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Anyone else get this captcha all the damn time? i get it with and without the helicopter sometimes
What does it mean?
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mine is always
2)cars but the pic has road signs
3)road signs so far away not even hubble can see them
5) bridges
99% of the time i cant get pass through it on the first time
it usually needs 3-4
4chan really needs to find a better way to let us shitpost
What's everyone's favorite and least favorite captcha?
Select around
That slow fucking fade which takes 15 seconds to transition
It's so Google driverless cars won't freak out when a helicopter comes over them or over the horizon. Almost all captchas now are training for driverless car recognition databases.

>Tfw intel's 2017 flagship cpu bearly tops their own flagship cpu from 2014
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topkek, never change /pol/
>4.00 GHz

>4.20 GHz

>only 5% gain

What did they mean by this?

Does anyone actually use this feature?
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Yes, and more than you.
i am
the only thing is sad that it puts the background activity (or inactive window) in pause
What is this 4chan app?

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My professor told me that Python is the industry standard now and recommended prolog and JavaScript. Anyone got any other suggestions ?
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yes, learn LLVM make your own language using the syntax that python uses and tell your teacher to fuck off
Try Zulu
work safe board

OK /g/oys, I know what you all thinking, this guy must be joking. Rest assured, I'm completely serious. I saw it with my own eyes, there are actual people who pay to have Telemetry OS on their computer to spy on them.
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went into services and disabled em , now i have a nice and fast and very good looking OS that i need to use anyways as my Ryzen as buggy as fuck on w7

and NO im not gonna use linux , i like my stuff working as is not "just do [long string of commands]"
What did you disabled?
Fuck off

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The company I work at bought some rather expensive, specialist proprietary software which I started using this week. I won't be naming any company names or too many details in general because it's a relatively small field.

Anyway I was shocked to discover that the software is using a certain library I have developed in my free time and host on Bitbucket. The (Python) code is right there; hell even my comments are there! My name, e-mail, readme file, license information etc. are all missing though. The code is GPL licensed.

How should I proceed with this?
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Nigga that's perfectly legal
>guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software
I don't see the problem
What , you say you they bought it , from who??

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>rust programming language
is this the fucking gamer gate of /g/?
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Are you mad you cna't figure out how to write Hello World in Rust?
import faggot
print kill you're self

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>needing an ACTUAL tool to install a cpu
[email protected]
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Same with an Intel socket. Difference is that with Intel, you ARE the tool.
First reply best reply
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QR codes are technology.

What would you /g/uys put as a QR code for a hat?
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The encoded bitmap image of your moms's fat ass.
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my ed25519 public key

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whatup homies, just recently built a complete new rig and noticed my cpu seems to run slightly hot (cpuid shows temps around 55-60C but max it says is 79C)
all im doing is downloading WoW and internet browsing. after reading online i see that i should only download the latest BIOS drivers is something is really wrong that they'll fix
I have a ryzen 5 1600x and a gigabyte ab350-gaming 3 mobo along with gtx 1060 graphics
my question is for ryzen is this 55-60 celsius temp for internet browsing normal? and would a bios driver even fix this
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heres a little more info
Clean installed Windows? I remember someone had an issue with temps when they used their old Windows install.
What does it show in Ryzen Master?

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is installing linux distros on virtual machines literally exactly what it is like to do it for real or are there any (even small) differences? i only have one laptop and i want to make the leap of faith into installing linux. i did it a couple times on virtual boxes to practice. if i fuck up though, i destroy my only computer and i need it for school.
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The hardware is different, so you may get weird stuff like sound/printer/wireless drivers not working out-of-the-box. Virtual boxes use an easy standard.

Brush up on your modprobe, you're gonna need it.
Yes. Now delete this.
Install Gentoo

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Since there is no pcbg up I will just start a fukken thread

I'm trying to buy a used 970/980 but I can't find anything at non retarded price, what is the AMD veersion of the 970/980?

There is any downside if I come from a 770 and I FUCKING HATE IT BECAUSE IT TAKES 240W LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING ENTIRE NIGERIAN TOWN and even with my 750w I got black screens and shit when it decides to kick the bucket

And yeah I'm from the yurop, you can't find a 1070 under 5xx€ so buying new stuff is retarded for a 1080p 60fps user like me
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you ould have just made a /pcbg/ you fucking idiot
sounds like you need a new PSU.
I got the 770 because it was cheap but this shit alone is increasing my power bill more than its worth

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I'm an absolute noob who wants to start with a compiled language.
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>don't listen to the rust fags
yep, its worth learning programming with C
dumbo gropfster

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Alright /g/ I'm in the market for a new trackball. Pick related still the go-to? Anyone have any other recommendations?
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Yes it is.

t. guy who has been using it for about a year

Protip: The double-click problem this mouse is known for is very easy to fix. I had the problem after maybe 7-8 months of use.
I have it and am currently using, would highly recommend it.
i have an mx master what interesting things can this mouse do over the one i already have

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so I want to turn my old lg g3 into an actual handheld emulation console instead of using these shit bluetooth controllers. do you guys have any good resources for stuff like this? maybe a usb controller, a decent rom for pure emulation, and someone who can 3d print cases? I've tried looking shit up for this but all I can find is people just installing retroarch and then hooking up their phones to their tv, I want to make this a real handheld.
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pls //////g
now fuck off
that's missing the point, I want to actually build shit around it instead of slapping a controller on it.

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