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why do people care about activating windows when it works just find unactivated?
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You now what else works perfectly without activation?

Any GNU/Linux distro.

Because they can't use Personalization.
why do people care about painting their walls when it works just find unpainted?

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Is installing lineageOS a way to get around needing to use Samsung touchwiz?
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Touchwiz > Android 7 imo
But yes you can avoid Touchwiz and its bloat with Lineage.
Touchwiz is proprietary software by Samsung so logically installing any ROM other than Samsung's or derivatives will not have this.

If this reasoning is already hard then I wouldn't suggest installing a custom ROM, though
touchwiz isn't a fork of android, it's just five layers of bullshit on any android, including 7.

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Every time I fix something, there's another problem just around the corner. When can I just plop down and melt away in front of my PC without some fucking gnat nagging at me?

>monitor is flickering
>spend days diagnosing it, unable to get farther than "it's either the monitor or GPU"
>decide to try to RMA monitor, realize I don't know how to RMA something
>lose another day to that shit
>finally get new monitor
>flickering is gone, but now there's backlight bleed 10x worse than my old monitor
Are you comfy /g/? Is everything right with the world in your setup?

Tell me about what ails you
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stop buying discounted shit
return to life
This thread is now about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEpv7YxnLCQ

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Is there a way to trick Windows into thinking you have different hardware?
Like spoofing GPUs, CPUs or RAM?
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you can do that in a vm, dont know if its possible without it
Programs that use this tactic can inflict serious harm to your computer. If the program says you're using a pentium, and windows checks the system you have with each update, then it'll download the pentium driver and install that. Then you've got a major hurdle on your hands when you reboot because you've got a useless computer and gotta reinstall your drivers. Is there software? Of course! Should you? I'd be very, very careful.
Why would you do this outside a VM? Sounds like an instant triple fault

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Hey, Ausfag here. Sick of sites being blocked by my ISP but I've never tried using a VPN before. I just want a free one that doesnt fk with me in any way (speed, ads, viruses etc). Any recommendations?
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If you are talking about the streaming sites, it's a DNS block. Just use the Google DNS and you are good to go.
This. ISPs are too lazy to properly block sites.
Yeah, exactly. I mean, the block works for like 90% of people who are too stupid to know how shit works and what to do to try and fix it.

But even if you use a VPN, it will still be blocked, because you are still using the ISP's DNS.

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Why is Chrome so slow?
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Because it's primary task is collecting data and sending it back and forth. Browsing is not a priority.
This tbqh fa.m

What's the best image tagging/organizing software /g/?
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for images and stuff? the hydrus client is growing on me

Lenovo thinkpad autists on suicide watch.
> Muh thinkpad secure and independent hardware
> Muh privacy with my thinkpad
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Anyone buying from lenovo and expecting it to be secure is a moron
No one expects security and privacy from Lenovo. Only someone who hasn't been on the internet for the last 5 years could make this assumption.

OP didn't read before buying and has a massive case of buyers remorse.

>Ethernet Adapter

I don't give a shit about Lenovo, but this is sorta grasping at straws, DESU. I'm 99% sure it's a rebranded white-good like 99% of branded adapters for laptops.

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Shills flooding with anti-tech narrative
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Try again, Schlomo.
The IWW are fine, be wary of any explicitly Marxist groups though.
/pol/dittors need to fuck off

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Will there be a RX Vega 64 Ti?
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Nigga you on drugs
Yes op, plus you'll get to tend the rabbits
Yes actually they could release a 16GB version of RX Vega 64 which would help with any memory bandwidth issues.FE's gaming is only limited by its drivers.

Might be worth doing when they have 1700mhz stable at reasonable power draw

Might come out

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All my temps are low, but SYSTIN and Mainboard show high temps in HWMonitor when I stress test my overclock. Are the temps for those fine or do I need to lower my voltage?
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What is your mobo ?
MSI B350M Arctic Mortar, using a Ryzen 1700
>Sir check the mobo for any kind of physical damage.

>If physical damage is not found contact your country MSI office .

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Favorite YouTube technology reviewers?
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Fuck dude. Why can't I get women.
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gotta get apple products
just bee urself ;^)

Let's discuss the state of YouTube. Will the platform go down soon if the creators are getting ass fucked everyday or will they accept it like they did before?
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They are limiting the scope for channels that will receive funding,what is so fucking hard to understand.
What is youtube getting by ramblings and speculations of a crazy kid?
Sure not ad clicks and corporate sponsorship
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The state of /g/ folks!
YouTube is getting traffic, and in the end that's what they want, they don't give a fuck about what the kid is talking about unless it's "Family friendly" according to their sponsors.

The thing is, should ads company run the website more than the CEO?

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Its too late! We are all his slaves now!
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Its like europe in my system!
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>now my computer has syndromeD too
Nope, I'm on comfy Devuan, nao.

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>"Google lobbyists planted john oliver for net neutrality"
>"Google Tries to Stop Ads From Appearing Next to Hate Speech"
>"Google's Chrome browser to block some ads starting next year"
>"George Soros Buys Google, Liberty Global, Sells Citigroup"
>"George Soros Buys Google and Comverse Tech"
>"George Soros Acquires Stakes In Alphabet, Netflix As Both Corps"







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Who said to install Chrome? Seriously, link me a post number that didn't have a shit ton of rebukes from people arguing AGAINST installing Chrome.

Also, check the god damned catalog, there's at least 3 other threads about this.

Fucking saged.
literally everyone on /g/ has been a chrome shill for the past 4 years.

if you didnt notice the anti firefox bandwagon you are new or blind
Nobody has ever pushed Chrome. Degoogled Chromium? Maybe. Brave? For some reason (even though the desktop browser is nowhere near ready for primetime). Chrome? No. It's botnet.

Saged again.

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