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My ISP just blocked mediafire. It already blocked 2 other file sharing sites I regularly used to dl manga.

Im going to have to get a VPN at this rate.
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>for your protection
>what is tor
yes in shitty third world countries run by sandniggers they block shit.
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Yes, it's for your own good, goyim.

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Seriously wich is the best, looking to install one of them.
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but its already in your unix

if u wanna install something, sam or acme.
Whatever gets the job done.

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Oh my ghost.jpg
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Who of you did this?

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He's not wrong.
>uses neckbeard domain
>gets told to fuck off
>crys about muh free speech

The mirror was allowed in the first place, nobody had a problem with it then. It's quite painful that one opinion can undo a lot of time of a contributor.

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Hey /g/, i'm about to start my first year as a medical student, and i really need to record my lessons, so i need the best dictaphone a student can have (it's mostly about internal storage), but i can't make up my mind with all the dictaphones in the market...

Thank you.
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>About to start my first year as a medical student

don't buy anything that's labelled as "dictaphone", anything worth using is overpriced as fuck.
Instead, buy a cheap handheld audio recorder, like the Zoom H1, it's primarily designed to record music so the quality is completely somewhere else, output is in mp3 (or wav), no proprietary fuckery that only special unicorn software can play (if you can even download the audio from the dictaphone).
You'll also have a much easier time selling it once you don't need it.
Thanks for the advice, but i'm looking for something rechargeable, apparently this one works with batteries.

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If my job involves the back-end of a website am I a web developer?
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Judging by the weebshit your job probably involves the back end of an AIDS infested nigger.
4chan... chan... what does that word look like to you anon? Or how there are many boards just for weebshit or how %70 of images posted here is anime. Could it be... possibly... that you are bitching about weebshit on an anime site, maybe?
what do you think /g/ stands for?

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Post your emacs setup
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who is the whaman in the picture?
Xah Lee
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she is know as emacs girl on irc

Alright, my shitty joke/edit picture aside, what makes this machine feasible, I wanna hear everything it foes well, and everything it fails to do.
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just werks
Also sorry that I am such an idiot, and failed to proofread my post.
>what makes this machine feasible
The logo on the back

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>he's a webdev
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even worse, he is a FRONT-END developer.
Even women can become front-end webdevs
That's what happens when you're self-taught
Lmao that code is plain english, how can you be so butthurt?

if somebody gave you $50 to lick your keyboard, would you do it?
Think about it.
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It's filthy and yes.
I can just use antibacterial mouthwash afterwards.
What exactly do you mean lick my keyboard

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Why should I use musl over glibc?
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Do you need a lightweight and minimal libc instead of a blazing fast one? If yes, use musl. If no, use glibc.
glibc is a botnet
Glibc is garbage legacy shit

Musl is faster in almost all cases

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Literally the only good feature that they added in Windows 10
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too bad it's buggy as fuck and often gets disabled when running fullscreen exclusive applications
So yet again, Microsoft has ripped off an iOS feature?
i'll take the b8

>scheduled color temperature changing
>a """"""""""""""""""""feature"""""""""""""""""""" worth being considered innovative enough to be ripoff-able


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How do you generate a random number in assembly?
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also some modern CPUs have hardware support for generating random numbers but don't use that cause it's botnet
Same as all other languages.

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Wait, Holy fuck we hit 1500000000 [email protected]! I feel so old, thinking back to 1100000000
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16000000000 will occur on Sunday, September 13th, 2020 at 05:26:40 PDT
No it won't

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>>android tablet/ipad
>Oversized smartphone with shit specs and inability to make calls
>>win 10 tablet
>laptop mid range specs for the price of a workstation that requiere keyboard and touchpad to work properly
Seriously what is the point of these?
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you can make calls on an iPad
Ask me in 5 years when canonical makes a proprietary tablet os

I've made calls with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 before so you're full of shit on that one.

Got my new grail phone today. In this thread we post retro looking technology. Taking webpage requests to load up on this baby.
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Ayyy lmao it's /csg/

They only had knockoffs of this phone.
that thing is seriously overpriced
Doesnt it only work on a 2G network? The network that most of the world has already switched off?

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