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IPS vs TN?

What does /g/ think?
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IPS is always better. Color reporduction, viewing angles, contrast

are all worse with TN, the only positive is the refreshrate.but you ca get IPS to 120Hz.

OLED is the best technology, but still needs some polishing.
IPS, always.
Is response time a meme or not?

College student here in need of some assistance.

Okay, so firstly, I am majoring in CompSci, and I've got a few questions about it for you guys, since you're much more experienced than I am.

Question 1: Is it normal to only have two programming related classes for the fall semester as a freshman? I feel like taking American Government is a waste of time and another programming class would be much better suited in its position.

Question 2: Will I be prepared to take calculus? I only got as far as trigonometry in high school (due to being a bit of a delinquent in middle school and not taking Alg 1 until HS), so I never took pre-cal. My ACT math score is a 33 though and I've always been great at math. Should I take the time to learn pre-calculus over the course of the month of July, or will I be fine?

Question 3: About how long does it take to teach yourself a certain area of math by yourself?
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if you have to ask any of these questions you're not ready for college
Shut the fuck up.
>asking questions about the curricula for freshman classes
>Is not ready for college

Anon...that's a very retarded thing to say.

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Post yer HWiNFO summary or so
Mobilecucks go away
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Windowscucks go away

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It's time, /g/.

Show me how much gaymes/movies/music/family photos and videos you got.
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>muh gaems
>implying most /g/ users don't play gaymes
pls anon
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I just used the language with pygame and realized I'm pretty not too bad with Python creating 2d/3d mini games.

Now I want to make something useful and my imaginations are failing me hard. What topic do you suppose I should I work on?
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pls respond i need directions
Just make some click and point adventure with freeloader skill tree.
Use Keras to write a neural network that takes meme images and classifies them as wojaks, pepes or cat images.

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based poettering shitting all over the reddit menace

remember: anti systemd posters are redditors
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I want NSA to leave
OP is a faggot
peanut gallery detected

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What are your thoughts on antispy-pro privacy tools for Windows 10? I think they werk just fine.
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Key word.
They don't.

What's the best resource for learning Assembly?
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Get the later editions otherwise they won't have Linux and BSD covered as well as Windows.
This covers 32 bit assembly. Is there a large difference between that and 64 bit assembly?

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Are 4k laptops a meme? Just got a job and thinking of buy an dell xps 13 and put OS X on it
pic unrelated
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A) XPS 13 doesn't come in 4k
B) The good 4k screens all have a flaw. Either terrible refresh rate (XPS 15), PWM (T570) or non IPS (Alienware). And they destroy battery life. But if you can live with the drawbacks they look bretty nice.
My Alienware laptop has it and it's sort of a meme at 17 inches

Well that's your first problem. You bought a meme.

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Play Music.png
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>there are people in this very board who still use the Spotify meme instead of the superior choice Play Music + YouTube Red.

Explain yourself.
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>paid streaming
>streaming at all
Normalfags >>>/out/
>there are people in this very board who use spotify or any kind of paid streaming service
Kys yourselves and kill me while you're at it
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So how is Play Music superior to Spotify?

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Hi /g/, I have some files I'd rather not have fall into the wrong hands - no, it's not what you think, but rather academic research of a sensitive nature. How do I securely erase these files such that malicious parties cannot recover them with digital forensic methods? Ideally without using magnets or otherwise doing lasting harm to my computer. Is CCleaner's wipe free space function enough? What else can I do?
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Bump, anyone?
>Place on disk
>Make an empty encryption container
>Set an impossible password
>Copy all files to said container
>Run DBAN on disk
>3 passes
>Burn the disk
>Burn the ashes
BleachBit? Good enough for Hilldawg.

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Pimp my setup, /g/

I'm planning on getting some good monitors, RBG strips, and such. Give me some more ideas.

Also, should I take my stand on the left off. I don't know.
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This mousepad...

I think you should kill yourself.
Yeah. I'm getting an extended one soon, as well. It's a nice pad but I want to cover up a few scratches on my desk glass.

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>solve captcha perfectly the first time
>it makes you solve another for literally no reason

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can you not post bad screencaps from worse cartoon shows? and threads like this
It's the worst fucking captcha I ever seen. Multibillion company, my ass.

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>We've always been at war with Oceania anon
How do we more keep internet archives up and running from increasing interference?
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>we do not want people to remember what comes out of our mouths
they are becoming self aware
keep malinging shit i like.
by that i mean internetarchive solely.
>"yeah, like we dont want people to know how stupid we are in a few years so....no archives lol"


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Rachel Maddow
Bill Mahar
Jon Oliver
Fuck Drumpf and Fuck White People

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