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sticker thread
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Please kill yourself.
Take those disgusting sticker of that thinkpad.
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I can't believe you managed to pick worst girl from every Chinese cartoon ft. Miku.

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what should I do with my empty 4GB USB-stick?
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-> OP's rectum
shove it up your ass
install gentoo

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What are the best resources to learn C++?
>inb4 witty shitposts about how C++ is a bad language
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ur mum
1st learn C well:
C programming, A Modern Approach

Then go on to C++
I know C already.

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Does an FOSS alternative to Uber exist? What other popular software does it need a FOSS alternative?
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It's called driving yourself fag

Came to post this

>having friends
>being a cager
wew lad

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windows 10 users on /g/, have y'all ever used the windows store?? I check it out now and then and find some interesting stuff, but apps still feel lesser than full fledged desktop programs for some reason
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>Win 10 users
>Windows store
Delete this post and try again
>windows 10 users
>he thinks he uses windows 10 instead of windows 10 using him
I only use it for the hp printer apps.

Speccy Thread
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No fuck off stop attracting the wincucks
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Secondary pc.png
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too late bro
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>IoT device doesn't have a web interface or a standard API, and need a smartphone “app” (only iOS and Android) to works
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>this kills the embedded engineer
>you are expected to whip up your phone to take a piss
I hate this stupid fucking timeline.

God as soon as my Niggerberry falls apart I'm getting a dumbphone.
I would just piss on the floor if I ever saw this shit.

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>Quantum Dot
>curved 27"
>500 eurobucks
Alright, what the fuck is the catch here lads?
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it's curved and therefore shit
Is it really that much of a meme. I'd be using it for gayming.
Thats really fucking expensive.
Get a good A-IPS panel or OLED.

Based Floens.
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Dashchan doesn't have this problem.
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>being a pajeetdroid

My laptop has been giving me problems for a while now it will boot but will be slow and sometimes restart out of nowhere and not boot again or be in a boot loop its a toshiba satellite its 3 years old any ideas?
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Tried cleaning it out?
Damn summer.
Op here I am a useless fag when it comes to tech ive ran my antivirus and shows no problem the issues started when I installed windows 10

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A.I thread.

Are AI a threat to human society? The more I think about it, the more it seems like there's a good chance it might destroy human society. By that, I don't mean nukes or even malicious intent, the very best case scenarios are pretty much disasters for human society. For example, lets say robots do all the work and humans are able to exist with AI giving us food/knowledge/shelter/entertainment. Do you know what this entails? A decadent human society. One that would collapse in a matter of years if not decades.
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AI are like the pajeets of SysOps; completly worthless for managing, problem solving, creative pursuits, or innovations.
IBM Watson is a dumb primitive AI and it can still manage, solve problems, pursue creativity fields, and innovate.

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Tell me one reason why people should learn a low level programming language like C over high level like Java.

Soon low level programming jobs are dead and anything is done in high level while Java is better for recterional use. C is only relevant in embedded that is going to die after IoT is a meme without weight. Jobs wont disappear completely but they will certainly dwindle in low level languages

Prove me wrong if you can
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honda hasnt been the same since the late 90s
For employment? You shouldn't. The enterprise market has spoken and they've largely bent the universities and training programs that feed them around their whims.

But on an ideological level? We are making software slower far more quickly than computers are getting faster. That's a problem. A problem that could be solved if people stopped insisting implementing everything in Javascript is fine and actually put some effort into developing in more efficient languages.
>Tell me one reason why people should learn a low level programming language like C over high level like Java.
Because one day you might need to make a program that processes packets from 2 tap interfaces and trying to use fucking java instead of C for it will make your program drop half of them.

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Why are people still so hype about ryzen when Intel destroys it so hard in real world performance?
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That couch is horrible.
>when Intel destroys it so hard in real world performance?
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Intel Shills.png
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Enjoy your GPUS faggots
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>mfw sold at 380

If you have less than 2 eth, encrypt the wallet and store it on a few cloud sites for a few years

Buttcoin had a pretty big crash around the 1k, been doing okay since then.
ETH already paid for my house and a car so it can crash and burn for all i care

>Watercooled 7900x
>88 C° at stock

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wew lad
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He was using the MSI X299 GAMING Pro Carbon which is known to have higher results/temps even at "stock". You can tell because he has a Cinebench score higher than normal. Guru3D used the same motherboard and also had higher than normal Cinebench results. This motherboard doesn't limit P-states at default settings and allows the CPU to run as fast as possible with resulting insane temps. Pic related is normal results for the i9-7900X.

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