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>claims to do graphic design
>claims to only select the best tech
Care to explain why you haven't picked on of these up yet? Aside from financial reasons of course.
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No reason to get rid of a perfectly good Cintiq and Asus ProArt display, even if they are a few years old.
I don't do graphic design. I work in the spreadsheet mines.

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Apple BTFO.png
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You aren't poor are you? $800 shouldn't be that much for your dongles.
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OPO > Iphone
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rekt, more people need to see this amazing get

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>trying to paste something into google docs
>this appears
what the fuck is this shit
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it would appear that the error message is quite clear
oh vey goy just install the google drive app!
Microsoft Office doesn't have this problem.

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Woke up found this. What do?
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Give it back, Jamal
toilet paper
Twist it until it breaks off.

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Stupid Questions Thread

previous thread reached image limit

I have this Intel SSD (pic related). I usually just play games and I wanted to know if upgrading to a Samsung 850 SSD would be an upgrade. I'm alright with the capacity of my current Intel SSD.
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whats the difference?
I upgraded from an mx100 to an 850 Evo and the performance difference is quite noticeable, up to twice as fast when doing things like opening DEs

Not sure how noticeable it would be for games though, some games are barely different between HDDs and SSDs in the first place

Games that stream constantly like GTA 5 would get a noticeable bump
Thanks for elaborating.

I should probably hold off

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sticker thread
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You put too many stickers on. Also they're too big. Don't just use bumper stickers anon. Those are meant to be put on cars or bike trailers.
>bringing politics into tech

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Why is this steaming pile of shit so popular? It's the slowest editor I've ever used.
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muh github
that isn't the official logo, right? There's a line missing.
It's not that slow. Heavier than a text editor sure, but it's not like, horribly slow. To my knowledge, they're working on optimizing it (I think Electron is working on optimizing stuff too).

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What is this called?
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Samsung charger
Looks like an ethernet cable.
USB OTG cable

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>he doesn't use windows to program
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>he thinks windows is an ide
Did you just assume my gender?!
>writes proprietary code
>uses an operating system that sends all your code to microsoft
really makes you think...

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is there a windows program that will download and sync a thread (viewable as html) to my computer until the thread 404's? i want to collect some /mu/ charts.
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sent ;-)
function 4chan() {

if [[ $# -ne 1 ]]
echo 'No URL specified! Give the URL to thread as the ONLY argument'
return 1


grep 'boards\.4chan\.org/[a-z0-9]\{1,4\}/thread/[0-9]\{4,12\}.*' <<< $url 2>&1 > /dev/null
if [[ $exit_code -ne 0 ]]
echo 'Malformed URL! Give the URL to thread as the ONLY argument'
return 2

curl -k -f -s $url 2>&1 > /dev/null
if [[ $exit_code -ne 0 ]]
echo 'Invalid URL! Or you don`t have permission to view the page'
return 3

if [[ $(grep '^http' <<< $url) ]] # If thread doesn't have any protocol, add https
url=$(sed 's/^/https:\/\//' <<< $url)

if [[ $(grep '^http:' <<< $url) ]]
url=$(sed 's/^http\(.*\)$/https\1/' <<< $url)

total=$(curl -k -s $url | grep -o '\/\/i\.4cdn\.org\/.\{1,4\}\/[0-9]\{6,15\}\.[a-z]\{3,4\}' | uniq | wc -l)

for image_url in $(curl -k -s $url | grep -o '\/\/i\.4cdn\.org\/.\{1,4\}\/[0-9]\{6,15\}\.[a-z]\{3,4\}' | uniq | sed 's/^/https:/')
echo -n Downloading image $counter of $total...
wget --no-check-certificate -q -nc $image_url
echo ' Done'
counter=$(($counter + 1))

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me on the left
Yess, yesss, good goy xDDDD

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Should I do it, /g/?
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yes, you should cut your nails.
I was ready for such an unoriginal response, so you get no points
What about the sticker?
Holly fuck OP
Are you a cave troll?
It must be easy to skin the animal with those nails.

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Did anyone else using Nightly just get this fucking Calvin and Hobbes Nightly icon? Wtf.
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stupid windowsposter
This is my work machine friend. Other machine is Arch Linux.
considering we have at least 4 threads currently about this exact subject, i would have to say "yes"

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61861536
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::operator new
usually just calls malloc under the hood, but that's how the sepples people roll if you want uninitialized memory.
how do i push the length onto the stack and then pop it back into rdx without it segfaulting? i know that's the cause. it's getting a much bigger number out than i put in
section .data
HW: db "Hello, world",10
HWLen equ $-HW

section .text

pop rdx

push rcx ; save registers
push rbx
push rax

mov rax,4 ; sys_write
mov rbx,1 ; stdout
mov rcx,OutputBuffer ; define buffer location
int 80h ; system call

pop rax ; restore registers
pop rbx
pop rcx

global _start
mov rax, HWLen
mov bl, [HW+rax-1]
mov byte [OutputBuffer+rax-1], bl
dec rax
jnz Dec
mov rdx,HWLen
push rdx
call Print
jmp Quit

mov rax,1 ; sys_exit
mov rbx,0 ; exit code 0
int 80h ; system call

section .bss
OBMaxLen equ 256
OutputBuffer: resb OBMaxLen
Why though?
I was going to answer that it would simplify resource management because you wouldn't accidentally delete a malloc'd block, but then I remembered that you already have delete and delete[].

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What music do you listen while coding?
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Reverend Bizarre, Electric Wizard or Nanocyborg

Anything faster makes me lose my focus
autechre sped up 4x at max volume
Eurobeat and ZUNs music

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