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Can a projector in theory ever compete with OLED or high end IPS picture quality?

The colors always seemed washed out and they're never that bright.
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>relies on lack of ambient light for darkness of image
>projects light into the darkness
it can't even compete with VA you stupid retard.

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>live in a shithole country with no electricity and running water
>the only computer in country runs on medieval magic and alchemy
>go to a store in neighboring kingdom to buy a new GPU
>the Varangian guard lets me in
>the Jewish merchant informs me that all AMD GPUs are sold to cryptoshekel miners for Yehuda profits

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no saracens allowed
First three lines made me think of the Skyrim Greentexts.
I'll go reread those. Thanks OP
got a link?

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Where were you when /g/ and Microshit got BTFO?
Also, Apple computers and phones confirmed for masterrace. LOWEST FAILURE RATE OF THEM ALL!

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lol good choice of image op
Isn't the CEO of apple a sodomite?

Let's see some rice
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using the arc theme on any distro barely is considered ricing
i got tired of the i3 meme

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Why should I install linux when the best OS already comes with the ability to run 3 different distros?
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First off, Windows doesn't run Linux; it runs the GNU system with a layer which converts Linux syscalls to stuff NT understands.
Second, install gentoo.
Windows is dogshit and it's GNU/Linux you fucking moron.

It doesn’t really _matter_ what people call Linux, as long as credit is given where credit is due (on both sides). Personally, I’ll very much continue to call it “Linux”

t. Emperor Linus

I'm due an upgrade, trouble is I have no idea what phone to get due to being in prison for the last for 2 years. What would /g/ get?
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are gay activities really that frequent in prison?

Xiaomi Redmi 4 (4X)

you really think you're gonna post this thread and not get bombarded with "what were you in prison for" posts

you either explain what you were in prison for, or leave that out and just say what's the best new phone

fuck off retard

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Post a programming language you dislike/hate and legitimate valid reasons to back your dislike/hate for it
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java/C#... both are just pajeet-tier shit of a slightly different flavor.
Whatever Windows it's written in.
Because Windows it's written in that language.
Whatever the name of the language SAP use. The language itself may have been useable, but the editor was horrible. If I didn't put a space between a variable and = it gave an error

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>screen as good as possible
>battery life as good as possible
>8-10 inches screen
Now I've been looking a chink tablets, some of them look quite interesting. I want one for pdf and ebook reading, so the emphasis is on the screen and battery life. What do you have, what do you recommend?
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what does /g/ use to read hentai manga?
should've asked this in /csg/, but:

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>Intel Core i7 7740K @ 7562.25 MHz
>Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional
>Windows Subver. Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)

Yet pussies of /g/ compain about not being able to install Windows 7 on KabyLake. You fucking incompetent retards.
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>insert CD
>click install
wow that was hard

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You are in a pub and this guy interjects yours gf. What do?
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interject: no such gf: yours
undeclared variable: gf
impossible. pubs are proprietary and they serve proprietary food and drinks. also, pubs usually have "no smelly homeless people allowed" rule.
anyway, good luck coming up with a different scenario.

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>bought 3 bluetooth speakers and headsets
>all turn off when charging
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i want to fug nonon
Maybe your charger/USB port sucks.
That said, Bluetooth is really fucked and it's a wonder it sometimes works at all.

no, it's designed that way. Can't charge and listen at the same time

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>sponsors of gentoo:
>sponsors of arch:
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>thinking proprietary sponsorship are a good thing
yes yes... install gentoo.... its "free"
Gentoo is for build fast distro Linux for servers,but neckbeard had take it as geek pride,people just wasting time optimize Linux for watch anime and MLP
WTF I love OpenSUSE now

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what is this darkcomet.exe thing and why is it on my computer?
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bait is obvious, try harder
That's nothing to worry about it, it's just a default windows program.
does dark comet still even work?

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>built on blockchain
>decentralized and encrypted
>open source
>$2/month for 1TB

What's the catch, /g/?

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Nothing really. You're going to see a lot of these services popping up from now on.
Are they really secure?
It's not as good as filecoin

I'm at a point now where I have four old Android phones sitting around that I've had to replace for various reasons.

What do you guys do with your old smartphones?
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Throw them away because they're worthless
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sell them or just let them be in some drawer.
Pass them along to family. Adolescents don't mind old tech because it's free and old people don't mind it because they don't know better.

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