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Why aren't you using UC Browser, are you really that retarded?
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Applefags kys
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Also OP

>But, but linux is easier on resources.
Left one is after installing a network printer on linux, the right one is after installing it on windows
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People getting retarded to the point where it's concerning me.
Will "idiocracy" be true..?
Kurva anyád

>create Linux boot drive
>stick in pc
>boot uefi mode
>"Try ubuntu"
>"some long code [amd-vi "
>nothing happens
>reboot and go into normal mode
>does the same shit
>put solus on the usb instead
>has some shit package manger
>go back to windows
Who else is winbabby?
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how the fuck can someone fuck up booting ubuntu?

did you donwload the ISO for the right architecture? (AMD64)
it should work with uefi enabled
>"some long code [amd-vi "
>nothing happens

post a photo of the code or try to google it for answers

don't give up

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Give me some reasons to switch to GNOME
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Nothing unless you have a foot fetish
It's easier and faster to pronounce.
Its not kde

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Post your speedtests

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You should tell your ISP to rename itself to either Libre or Gratis in order to avoid confusion
Nperf is garbage in the US sadly. All 1gbps servers and none anywhere particularly close to me.

Kinda pointless testing a 1gbps internet connection on a speedtest server that caps at 1gbps and is shared with other users so you'll rarely actually see anywhere near 1gbps
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FiOS price.jpg
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name ONE person that did more harm to the Linux community than this globalist scum
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does he honestly know how many non violent people just want to castrate him and stomp on the remains

he needs a fucking a bodyguard
Richard Matthew Stallman

I have come to a conclusion that internet was a mistake.

It will destroy the man kind, not global warming. Guess Unabomber was right.
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Old mate Ted was always right
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>move somewhere with no internet, no cell phone signals, no radio signals, no grid, no electricity

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The unix people who believe in maintaining the technical merits of GNU/Linux have considerable criticisms about many of its dominant standards.

/G/uys, spin me up your distro of choice which simply doesn't suck. Ironically should not include surf, dwm or stali (not ready freddie).
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Arch linux
Anything that's not linux or OSX but still unix.

you can't really be a puritan like the suckless people are when you still use either GNU or Linux.
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>paying a company $9 a month to botnet yourself
Why is this spreading on YouTube and what do you /g/entoomen think of it
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fuck off back to Facebook
retarded shit, Input Director does the same shit for free, along with unified clipboard and some other features.

Does it work between linux and windows?

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well i cant choose between them,
Which one is better?
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I prefer Cinnamon.
If KDE weren's so shit, I'd go for KDE.

the only thing better than cinnamon in any DE is the fact that KDE can show fucking thumbnails in file pickers

but nemo is infinitely better than dolphin and cinnamon is better than every DE

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Is wireless changing actually good for anything? I'm convinced it's a shitty idea with no reason to exist.
If it were possible to charge a phone without it physically contacting anything that would be amazing, but the current system just doesn't make sense.
With wireless charging, you're sacrificing all mobility of your cellphone while charging for..? Nothing? It's slower and less efficient. It's just gimmicky.
If it's the end of a long day and I want to watch Netflix in bed on my phone, if I'd had a wireless charger, I'd be out of luck because my phone would be plopped down on that dumb pad instead of plugged in and in my hands.
And it's not like you can move alway from needing some sort of cable at some time, you'll eventually have to plug your phone into your PC anyways
I've read that it's supposed to be "standardized" So everyone can use it. That really isn't a perk over wired charging though, since everyone besides applefags have the same inexpensive micro-USB cable.
Seriously, is there actually a point? I'm so lost why anyone would ever want this
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I agree with your wider point but not everyone has micro usb anymore

The botched implementation of USB C as the next standard ruined that
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wireless electricity when

Why is mozilla digging its own grave by removing support for most extensions? The only thing that guarantees the existence of a userbase for Firefox is the customisabilty of the browser. What is the resoning behind this move beginning from firefox 57? Is there a solution? Waterfox may keep supporting the legacy addons but the devs, as it seems, won't.
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Nice FUD chromecuck, but all the essential extensions are ported to the new scheme already.

Also only retarded plebs run a suite of extensions. Enjoy your spyware hell chromecucks.
I use ESR52 then will switch to SeaMonkey probably.
Mozilla actually asked addon devs to tell them what APIs were needed and most will be supported by FF58. It's basically only pentadactyl/vimperator and downthemall that won't survive.

Seamonkey is finished forever as soon as they pull the plug on Gecko and switch to Servo.

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How fucked are Androidfags when most phones don't have security patches? Should they be worried?
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Depends on if they're cucked by the carrier/manufacturer.
Google don't even support their own products after three years.
Google releases monthly security patches that are added to custom firmwares in short order. I'm using the latest one right now.

People literally believe it is okay to own a smartphone or use chrome as long as you ''tweak a few settings or install a custom rom''
Bunch of retards
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lol what a retard
wow that's fucking retarded
Jesus that is very retarded

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