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Hey /g/, there is something that bothers me.

Why is that i see so many people using and learning things like Photoshop, programming 3D modeling and animation or 2D animation and drawing but i don't see many "Motion graphic designers" or whatever they are called ? Like movies are like 150%CGI nowdays and every kind of movie uses some sort of CGI so wouldn't more people interested in this sort of stuff? I have been trying to learn some low-level After effects and this shit is fun as fuck, for sure compared to modelling and programming (even if programming is most of what i do). I am even considering trying to use more time of my days on learning more of AE and things like this. is it worth it? I wouldn't mind this becoming my job some day if it will keep being as fun as it is when i learn more about this sort of stuff.
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What the fuck are you talking about? Motion graphics, like most TV/film related fields, is extremely competitive and grueling. As an example, it is the norm for internships to be unpaid and there are lots of people competing for those positions. People competing to work for free. And because it's so competitive, you actually have to be good at what you do for a chance at a "real" job. Once you get that job, you're working long hours for pennies. I don't know where you are, but believe me, there are lots and lots of motion graphics people out there.

t. film school student
>t. film school student
How is it going right now for ya?
Probably should've mentioned I dropped out a few years ago when I realized how "passionate" you have to be about anything film/TV related to find success. That or have connections. Now I'm NEET but slowly learning Swift and heavily considering going back to school for computer science, or else grinding out personal projects to get a job.

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What are the downsides?
I can't stand Windows and Linux but want more bang for my buck than a Mac Pro so I'm thinking about going balls deep on a hackintosh build.
>Much more cost efficient
>Better resale value
>More freedom


Pic unrelated
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Depending on your hardware, hackintosh can be a super pain in the ass. What kind of hardware you coming from, op?
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>>More freedom

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Kanai desu
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why aren't there any smart plugs or devices that run on open source firmware and can be controlled with open source apps?
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That... Is actually an excellent question anon.

Because then the manufacturer can't make money of selling your data anymore because you'll flash a ROM that doesn't do that.
open source means (usually) no data harvesting.
no data harvesting means no profit.


>Officials said they found Mr. Cazes because he had posted his personal email address, [email protected], in some early messages from AlphaBay.
I don't know, seems a little too convenient. How'd he really get caught, /g/?
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also he immediately """"killed himself"""" once imprisoned
This is another part I don't understand. How did he manage that? No article goes into detail about how he died. Just that he was found dead.
That's how they caught him.

You need to understand that it takes only ONE tiny little hole in your opsec to destroy the entire thing.

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Why doesn't he just merge this with uMatrix?
There's so much overlapping functionality it's silly to keep them both separate. He already said he doesn't have time for uMatrix anymore.
At least port the matrix view over to uBlock.
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There are still people using uHide?
He initially imagined that they'd be used differently. ublock would be strictly static filtering which used regex (mostly for filtering ads) and umatrix would be matrix filtering which could block based on filetypes. Then he added dynamic filters to ublock which kinda duplicated some of the functionality of umatrix. As of right now ublock can block *some* content but not all of it and it's not as intuitive as umatrix is. I want him to bring matrix filtering to ublock.
Why that over blocklist functionality in umatrix?

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is it worth it?

I want to be a hipster and totes impress the ladies with my NASA supercomputer language
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Given that books from/about first decade of computer engineering already mention FORTRAN…
pic is just for attention
Nah, that shit is not going to get you laid.

Starting new international computer group. Who wanna join?
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Go away bill gates

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Memes have a cultural value. Viral media can spread through the nets like vd spreads through a prostitute. You're walking along enjoying your picture nad then WHAM burning piss (aka some programmer got fired for sexism).

What it means is that memes not only have a political value but they have a monitary value.

It used to be that 4chan was the hive mind but now the whole internet is the hive mind and hte hive all collectively shared memes to push the political and fiscal agenda forwards. Fidget spinners are a meme and then suddenly million sand millions of fidget spinners are sold. There are fidget spinners at the store I work at because of it. There are fidget spinners at the dollar store. Thrift stores are being loaded with fidget spinner donations that they don't know what to do with. Fidget spinners are ending up in landfills.

