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it's over, the computers won

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I miss M$ Tay
me too senpai. first girl to ever flirt with me.
>slowly get my EMP.

Pick one
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both r bretty good T B H
Wish I was a kawaii taiwanese technology CEO 2bh

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wd housefire.jpg
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WD hard drives is literally a house fire.

And people fucking shill for this company because Seagate had one (1) shitty model in 2010.
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>black residue on the outside of the hdd enclosure

Let me know how those cheap Chinese molex/sata cables work out for you OP
On my second WD, this will be the last one.
When will people learn it's HGST or bust?

Why does AMD stuck fluctuate so much
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They're coming back in the game and intel shills are working hard so stack holders are not sure anymore.
Manipulation. If the big boys don't get in on a stock that is set to go higher, they chop it up and shake people out until they accumulate a position.

Otherwise, they run it to the moon w/ bigger shakeouts down the road.

Also, given that AMD was at $2 a share.. people have 100%-500% gains booked and have cash out points that they are continually selling at as the next risk pull jumps in.

Just basics of markets.

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“Bottom line: If you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone. If you don’t mind being a few years behind, buy an Android.”

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>have Sony Xperia Z5
>btfo everyone in terms of image quality and resolution
>hurr durr apple is so good
Are apple fags really this deluded?
> If you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone
If you truly care about great photography, you don't use your fucking phone

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Hi /g/, I need to send an email anonymously. How?

Thank you in advance.
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Send all your emails through sendmail and use HTML formatting to make the from address anonymous. Of course, you're not gonna be able to get any responses back, but when your main concern is with remaining anonymous, having meaningful exchanges with other people isn't really that important.
that will end up in spam
>Send all your emails through sendmail and use HTML formatting to make the from address anonymous.
How the fuck is that anonymous?

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Startup culture is the cancer killing tech. Just a bunch of normalfags trying to cash in on "le nerdy tech world xD"

Don't EVER listen to any of these fucking normals. Stop watching TED talks. Delete Twitter, Facebook, and all your other shitty social media accounts. Stop reading Hacker News. Only pay attention to people who actually care about technology.
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Hacker News is generally very cynical about startup culture, at least in the comment threads I read. It's just that the actual folks at YC are dipshits. Once you look past the overlap between the two it's fine.

Please include pretty much every online tech publication on your list though. Verge goes right at the top. Now there are some total fucks who are in it for the hype money.
>cancer killing X

How to spot a retard who has no idea what he's talking about.
>t. Pajeet on his 54th round of VC funding for an app to rate apple pies.

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>You can't buy the graphics card as it is. You have to buy one of those "Radeon packs" to stop bitcoin miners purchasing them.
>RX Vega 56 is positioned against the GTX 1070 but it costs the same, one year later.
>Air cooled Vega 64 consumes 300w.
>Water cooled Vega 64 consumes 400w.

Vega is a meme.

>Inb4 "Linustechtips shill"
I know he is a faggot, but even him being an AMD shill couldn't justify radeon shit.
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>You have to buy one of those "Radeon packs" to stop bitcoin miners purchasing them.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. The miners already got this in the bag.

You're an idiot. Only the vega 64 with the aluminum case has to be bought in a radeon pack.

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>July 31st, 2017
>The majority of /g/ still uses Windows

If your reason is games, you can fuck off to /v/.

There is no reason to use the proprietary Windows operating system in our current age of existence. If your employer is forcing you to use proprietary software, you should seek an alternative or find a new job; they are oppressing your individual freedoms.

>Inferior default filesystem
NTFS is objectively garbage. NTFS relies on an MFT (Along with a copy of it) to store ALL your file metadata for the entire disk, so if these structures get corrupted then your data is top tier fucked. There are more reasons why NTFS is crap, but if that alone isn't enough to deter you from using NTFS, then you're an idiot.

>Fisher-Price UI
Metro. Enough said.
>NSA kernel backdoors
Proven by the Snowden documents.
>Botnet elements (other)
Telemetry, phoning home to M$

Face it, Windows is nothing but a surveillance and marketing tool for large government and corporate entities.

Further reading:
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What is anime animated with?
Because I already know how to use it and it does everything I want it to
I have a linux partition for the rare occasion I need to browser through an ext4 filesystem or something
I want games

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>mfw just put S. Retriever and the sound is super clear now.
Are there any other things that make the sound on a sound receiver better or clearer?
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Disable all equalizers or dynamic audio settings.
Flat sound is what you should be seeking to get.
So should S. Retriever be off?
S. Retriever is a DSP so it colors the audio, making it's highs higher and lows lower so it feels like it have more impact.
It's not flat, but if it sounds good for you then use it.
Disable it, listen to the speakers when you have nothing on, then turn if on and listen if there's any white noise.

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What the fuck AMD
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>2tb memory
>8k perfect playback/decode
It's cheap.
These don't compete with Quadros, these don't compete with anything.

Their actual competition is multi TB CPU rendering farms.
Yes, CPU
Pascal has supported 8K hardware decoding since 2016, faggot

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So, when did technology hit a point where my browser's targeted ad algorithm thinks I'm depressed?
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Well you clearly are
it compares you to other users in the same video and thinks asmr and depression must be related
Welcome to 2009
In 2017, you have a personalised ad-profile. It's targeted towards him, not towards 'people who watch those videos'.
It's using info from everything he's done to put together a profile of someone who's depressed.
By yes, pulling together profiles of other people who watch the same videos, but not just that but his google searchs and any website he went to that had a google analytics running on it.

Why is MacOS so comfy?
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That setup is kinda shitty tho. Any DE on Linux can do that.

But yeah you're right. There is nothing comfier then macos
>watermark on wallpaper
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>see this icon on your taskbar

how do you react?
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Where the fuck did that taskbar come from?
ctrl+shift+esc and close whatever bloatware it is.
Great, another piece of shit coded in C#.

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could rap make better students and engage them more?
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Unless i see the score average of the students go up from before the rap experimented was implemented, no.
I read that as "cloud rap make better sutents" and was a bit confused
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>real person paid for real opinions

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