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>6 years old
>still runs recent games perfectly

How did they do it?
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Probably by trying to release a competetive product.
By rebranding each product twice
I sold mine for a 1070. Pretty great card though but its definitely been surpassed now

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I know nobody on /g/ is smart enough to help me, but it's worth a shot. Anybody have any experience dealing with GLSL shaders? I'm trying to implement custom shaders in my game, but there is absolutely zero documentation on how to implement them in cocos 2dx 3.0+. Every answer given on a forum contradicts every other answer. And there isn't a single youtube video out there proving you can write custom shaders. I don't know why desu. An opensource gameengine written in opengl should be able to run custom opengl shaders. This shouldn't be complicated. Granted I am not the most advanced when it comes to GLSL, so maybe there is some limitation, but all I want is to add cool effects to my game god damn it.
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Literally how is /v/ releated to c++ and glsl programming?
>wanting to implement shaders into a game
>not gaming related

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"the schuko plug is superior"
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it is yes
What is your picture trying to convey?
Poo in loo, pajeet

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Would you rather get have no sex the next 5 years, or code PHP every day for the same period?
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>do you wanna learn PHP for free and get a job, without making any other changes whatsoever to your lifestyle?
Of course.
i've been in a loveless relationship for 8 years, haven't had sex in about a year and a half. still can't program. kill me.
Why not both? :^)

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>Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on this planet
>No-name ink gets blocked by firmware. Why not just produce high-quality ink and adjust the price so people buy the original one?
>Some of them have a page limit until they automatically shut off and have to be "repaired".
>Always sprinkle a bit of color ink, even on black/white prints to waste is and make you trackable to the CIA
>always don't work in the most inconvinient moment

Does currently any printer exists which doesn't try to fuck the consumer in every way possible? If no, how much would it cost the community do design one themselves and sell it?
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They've all been doing this since 2010 at least. Only way out is to buy an older one which is why they're higher valued. Also you should buy laser either way, even though color laser is cheaper in the long run but you can't afford one now, mono laser is joke cheap and will cut down on 80% of your needs to use the color printer.

Even if you have to use ink carts, you can get remanufactured ones on ebay for cheap. They use the actual manufacturer's carts with the same chip so it doesn't complain. Much like how third world countries wash out single dollar bills to get the proprietary paper they're printed on so they can attempt to print a 100 dollar bill on it. Even if they try to jew you on not being able to re-use the same cart, there has to be a threshold and you'd at least get one more run out of it. Even if you doubled the cost of a remanufactured cart because of this, you're still paying $10 versus $50+ for retail.
So most of the time it would actually be better to use a mono-laser printer and do the rarer color printing in print-shops?
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Yes or a library if you really don't do color that often. Mono laser is less than $80 shipped and you can get them on sale for $60 in retail stores. laser is more reliable and has less checks for third party toner carts. also they don't dry out.

It's rare but sometimes you can find 10 year old color laser printers in thrift stores. When I used to do IT, over the course of 3 years I got 6 free HP color laserjets because businesses are that clueless and in one case they threw it out just because the black cart in it was spent. The colors were still at like 80%. pic related.

Hi guys!
I need a new notebook.
I'd use it mostly for university (engineering) works, so Office, internet, matlab etc., but also for things like soft gaming (TF2 and AoE), very light video editing (we're talking of 7 seconds videos), Lightroom and FL studio.
Main features:
- MAX 15"
- MAX 750€
- Windows as OS
>Pic not related
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>Windows as OS
Go out and buy a 200 dollar laptop on ebay with an SSD (don't expect it to be a very big one), then pirate Office 2003 and use Windows Movie Maker.

You're welcome.

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saturn ded3.jpg
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what the shit is this saturn board covered with?
>inb4 cum
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Water rot
Send it to Rossman.
corrosion, if you couldn't figure it out from the metal sheets laying around
if the traces got corroded, which they probably did, you're out of luck.

not even Rossmann would fix shit like this

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How can I know mi neighbour´s wi-fi password
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Ask him pajeet my son
ask him jamal
only way is to ask him, mohammad

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Someone donate this man a bench press.
>shoes on bed
This random should kys

you care too much about privacy to use gnu/linux. But why care about your OS if your hardware is all backdoored? Explain it because im worried about that too
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we can never get rid of all security issues
but having less is good
The NSA, CIA, FBI, Microsoft, all their partners, State and Local police all have access to Windows backdoors

Only the NSA and CIA have access to hardware backdoors

It's not good, but it's less bad
Nsa also helped develop Ubuntu and debian

Looks like a certain company is going to do a lot of damage control with the recent events.
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See I told you to just wait, we're actually winning.

And how many years did that take?

Jesting aside, it's great to see some good competition again. I'd like to consider a Ryzen 5 cpu sometime myself.

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So, some /g/ fag was doing "light" versions of winblows 7/10, and his 7 is faster than XP in somehow but he left the telemetry shit on, how do you custom your own iso for that shit?
I want to just DL the original W7 tweak the iso itself and then install simplix for telemetry-free updates

I mean I could submit to windows 10 dick and I and every other actual software user will do eventually but I want to avoid it all the time I can
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Go learn english you stupid nigger
>3xxMB ram

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chinkshitgeneral z.png
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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon has the Sanrenmu 7010, rates it 10/10 >>61263434
• Anon receives the BM 1500 mic + phantom power bundle >>61263549 and a arcade stick >>61263578
• Anon reviews the Revo K101+ a GBA hardware clone >>61263701
• More coupons >>61265337
• Toothpick crossbow listings keep getting taken down, nobody has had one arrive so far >>61268804
• Anon bought a pair of Superlux HD668Bs and while they sound amazing he wants better pads for them >>61272236 gets recommended brainwavs angled velour pads >>61273581
• Anon bought some Melatonin off AliExpress >>61274333

>Old News
• Anon shows off his 99 cent mousepad >>61255755
• Anon doesn't remember dropping his Note 3 but it has a scratch on it, considers a leather case for it >>61255772
• Anon gets some Chinese-OralB brush heads and a 18650 battery charging circuit >>61256770
• Cheap James Donkey mouse deals >>61257574 >>61257786
• Anon owns a Walnut V2 and Zishan Z1, prefers the Walnut over the Zishan >>61258120
• Anon gets some fake MtG cards in and compares them >>61258453
• Anon reviews a Baofeng UV-5R >>61258533
• Anon sets up his K40 Laser cutter with a /csg/ sticker >>61258696
• Halefall posts update on two new CSG op pics >>61262145 >>61263108 >>61261881

• Reminder that /csg/ Podcast Episode 4, is due to happen at 9.30pm BST on Sunday the 9th of July.

Previous thread >>61263229
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1st for hello regop!
Any decently priced bokkens around?
Just simple looking ones not overly tacky looking bokkens
Need a cheap headphone amp that can do 2.1v minimum. Don't care if it's portable or desktop, dac or no dac.
Looking to spend as little as possible.
United States
>buy fake gongtian
>open dispute
>chinky pleads for me not to
>buy gas and use it to drive around aimlessly when the refund comes
is there a more comfy way to ruin the planet?

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As a Mexican immigrants in the US, where is the best place to work for a software engineer?
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Home depot, lots of Mexicans hanging around there
Anywhere, Mexicans qualify for underprivileged/underrepresented diversity hires, so even if you're shit you'll have an excellent chance of getting into a top 500 company as long as you don't happen to run into better mexicans

poo in loo?

why aren't you using fedora 25 /g/?
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It would be extremely painful.

But I am.
using Arch with bspwm

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