Memes have power. They are like a cryptocurrency that nobody has yet learned how to monetize or crack.

If you can post a strong enough meme you can change history. Imagine if the person who made the frogposting meme had drawn a chicken instead.
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You can't control memes though.
do you think he still shitposts here
>There are fidget spinners at the store I work at
> There are fidget spinners at the dollar store

Implying you don't work at the dollar store

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Last one was archived before I could even reply to OP


Disclaimer : i "hear voices" even when I'm miles away from the nearest human being, what i believe is mostly based on my subjective experience and I'm fully aware that saying this won't do good to my credibility.

I do think some groups inside military/intelligence agencies have the technology to interact bidirectionally with the brain.

The only reasonable point I can bring to the conversation is that in some areas of research military has been almost 50 years ahead of civil research.
Do you think that in 30 years we won't have technology to "read" a significant part of brain activity?
To get an idea of the state of civilian research on this topic you can watch the talk about Facebook's brain-computer interface for typing-from-thoughts, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy1HdFqTr6A

Even more so, military and intelligences have an history of complete disregard for human rights when it comes to research on humans (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States), while civilians are limited to what and how can be research.
For example: in civilian research you can't put a person in an fMRI and map the changes you see while you fire on him all kinds of EM radiations.

PS. not Terry, but I would like him if he just wasn't wasting his skills.
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You're probably just going schizo paranoid and need medical help.

The government can beam sound at you, yes. Using directional speakers or generating sound waves with em radiation.

But you think they're mind reading and that's not possible without basically putting electrodes on your head.
I actually work with neuron machine interaction in my PhD. My go-to metaphor is that we're like cavemen scientists trying to understand a ferrari. Yeah, we figured out why the wheels are round and we can pop the hood, but we have no fucking clue how to make it and how to repair or alter it.
I hope you're not lying because I know of a few doctors that are opposed to the medical industry and have been assassinated for healing people. Dr.Sibi comes to mind, Dr.Max Gerson passed naturally(I believe), and there must be others.

One thing that comes up in the compartmentalization in the military industrial complex and the private sector(DUMBs).

Colleges do not have access to that content. Be very weary of what you learn in college. It may be propaganda. Project MK ultra is supposedly still in full swing.

Considering everyone in the city has a wifi router and a cell phone in their house it should make you wonder what types of manipulations are possible rather than what you are being told from someone who's job(life) depends on a set curriculum.

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>searching for a review on something
>Finally find one
>It's another low res image of the product with either text or text-to-speech talking review
Every fucking time.
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i feel you dude

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I downloaded pic related's 50th anniversary edition - it has the album both in mono and stereo. In order to listen to this the first time, which version should I go with?
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Shit, wrong board
Wrong board, but stereo. /mu/ will tell you mono as it's the "proper" way to listen to it but stereo is just better.

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Who did this?
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Also (you)

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Does /g/ use tablets for work? Thinking about getting one to replace my x220.
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That's fucking stupid.
Surface Pro or GTFO, no exceptions.
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>tablets for work

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/g/, I'm willing to finally upgrade my TV to get a 4K one, I've found that for what I can spend there are 3 valid options
The Samsung KS8000
The Sony X800E

Between the first 2, basically the only difference is that the Samsung has a true 10Bit panel while the Sony has a technology that mimics 14Bit (or something like that) and possibly the Sony has a better video processing (clearer images). But I don't really know which one is truly better.

Now, I've also found for about the same price the LG, which is an OLED but of last years generation (if I stand correct). I just wanted to know if OLEDs are just a meme, if the fact that their brightness level is shit compared to LEDs is a problem (I would keep it in my bedroom) or if I should just buy the LG as OLED has better blacks and all that shit (also the LG has a 10Bit panel too). The only problem is that it's curved. Now, while I know it's a meme, it is also one of the least expensive OLEDs I found, is curve actually worse or indifferent/depends on the preference?
Thank you for helping a poor uni student not to waste money
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stay clear of samsung
ideally pick the lg
sony if price is more to your liking
Kek forgot the model


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