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>Current year

>Entire companies are still using Internet Explorer

Why this?
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They've been using it for years and it can cost a lot of money to switch to something else, why use something else if the current way works?
because boomers

their disgusting hoarding and subsequent squandering of all the money given to them by the greatest generation has resulted in them never leaving the workforce and continuing to call the shots on everything. not one of them would ever dare changing anything because they don't know how anything works and would rather enforce the status quo in perpetuity.
>current year
>unironically posting a national embarrassment

Why does a street light needs camouflage?
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to cull the phoneposters
That's an ICBM disguised as a street light, Anon. Watch out.
If you can't see it, you can't crash into it, right?

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>graduate with Diploma in Computer Science
>still don't know how to program
>have to constantly duckduckgo on how to code

Is programming the least satisfying "hobby"? You can never feel truly proficient at it if you need to keep looking things up.
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That's what happens when you play videogames during lectures.
>Diploma in computer memering, a field that requires constant obsession and real dedication, which you don't have
>you somehow managed to not know how to program, after passing countless math and programming courses
>use jew jew go like the illiterate cunt you are, instead of Jewgle (at least works) or StartPage

You are forcing yourself into something you don't really want, it is that simple.
>Is programming the least satisfying "hobby"? You can never feel truly proficient at it if you need to keep looking things up.
Of course you can't program like you would write normal text. There are more functions, librarires, modules, packages and whatnot than there are words in English. You can't expect to know what everything does, regardless of how long you've programmed.

The difference between a good and a bad programmer often is that a good programmer knows when and where to use something others have already made. Usually they need to then search for it.

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Install mpv:



User Scripts(including opengl shaders):


High quality video playback profile:
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Lets discuss pic related. It was made with help of madshi and multiple madvr experts. I think its still relevant for mpv.
ssimsuperres 1-pass or ravu smoothest1?
Anything higher than mid is quite subjective.
Sharper doesn't always means better.


>cleans dirty case and some boards in the kitchen sink
>puts circuit boards in the dish washer and has all that shit mixed with his dishes which in turn will mix with his food

This is the same guy that puts used diapers in a microwave and wears them.

Health safety issues aside, is this safe for the boards? Can you actually pour water on them without causing damage?
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No problem as long as you do a final rinse with demineralised water, soap residue and compounds in tap water can kick off corrosion if not rinsed. God tier is an ultrasonic cleaner with demineralised water, used to work for a gaming (casino) systems manufacturer, we'd recondition 20 year old boards to look like new with that shit.

distilled water and make sure the parts are dry before running power throuhg

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>You're a big browser
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Does /g/ dreams in code?
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Yes, and when I have a nightmare I dream in Java.
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I don't dream in code. I code my dreams.
He looks like >>61873941

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Is it bad for the hardware in a pc to be turned on an off every day?

is it better for hardware to stay on?
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It literally doesn't matter
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It does stay on. That's how bodned exists

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What chair does /g/ sit on when technolo/g/ing?
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I will be purchasing my first half way decent chair in a few months and as it stands it seems that pic related is the best value, the ergochair.
THe dream chair would be one with a back and head rest designed to actually support you, adjustable arms attached to the back and the seat so they don't break, and an adjust system that doesn't use a hydraulic piston as they are always the first to go.

you can buy a used aeron for 3 hundred dollars.
a cheapo staples one

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square brackets
pointy brackets
code tags
hash tag
at symbol
square brackets
sharp brackets

That's how they're called in polish
email symbol

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Show me what you got.
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How's my Battlestation /g/uys?
Where can I improve?
Close up that hole that a fighter jet could fly into..
stop using so many contractors.

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>Phi is all but EOL'ed, x86-FPGA ASIC (finally) coming in H2 2018. Not BDW or SKL based. Phi ASIC team was fired in Aug '16.

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Is the AVX meme finally dead? Or is this just the beginning of a new nightmare?
No, they integrated AVX-512 meme into SKL-SP.
I didn't understand a word of what OP just said.

What does this mean and why should I care?

Hey /g/ bros,

How do I fit my Wifi/BT PCIe card in this since they're blocking the middle PCIe 1x slot?
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You don't
>What is a PCIe riser ribbon cable
Why didn't you just get a fucking board with wifi/bt built in?

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addons were literally the only reason I used firefox and now it won't even let me install "unsigned" addons.
What do I use now?
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Just patch the source of firefox to allow unsigned addon.
Use FF56 until someone makes a new browser not based on webkit or gecko
Why the hell would you be using nightly if you want to keep using legacy extensions?

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>he has icons
>he uses windows
>not even tiling window manager

Seriously, just get i3
Sorry but i have important work to get done on my windows pc.
Couldn't tell, looking at your screen.

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