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I know you guys can deal with a database, but how does one go about getting other people to deal with a database?

One of my jobs at work is answering banal questions such as "did our sales in each region change change much over the last five years compared to each other?" which is easy enough for me. But I am trying to make it so that people don't need me for such silly questions at all, and can answer them for themselves.

I see a few options in business intelligence type query writing software like Microsoft's Power BI, Pentaho, and SiSense, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. However the biggest hurdle is the people who I want to use this stuff.

Have any of you managed to get your colleagues to use anything more complicated than Excel? What hurdles did you run into, and how did you overcome them?
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If I'm bascially immortal and super lucky, I don't need to have much money.

As for your question:

>Have any of you managed to get your colleagues to use anything more complicated than Excel?

If people are good with Excel, they are usually easy to motivate to learn Access. Just sell it as a "more powerfull" version of Excel, no need to begin with normal forms..

>What hurdles did you run into, and how did you overcome them?

Obviously a database is much more complex and powerfull. But the questions is what features do you need? Access comes with some halfway decent drag-and-drop editors.

But you should give them one/two days training (you can do it yourself, if you want to) to get the fundamentals of Access.

Just make a few slides to explain some basic principles ("no, you can't just pull this row up here, since they are sorted"), some examples and some group exercises. And then give them a book and tell them to google up things they don't know.

Ususally people are happy to learn new technologies as it improves their skill profile.
you got a comfy job, why automate it and lose all dem easy bux?

Also a lot of business people arent dumb but they cant or dont want into technology, a lot of oldfags, they just dont like it, what they do like is doing actual business things, so consider yourself lucky that they keep you in a position for this

In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• You faggots argue over DAPs for half a thread
• Anon got a Ruizo X2. Has some grievances >>62269411>>62269926
• Anon got some cheap keycaps >>62271559
• Anon likes this image >>62273149
• Anon has been liking his TY Hi-Z's >>62273795
• Anon gets various socks >>62273959
• Anon got ZS5's and a Benjie >>62274948
• Anon got a tripod and some other shit >>62274970
• Another Anon gets ZS5's >>62276341 >>62276598 >>62277990
• Aliexpress now has tiers of human hair >>62278206
• Anon got a "taranis q x7" >>62279339

>Previous thread
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Also keep an eye out for ES3 sales. They happen kinda often on gearbest.
Anyone have a Xiaomi Yeelight?

Thinking of getting a Lifx but might chink myself if the Yeelight is ok
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Any cheap model making/gundam related shit?

I'm trying to get in the hobby but the price tag on all quality items is steep if you're starting from scratch.

Things like paint, plastic accessories or parts, airbrushes, etc. I've seen kits as well but they seem more expensive than on dedicated sites.

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How many lines of code have you written in the last week anon?
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Around 2k500.
Don't know how many I've actually written, but my git log says I've added about 150 loc

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>mrw freetards get singles
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wow thats fucking nothing
>mfw I pirate everything so I don't care if it's free or not
Free as in Freedom lad

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>Apple scum
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I find it hilarious how this is a huge thing for baseball.
Their fans are extremely against anything new. Around half the fan base absolutely hates the designated hitter rule still.
It's more the fact that they are constantly trying new ways to get information on the pitch to the batter and the whole seriousness they attribute to it.

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How do we get all "webdevs" to commit suicide?

>Chrome 61 introduces native support for JavaScript Modules, a new Payment Request API for the desktop, the Web Share API for easily sharing content on social networks, and WebUSB support. WebUSB is the new API for exposing USB devices in a "safe and secure" manner for JavaScript web applications.
>Being worked on meanwhile for Chrome 61 are supporting the data and time elements, an ambient light sensor API, a device memory JavaScript API, OpenType variable font support, and other developer additions.
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try out some methods yourself until you find one that works
Is JavaScript the new C?
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It's only a matter of time before you'll need mandatory dongles to use your favourite "web apps".

Post just one hardware/software word, term, or title, that instantly makes you rage with a force of 9000 Betelgeuse suns.

I'll start: SYSTEMD.
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Who the fuck says GNU like that?

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>The European Union's top court is sending back a case on a billion euro fine against chip maker Intel Corp. for further legal examination.

>Wednesday's ruling had been eagerly awaited for its implications on the powers of the antitrust office of the EU.

