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Ok, fuck Windows, I'm done with it forever. I don't care about modern vidya, it's all dog shit I couldn't care less about it. Most of my shit runs fine on Linux regardless. If I desperately need any proprietary software I'll run through a VM for it. I just cannot stand Windows any longer, it's a buggy and broken piece of shit that does things against my will and forcefully collects my data against my will. I just want an OS that works, won't punish me for doing what I want with it, and respects my freedom as an individual.

I'm downloading and installing Mint right now, fuck you Microsoft shove it up your ass forever. I hope your market share crashes and burns.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google all need to die. They are the trifecta of cancer ruining computing. Stallman was right.
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I'm a linuxfag, but Windows 10 is fine. It's been out long enough that they're finally starting to work out all the shit. Works great for games. The "respects my freedom" and "data" stuff is a non-issue, because I don't use Windows for anything other than gaming anyways.

>modern vidya, it's all dog shit
Agreed, except for the Souls series. Okay those are shit too, but I enjoy them.
>I'm a linuxfag, but Windows 10 is fine
>The "respects my freedom" and "data" stuff is a non-issue
"I'm not shilling I swear" - the post
But I like both. I don't see the problem with using one for video games and the other for everything else.

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TL;DR Can I evade the botnet completely and still maintain my career?

I can imagine that many people here are in a similar situation than mine. I have a job as a developer in an international company with >200k employees since 2 months. Internally, we use "bad" services/products for everything:

- Google Mail for our emails (with our own domain)
- Google Calendar for all our meetings, schedule etc
- Google Docs for all kind of documents
- Google Drive for any internal data sharing
- Google Authenticator for the login to internal systems
- Google Android business phone
- MacBook Pro & iPad for daily work
- RedHad maintained virtualization system with Docker for our web services
- Peer pressure on using WhatsApp for off-topic scrum team communication

I feel like even though I am /g/-average-tier tin foil in my free time (GNU/Linux only, self-hosted email, self-hosted git, De-Googled Android custom rom self-built from AOSP), as long as I want to stay competitive in my job, I am forced to use services that go against my ideology professionally.

Google knows my writing style, when I'm on business trips, where I go during 8-10 hours / day, how fast I walk, when I wake-up, and whatever other data they gather.

How does /g/ live with that? I'm not the only one who has a professional career in here. I would appreciate some kind of hints.

Pic semi-related. I have to fly to Osaka for business next month and I browsing food nearby the hotel and found out that there is this burger place with full source-documentation of their burgers. The problem is, that Google knows that I know this now...
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>Can I evade the botnet completely and still maintain my career?
No, because you need a CV to have a job.
trisquel, thinkpad, libreboot, should do the trick.
use your work stuff for work only

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Is PHP a good choice for cross-platform shell scripting? I need something that is easy to learn and works across multiple platforms without changing the script.
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Php is dope as fuck.
php is a scripting language so yes
python is better for cross scripting

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It all depends.
Too many variables to have just one way of fixing them. If it isn't too far gone already.
you can massage out something

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How the hell do you exactly read APUs temperature? Different software give you different results. Speccy shows 85-90C on load but Core Temp shows fucking 20C. I'm using an A8-7650k.
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Bios reading = true temp @ 100% CPU voltage/clock

CoreTemp = downclocked/downvolted temp
Speccy = load CPU temp with proper volt/clock.

Imagine this.

Bios reading = Bucket with a cup of water (1 LB)
Core Temp = Half a Bucket with a cup of water (1/2 LB)
Speccy Temp = Bucket half full with water (2.5 LB)
Amd overdrive seems to be the most acurate but it shows thermal margin which is how far from max you are
when are the Zen APUs coming up?

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Tell me /g/, how does one escape the big brother beast?

pic very related.
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Build a house innawoods and cover it in a million layers of tin foil
Libreboot+C2D+Thinkpad+smart surfing
Grow increasingly paranoid then realize you wasted your childhood just to hide the fact that you jerk off to furries.

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This just happened, i got an email from Facebook saying my account is reactivated. I stopped using Facebook after completing high school and played had linked the account to some games like clash of clans so, nowadays my brothers started playing that dumb game after seeing all his friends and asked to give me my id i told him to use my Google account which i had given to him already but he how having trouble signing in and my password for Google and facebook is same so he tried signing in using my deleted Facebook account. So, that's how i got this email, i opened my old account and everything i ever posted was there as if i never left it.
You cannot escape even if you delete you account
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>clash of clans
underage and b&
>linking any account to faceberg

No shit sherlock

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>it took amd 11 years to make quad cores better than a core 2 quad
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Core 2 Quad is 2*4=8 cores...
>It took retarded shitposter 11 seconds to make this garbage thread

>i have the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader

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What are you working on, /g/?
Previous thread: >>61484482
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Do they plan to fix this or is it nailed to D's coffin? Because I'd really love D without a STW GC
First for COBOLT

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CRT vs LED display lag is becoming as pathetic as audiophiles.

Here is what I don't miss:
>high power consumption
>fat tube taking loads of space
>limited screen size (goes only up to 32", 40" was the biggest crt ever made and it was so large and heavy 4 men had to transport it)
>high pitching noise they emit, especially crt tvs
>static radiation they emit
>line after line refresh that is pain to watch
>weights hundreds of pounds
>can't be wall mounted and even if it can it would look stupid because it's so fat.

It's no longer 2004 when lcds were garbage. The only real advatage that CRTs still have they display lower resolutions better on LCD it's blurry when it doesn't show native resolution, but why would you want a craptastic resolution anyway?

CRT was always a shit technology, the way it works is really pathetic.
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appreciate your blog post
Here's why I started using a CRT again. The only other monitor I had wasn't as good.

CRT: 1600x1200 75Hz
LCD: 1360x768 60Hz

So honestly the only thing the LCD had going for it was that it took up less space.
>lol I have no argument so I'll just use memes instead

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Hello /g/ about a month ago I took an acid trip and ended up playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a little bit. While I was playing the most noticeable effect wasn't that the screen flowing over itself or cars somehow driving out of the game, but that CJ (The Main/Player Controlled Character) was softly blanketed in a shadow that would move with the player and its extended itself by shading triangular pieces of the game world. So if anyone could tell me whether that was actually a layer of the game or just a hallucination I would really love to know.

Thank you,
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you unlocked the machinations of the 3D space

damn I miss acid
w2c some acid? Streets aren't safe anymore.
your guess is as good as mine
I lost my contact a long time ago

try 420chan

Why are people still sucking XKCD's cock like it's actually funny/humorous?

the whole thing is now either moralising shit or Le Kool Reference.
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Woah contrary contrarianism
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Just a quick reminder

No. Only third world americans will be banned from 4chan. Stop acting like first world european countries will be affected by this.

Why the fuck do americans think they're the only country on this godamn planet?
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Because they are the most powerful """nation"""
First of all this is an American website.
Secondly the US spends more on it's military than the next three top spenders combined.
Most big internet services are American. They get most of their money from Americans. If the ISPs slowlane them and American users ditch them and they go in the red and shut down then you can't use them anymore.

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What's your preferred email client?
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Microsoft Outlook, every other choice is pleb.

Best ruling options
Best contact management
Document previews
Exchange support

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>A cat 6a 1000ft spool costs $150.

>I can sell them online at 30f for $10

Should I start this business?
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You won't out-compete the chinks who have been selling bulk Ethernet cables on ebay for years.
You can sell them, but will people buy them?

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