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Since im really bad with PCs, and im paranoid ill get the wrong components, are all these parts compatible? and is it a good build?

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what is the point of a general if you fags dont post in it
if you use pcpartpicker it gives u handy advice on dimensions and wattage. Try it there and see what it says
fuck off normie

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Hello, I could use your help to solve an issue I have. I want to find a way to run a simple app that requires windows mobile 4.0 on android. I do have 6 PDA's, but having all in my phone would be easier. App itself is simple data entry program for farm management software, so it should not be too taxing on hardware.
I could not find any info on google as all the results are ''run android app on windows mobile 10''...
Thank's in advance.
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Your image is cute
Your request is impossible
Is it because of differences in architecture?
They're two extremely different beasts, not to mention closed source, running the same app on android is out of the question unless you can develop a virtual machine for android that can somehow run windows mobile 10.

The only sane option is to create another app that does the same thing

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hi, newfag here.
Does anyone know what is this ? it has Din6 connector and cant be disassembled
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Anal probe.
>not showing us the pin configuration
TRS-80 color computer light pen?


Phone up time thread.

This was the last time stamp before my phone shut itself off. Just missed the 1k mark.
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install gentoo
>being proud of your phone not getting any updates
Androshit poojeets everyone!

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Do you think its possible to mod Skype to...

1) Automatically answer calls (confirmed)
2) Merge calls automatically
3) Automatically end calls after a certain duration

If not, is there anything else on the market that can do this?
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why the fuck would you intentionally want to use skype
I dont know of another VOIP program that auto answers... also its the most common program.

I was just thinking. A way around bullet point 3 would be to automatically close the program and relaunch it.

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When will the thin meme die?
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soft "chicklet" keyboard are the best
prove me wrong
you cant
keeps food from entering keyboard. You should asking when they will make it better.
>mfw you go thin and never can go back

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Is a 200 battery cycle count reasonable for a second hand laptop?
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Depends on what the battery is rated for. I wouldn't buy anything past half its rated life.

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>fell for the raspberry pi meme
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I am okay with this. Mine runs perfectly fine and does it tasks well.
Remind me again why Pi are memes?
>mfw brainlets still haven't installed Gentoo on their rpi from a Model M using Dvorak typing method

Plan on buying a Lenovo Thinkpad, what should I get?
got about a $1000 budget
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Get an y-z-b00 with the 2 firewire ports
get a mbp

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with what edition of this botnet I will be better off?
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This get asked every fucking week.
Read the achieve holy fuck you retarded pajeet cuck normie piece of chinese shit
Yep go fuck yourself OP.
Why so mad?

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111186_Robot wars.jpg
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Why aren't shows like Robot Wars more popular? Who doesn't want to build a robot and tear someone else's to piece?
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>Who doesn't want to build a robot and tear someone else's to piece?
>flipper bots

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>work in one of those meme IoT startups, whatever pay is nice, work is interesting
>work as an embedded developer
>be underappreciated as fuck, nobody acknowledges what I do
>this little twerp, the webdev guy if the company is appreciated and praised a lot more, even though my job is much tougher than his
>he never overtimes, and has lax deadlines
>tfw my appreciation was taken away because I work in a field where progress is not "visible" , and given to a faggot who works in a field which is extremely "visible"
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none of this ever happened, you virgin jobless weeb
>/g/ - "technology"
>"technology discussion"
>state machines

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spread :^)
fuck off faggot
Sage and hide.

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Why don't people like him?
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No one pajeet should have that much power
Fuck off with your edgy racism
Who is he?

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Why is all this necessary?
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decentralized botnet for maximum efficiency by dre
i mean pajeet
Libraries are necessary because your shitty fucking jrpgs would not be able to run without them.

Brogrammers use outdated libraries

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