>In 2009, the EU fined Intel Corp. a record 1.06 billion euros, saying the world's biggest computer chip maker used illegal sales tactics to shut out smaller rival AMD.

>The European Commission says Intel broke EU competition law by exploiting its dominant position with a deliberate strategy to keep AMD out of the market that limited customer choice.

>The European Court of Justice sent the case back to the lower General Court so it can examine more arguments from Intel.



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So this is the power of lobbybux
I hope they get even more fines because of having the audacity to complain
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Delete this thread right now, goy.

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This is Deepin: the prettiest distro.
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tried it a couple weeks ago. Buggy as all fuck unfortunately. Maybe in 6 months I'll give it another go
The only way you could think that piece of shit is acceptable to use is if you barely know English.

I tried it, their website was in shambles, took me forever to find a working download link, then when I installed it all the instructions and menus were in broken English.
wow, chad, you put a paper theme on a gnome 3 shell. Congrats.

If you unplug your ethernet cable systemd will wait over five minutes for it to be plugged in on boot, so you get irritated and plug it in so Google can receive the ping from your machine.

Just systemd things.
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If systemd is so bad how come so many of the major distros have adopted it? I don't get it.
what has systemd improved? it's created issues for server admins everywhere for seemingly zero reason beyond some stupid desktop-user shit.

I wrote this post on a systemd Debian desktop.
>not posting his wangblows screenshot while he spreads fud against free software and openly admit his low level shilling job.
If it's not right, then install gentoo.


is it possible to find out password of a wifi network?

Does anybody know any security website that has such informations?

picture is not related
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Get Aircrack and sniff your mom's mouse droppings.
u could ask the wifi network owner politely for permission to use their network
Give it back Tyree

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I currently operate an iPhone 6 Plus 128gb, but i believe it would be wise to have 2 phones running two different OS. Inform me /g/ pedes.
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don't bother, Android is truly awful
Most features - Galaxy S8+, though if you can wait a few weeks both the Note 8 and V30 will be out, which are both superior
Best software support - Pixel XL, though it's almost a year old now and the Pixel 2 is coming soon (albeit likely without a headphone jack)
Best all-rounder with 3rd party software support at a decent price - OnePlus 5 (base model is fine, or if you wanna go overkill the 8GB RAM model)
went to a best buy recently for reasons, decided to check out the moto g5 plus, camera was ok as expected for a budget android, but the video was choppy as all hell compared to my iphone 6. again, budget android so makes sense next, i go to a samsung galaxy s8, camera is obviously good, but the video has the same choppy effect are you fucking kidding me. my iphone 6 videos are smooth as hell, a 3 year old phone.

caveat: i tried to go into video setting to check if i could change fps but the demo kept kicking me out so maybe it has the potential to not be shit?

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Red flags for tech jobs
>colleagues unironically call each other "bro"
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Uber has gotten way better, we are super close of getting rid of that toxic bro culture. Productivity is super high and pretty much everyone is on a good mood.
b-but I started my own business with my brother.
>open office
>woman """"developers""""

is fuschia going to kill all of linux's momentum?
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I hope it will be a better thought and more mature OS than Android.
Botnet os
let's be honest, the world needs a new OS... badly...

Linux is great, I love it, especially on server, but even desktop is not bad... but still ... I am unironically telling you that I have more experiences of Linux freezing because of hardware/driver incompatibility than Windows has

Windows is a shitty botnet now and it's 'really disgusting legacy OS that we need to kill... it's still popular because of gaymers

Android is kind of OK but patched together quickly, needs to be redone from scratch, we need to get rid of Java too

MacOS is a great idea: put a nice GUI on top of UNIX and parts of BSD... unfortunately it has one of teh gayest stupidest companies behind in the history of mankind

we need a new OS, one to be good for all devices (like Ubuntu wanted to be with Unity, but failed), written from scratch for 2017 hardware, no need for legacy support... something nice and elegant and just wekrs

I think Google can pull it off

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>10-15 years ago
>it will be cool to load programs in browser with JavaScript!
>JS is shit
What happened in the world?
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Remember the HotJava browser? One of the goals for it was that it would be constantly extended to have new features by every site you visited, because they would all supply java code to handle their custom graphics formats, and any interactive elements.

Not just the simple plugin model; far less restrictions in a per-site sandbox.
JS isn't shit, just the people using it.
React / Native is changing everything.

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