling will occur and the data will become read-only. Good for archival purposes as it becomes basically undeletable and unencryptable. Good countermeasure for cryptolockers

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Well, the other day i installed our own costum win10 enterprise image on a surface laptop, and after successfully installing, the keyboard doesnt work... i dont suppose anyone else have been working with the same kinda stuff or if anyone has some sugguestions for a fix?
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install gentoo

however I must also say lmao considering this is not some custom unsupported shit but is supposed to be MSes own premium laptop
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print ("le teeth madame")
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>print (
>t (
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>print ('spam')

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how do I trick this botnet? I remember the readcaptcha had two words, where one was the 'control' word, and the second one being unknown to the software. I like the thought of AI and machine recognition, but I don't like the fact that I'm training a google machine everytime I shitpost. i'm not a robot
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Give it wrong answers until it happens to accept one.
Buy a pass or integrate a set Xchan to use legacy captcha. Buy captchas.
Also kill yourself.
yeah, well, for every one of you there are 10 million others who aren't on the spectrum who just answer correctly so even if you made 1000 posts/day for 10 years you'd probably only succeed in slowing down its progress by 2ms

Guys im mad fucking retarded with getting c++ libraries to work. Everytime I download one, I load up an included sample project, redirect the includes to where my header files are, and then theres always a bunch undefined shit when I try to compile, even though the compiler finds the header file.

This happened to me with both the SDL libraries, and the c++ netlib libraries. What vital step in the compilation process am I missing?
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You're not including the static/dynamic libraries and the linker is bitching.
Also make files
just use cmake

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