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Is there an IDE on Linux that just works out of the box for C++ on Linux? I fell for the visual studio meme but now want to branch out on Linux, and I'm new to all this shit.
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Just use Vim like a real programmer
Code::Blocks, but some people like Geany
thank you

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Let's be productive edition.

Previous thread: >>62083699

What are you working on /g/?
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First for C.
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Fucking finally finished my bubblesort script
#takes an unsorted list, and sorts it using the bubblesort method
interim = 0
unsorted = [5, 1, 6, 4, 3, 9, 0, 8, 2, 7]
first = 0
second = 1
loop_value = 0
success = False
while not success:
for i in unsorted:
if unsorted[first] > unsorted[second]:
interim = unsorted[first]
unsorted[first] = unsorted[second]
unsorted[second] = interim
first += 1
second += 1
elif unsorted[first] < unsorted[second]:
first += 1
second += 1
if loop_value > len(unsorted):
success = True
except IndexError:
first = 0
second = 1
loop_value += 1


tell me how inefficient my code is daddy
>What are you working on /g/?
Learning what are cgroups and namespaces.
I want to reach the next step in security.

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I-is my code good enough anon?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

/*Here starts the code :3*/

bool is_sorted(int *a, int n) /* Checks if the list is sorted ^_^ */
while ( --n >= 1 ) {
if ( a[n] < a[n-1] ) return false;
return true;

void shuffle(int *a, int n) /*Shuffles the list because it's fun :-D*/
int i, t, r;
for(i=0; i < n; i++) {
t = a[i];
r = rand() % n;
a[i] = a[r];
a[r] = t;

void sort(int *a, int n) /*<---This is the sorting function you'll know because it is named "sort" *_* */
while ( !is_sorted(a, n) ) shuffle(a, n);

int main() /*Main program where the fun starts!! :DDD*/
int numbers[] = { 1, 10, 9, 7, 3, 0 };
int i;
sort(numbers, 6);
for (i=0; i < 6; i++) printf("%d ", numbers[i]);

/*Here ends the code :3 Remember to check my last github commit about changing master/slave definitions */
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dumb 2d poster
But why? Pepe-kun? Did I do something wrong?
Didn't even bother to read after seeing the shitty >Look at me I put emotes in my comments

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So I see you're running GNOME
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I'm more of a homosexual myself.
Epic win thread family!
I would like to be included in the picture of this epic win
Didn't he use KDE himself? What a fucking joke.

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What's the most efficient way to print "hello world" in C?
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What do you mean by efficient?
O(logn) time
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
return 0;

That's the cause of the disapointing situation where Linux is these days, GNU never came with something useful or superior to commercial alternatives, their philosophy is very impractical and the people behind it lacks actual technical knowledge.

When people ask me why all Linux OSes look like toys, hobbyistic malfunctioning systems bloated and overcomplicated, I can't defend Linux, because they are right.
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GNU is the collectivist cancer killing Linux, every sector Linux is dominant or in a good position (server, embedded, mobile), the only area where Linux is under performing is on the desktop, coincidentally this is where GNU has more influence over the development.
You have no idea what you're talking about. Gnu is dominant in all of Enterprise. Hence why all servers, super computers, etc. Use gnu/Linux and not shit like bsd.
Gnu/Linux suffers on the desktop because there is no profit in it. When there is profit (say like chrome is which uses gnu utilities) it works fine and people like it.
You are fucking retarded.

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>Regardless, we’re at about $150 on HBM2 and $25 on the interposer, putting us around $175 cost for the memory system.

>A recent DigiTimes report pegs GDDR5 at about $6.50 for an 8Gb module, though also shows pricing for August onward at $8.50 per module. With old pricing, that’s around $52 cost for an 8GB card, or $68 with new pricing. We do not presently know GDDR5X cost. This puts us at around 3x the cost for HBM2 which, even without factoring in yields or the large GPU die, shows why AMD’s margins are so thin on Vega.


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>take GaymursNexus word as a fact
Why not just raise the prices? It will still sell out irregardless.

why would someone recreate this image. it's low image quality and poor design are what helped make it funny.

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Screenshots 1066.jpg
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do you think they are doing this in an underhanded bid to get ad blockers banned as anticompetitive

all they have to do is block more non-google ads to get someone to sue, and then they've won and adblockers are gone forever

even if you keep your adblocker running from some shady repo, google has won because normies wont use it. and also both chrome and firefox mainstream releases wont allow unsigned addons anyway
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Terry Davis was right.

