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What does /g/ think about Huawei phones?

t. anon looking to upgrade from his oneplus one to the mate 10 when it comes out.
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Major botnet with direct links to the Chinese military.

Avoid! Avoid!
It has good mobile phones
My sister bought herself a p10 and it is brilliant device
I love my 6P until the battery issues started. They have a QC problem

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any cool projects i can do in java ? I want to master the language so the project(s) need to be good
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A Java uninstaller.
ask toolbar written in java
Automate your suicide note

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What is your favourite image viewer /g/?
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Whatever the default one is on the OS I'm using
>gahnoo plus loonix
gwenview (Qt), ristretto (gtk)

Stupid Questions Thread
Use a search engine before posting
Not kosher or halal
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Why would this happen?
Some of my entries in the start menu are greyed out, clicking on them still works but it's irritating.
Why is the native extension not auto-scrolling tho? Shit

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!!!! Hiro approved meta thread !!!

How is anime spamming /b/-tier thread with no technology discussion allowed?

If I make a Hitler thread and claim that C was his favorite language would it be allowed to stay up?
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We need OS flags.
Anime website
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Anime website.

Could you spoonfeed me how to output an image by c#? I want to do a 8100x8100px "mosaic" image of 54 images in a row
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>know nothing nigger smugly directs pleb to google shit full of subversion red herrigns and misdirection
It's funny because you have no idea how to do anything with computers.
If you don't care about any more than 8bpc then you can use System.Drawing.Bitmap, else use System.Windows.Media.Imaging.WriteableBitmap.

Whatever way you choose, you'll have to copy the image data and arrange it in memory before writing to buffers of said objects. It's essential to account for stride (pixel row padding in memory) and in memory channel arrangement (BGR).

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon gets some KZ ZS5's. Likes em >>62368124
• Anon bought some cheapo gel pens, turned out shit >>62370247
• Anon got a $40 Red Dragon mech kb>>62370987
• Anon got a clamp meter. Seems good >>62371454
• Anon really likes his KZ ES3 >>62371977
• Xiaomi screwdrivers >>62373862
• Anon purchased some chink "mint" >>62377299
• Anon got an ethernet to USB adapter >>62378904
• Anon got a "Drevo Tyrfing" mech kb >>62379749

>Previous thread
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I'm fucking stupid and posted in old bread

see >>62381019

also: tfw when you on chink time and the thread is ded
>I sent out an email to wiha just to make sure. None of my tools are made in China, and I'm extremely autistic about it.
update us
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I want an FM Radio.
Checking out www.ebay.com/itm/fm-radio/122678264638
Do you have any recommendations?

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>Android throws away the blobs
>Replaces them with even uglier (2D) emojis
>Apple comes with great looking 3D emojis
>You can literally make your own reaction in realtime, and even record animation including audio


Any chance google will make something like this for Android 0?
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Why the fuck would you want it? Just how old are you?
I never use the regular emoji, don't see how this would be different.
Why do people care so much about Emojis, they're just dumb little smiley faces you put at an end of a text

where the fuck are custom vega cards?
only one confirmed version, and not even teasers from the usual big partners.

Not even sapphire and xfx, and they're both fucking exclusive AMD gpu partners. They need those cards.
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it's their fucking raison d'etre.

if evga waited 1 month after an nvidia release to at least tease their new skus there would be blood on the streets.
you don't seem to the gravity of the situation

raja is fired, RTG soon to be no more

vega were the last consumer cards by AMD, don't expect aftermarket designs
Vega is a consumer workstation card that got confused for a gaming card. There were no original plans to make aftermarket coolers, same as a Firepro or some shit.
The second issue is mining. Why even bother with an aftermarket cooler if more than half the people buying the cards are just gonna run the stock cooler at max rpm to mine anyway? There's no profit to be made, miners are going to buy the cheapest card, which will always be the stock ones

Hi, I´m the best smartphone ever created
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No you're not


That's not the Nexus 5x

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>Cannot shrink a partition with 800GB free space

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User error. Learn how to shrink volumes you retarded wangblows cuck.
FUCK OFF. Im trying to shrink my Winshit partition to make more space for my Linux partition because I use it more.

it's easy, just:

>step one:

go into the registry editor and find
add a new variable with the name partman.part, and set the value to 5d0d83f8e2553f0

then run Updreg.EXE and restart pc.

>step two:

use cheat engine or similar tool to change the value of svchost in line 234 to " 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 "

>step three:

decompile advapi32.dll and modify 414, change "pmanSetvarStartup[0,2,7]" to "pmanSetvarStartup[-1,2,7]"

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hey guys can you help me out to resolve a thing? It's a stupid thing that maybe can be useful for other ppl here too so let's see
I'm using FF55 on Win and i need to copy the page URL to the clipboard in the fastest way possible, for now i've found " Ctrl+D and Ctrl+C" it's the fastest without using addons but i was trying to set up key config or Keysnail but they just don't work or don't have that option built in
pic unrelated
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Can you repeat the question?
just need a hotkey to copy url in Firefox
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okay go on..

Is there any service that helps me to hide my original vps ip?

I need to hide my ip, and cloudflare is shit
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lol kys pedo scum

piracy(stealing) and anime cp is illegal and you should rot in jail
>Rick and Morty
Fuck off normie trash.
Learn to be dependent on yourself. A bit of self adduced research is never bad.

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Reminder that if you're not using DDR4 ran, YOU ARE a ramlet. Even 16GB of DDR3 ram might as well be in the same league as 8GB DDR4.
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That was a great motivational speech.
Luxury, I have 8GB of DD2, come at me bro
>only have 3000MHz ddr4 when there's 4600MHz on the market
Why live

Is there any Android live wallpaper that resembles this animated "Creme Savers" wallpaper from the iPhone X?
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What is it supposed to represent?
It reminds me of Creme Savers candy.
Crème de la crème

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