They want us all impotent nigger cattle that can only fart in mud.
(((They)) already blocked AdNauseam:

I heard that if you used it they would block ads for you

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Tell me why I shouldn't buy this over the macbook pro.
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>Tell me why I shouldn't buy this over the macbook pro.

I'm gonna be honest with you, if you care about build quality then you shouldn't be buying Lenovo computers - of any brand, including thinkpad.

Play the Lenovo lottery if you want, but know that some small part of your laptop is always not gonna be what you expected.

My display has bleed in issues and one dead pixel, and when it was being fixed there is a small nick on the body which I can't stop noticing.

Overall is the laptop nice, sure, but be ready to send it back when you get it and something is inevitably wrong.

With apple this isn't a problem. You know exactly - EXACTLY - what you are buying. You get a Macbook pro, you get a new computer with no problems. (like 99% of the time). With Lenovo, you can't do that.
It's not a macbook pro

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Who here OpenDNS master race?
>blocks malware and malicious domains
>blocks porn (a.k.a. time wasting sites, including 4chinz)
>just works
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You forgot
>sells your data

Use dnscrypt
>blocks porn (a.k.a. time wasting sites, including 4chinz)
>just works
Clearly it doesn't
>nxdomain hijack
yeah no

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>got corrected at work for using the "deprecated" terminology "master/slave".
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how do sjws use older hard disks then?
Switch from IDE mode to BLM mode
>drwx------ 8 root root
in case you want to check them...

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Is DBAN the best drive wiping software?
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dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda
not OP, but stuck with Windows and need a drive wipe that runs while in Windows

What else we got?
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Don't be a paedophile terrorist nazi and you will be fine.

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/g/ lets be honest with this board and ourselves, do you HONESTLY think that any big company gives a flying fuck about you in general?

I watch this board go nuts over the lamest shit like what OS you're using or browser and act like using Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Gentoo or whatever is going to be the end of the world. Nothing is going to happen. No agency cares about you. You're not John Wick or Agent 47, you're good.
You're nothing more than a nerd on the internet. So why does it HONESTLY bother you?

You're what? Torrenting the latest show of something or some obscure flac music? NEAT. I do it too (not flac dear god no, too fucking big of files.)

My question is, why does it matter if you're basically a "nobody"

>muh privacy!!!
If you have ANYTHING with a camera or a mic, you've likely been monitored the entire time. I'm not saying it's right but at the same time, I'm saying you can't do shit about it. So just be happy with everything else.
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>be complacent about things you don't like

what sort of defeatist attitude is this?
It's not anon. What literally can you do? It's not like you have the money to buy Google, Microsoft, or anything else, so what's the best thing you can do? They don't care about you so why bother?
Stupid Question

Who bring this kid?

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how about you make this thread when you actually want to ask something?
why does it need to be up
luddite here

what is the difference between C and C++?
basically C++ is built on top of C and can do lot of stuff C can't

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Have you all ever thought about how shit the internet is
>highly centralized infrastructure
>essentially all backbone hardware controlled by state level actors
>have to pay some ISP jew for access due to heavy centralization
>everything is traceable due to state level actors controlling most of the hardware
>DNS is centralized and easily censorable
>ICANN jews run the entire naming system
>verisign and other fucktards making SSL harder than and more expensive it needs to be

what are our options here? I2P and Tor both utilize the same hardware as the conventional clearnet, seems the public is too retarded / doesn't care enough to set up a meshnet, and the current system is basically a shit stack a mile high, so it's only a matter of time before it all falls over.
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meshnets can't be built because people are too far away from each other
a radio transmitter with enough power to cross across countries would jam so many frecuencies you would have the feds at your door the first day
>highly centralized infrastructure
Not much to do about this, there are things like ZeroNet but it still relies on all clients being on the Internet.

>essentially all backbone hardware controlled by state level actors
Logic since it costs billions to provide the infrastructure for an entire country.

>have to pay some ISP jew for access due to heavy centralization
Most things in life cost money.

>everything is traceable due to state level actors controlling most of the hardware
Use Tor or a VPN. Tor is safe as long as you don't enable JavaScript and VPN is maybe a bit of a gamble but they are not legally obligated to keep logs nor do they have any motivation to do so when their income comes from not keeping logs.

>DNS is centralized and easily censorable
Anyone can set up their own DNS.

>ICANN jews run the entire naming system
See previous answer. Your DNS can even accept your own TLDs (e.g. .faggot or .nigger) but of course only people using your DNS will be able to access those websites without direct IP access.

>verisign and other fucktards making SSL harder than and more expensive it needs to be
Use Let's Encrypt. You don't really pay for the certificate with others you pay for them to verify your identity, which is fucking pointless since no one bothers to check that.
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[row row fight the power]

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