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To continue of what I had stated initially.
>Consider 4chan to be one of the last bastions of what it means to have 'free speech' on the internet
>Be a PHP coder and want to make it available for everyone to write whatever they want anonymously on a site I made from scratch.
>Build website
>Try to plug it on a bunch of platforms. People take it very negatively.
>Still trying to get people to write.

Thanks to you guys I have been motivated to do and have done:
>Changes to the rules to be more inclusive of what can and cannot be written. More freedoms overall.
>SSL certificate installed.
>Can be completely anonymous.
>Changed up the algorithm to make the site seem more dynamic or more active than it really is to build a community.

I could use more advice. More things to make my site even better. I am aware I need to revamp some of the design but I am not sure how I will go about that... I will figure something out. Some have been telling me the website looks too 'clean' and too 'clickbaity'. I am not sure what I can do to make that better... but with time I can figure out.

Pic related this is the current analytics. I am pleasantly surprised to be honest.

In an age where social networking and sites ask for invasive information like phone numbers, full name, birthday, etc I want to be against that bullshit. Let the people stay private!

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Little confused by the rules of what can and can't be posted

>You cannot post content that advocates a victim-based crime. (e.g. child pornography, murder, theft. However reporting on these subjects is okay. You just cannot condone crimes with a victim.)

So what if, for example, a user simply says child pornography should be 'legal' and we should petition our legislatures to make it legal (similar to what richard stallman has said in the past) source: https://stallman.org/archives/2003-may-aug.

Would that post be banned from your website? I don't agree with it, and personally think it /should/ be banned, but the rules aren't really clear.

Furthermore, you have a rule against 'Call to action of harming people,' but it isn't clear if it has to be directly saying 'harm them' or indirectly leading you to it.

For example, if i dox'd someone, but said "well here's all of his info, do what you wish with it" that doesn't necessarily mean "HARM THEM" even though that's likely my intent. Would that content be banned as well?
Too add on to this, what about hate speech or other forms of racism?

Many people write shit all the time about "creating a natsoc for the white race" and other dumb shit like that. Couldn't this be interpreted as a call to harming people? Again, not really clear
I just removed that rule. My fault I must have left it in there. While I am not the biggest fan of someone who wishes to justify pedophilia or some offensive sexual content... It is the primary reason why someone would need a site like what I give. No site will give a soapbox to a pedophile. I don't like the pedophile's speech but heck, lets allow them to speak at least as speech cannot really cause any harm unless the act itself.

Doxxing. I thought about this in the car on the way to work. I think it has the intent to physically harm someone directly... and I don't know many people who would think that their freedom of speech 'should' be covered for doxxing. But what do you think? should I include a rule for 'no doxxing'?

>what about hate speech or other forms of racism?
You can be hateful. But the difference is a call to action. You can say something along the lines of: "I don't like x race because this this and that."


"I don't like x race because of this this and that and we should attack anybody who is like this."

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Is he right?
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Basically, harmful.cat-v.org in a 3-minute video.
It's nice to hear talking sense about Koding again, rather than drunkenly dancing and getting shot at by niggers.
> the only human on Earth who has written an entire x86-64 toolchain _by himself_
ignoring no one wan't to work with him, I honestly wonder if that's true
> smaller codebase is better
not always, but mostly yes when it's by magnitudes smaller, comparing it with Garbage Crap Compiler is low hanging fruit
> GCC 20 million lines
I though it's more
> french are faggots
> C 1:1 convert to assembly
then C is obsolete from this perspective
> (You) work for the CIA
(You) tell me
>(You) are little retard monkey nigger

What smartphone do you use /g/?

>Galaxy J7 2016 here.
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>iphone 6s
it just works. fuck itunes tho
>BB keyone
battery life is amazing. helps that over 6 days, my average sot is 3-4 hrs
BlackBerry Q10. Not sure if I want to fix my Passport or try out a Classic.

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>tfw fell for the CS meme instead of just doing engineering
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>falling for education meme
Nobody in IT gives a shit about education. Just have a decently looking portfolio and you're good to go.
CE isn't a recognized Engineering degree. Way to get scammed pajeet.

>t. MS.E Chemical engineering

My iPod classic finally bit the dust and since they've been discontinued, I'm looking for a new PMP. What do you use/recommend? I need at least 128GB storage or I would just use my phone
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Fix your iPod
What's wrong with the iPod? If it's just the hard drive you'll get a little sad iPod icon and you can just replace it and restore with iTunes. Unless you know it's the main board then don't replace the iPod. I still have my 5th gen with the original hard drive from 2005.
does this work with all models? I loved my iPod nano 5 but it died in like 2010

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What VPN service is worth paying for?
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None. Get a vps and host your own.
i licked a negro once

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Retarded frogposter.
install gentoo

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If BSD licence is so permissive, can I fork FreeBSD and licence it under GPL?
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If you weren't retarded would your mother love you?
Dunno, maybe.
I don't think so. Read this: https://www.freebsd.org/copyright/license.html

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What's the most battery efficient web browser, /g/?
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Is he the most alpha tech entrepreneur of all time?
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what happened to his ears??

Well.....they grew I guess. You understand how the male human body works right?
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> Always run my python scripts on linux, but for some reason I want to run them on Windows
> Open PyCharm
> "No python interpreter found"
> MFW you have to download python interpreter and it is not bundled into your os
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ikr, it's like windows didn't even meant to be an advanced OS
>I want everything bundled with my OS aka bloatware

Linux shills ladies and gents

> Considering base development tools that are main dependency for most applications a bloat

Enjoy your Candy Crush Saga, wintard.

if anyone wants this for free and you live in Europe then ill send it to you if you pay shipping
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give it back jamal
Throw that shit into a river

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Pick one and only one.
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GPU #2

How can someone lie like this?
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He's pajeet. Just look at pic related.
How can he be so... I dunno, cool about it.
Wasn't this supposed to be repealed or something? when's that gonna happen?

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin for 28/07

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon addicted to buying chink shit >>61590221
• Something arrives... >>61590245 it's a Xiaomeme 4X!
• Another great TomTop deal, this time on a Xiaomi magic cube >>61590329
• Anon reminds us all to huff our packages for that sweet nose cancer >>61590341
• Anon leaves a vague story about an exploding battery with a stock image of fire >>61590983
• Anon gets a motherload of packages, a smart socket >>61591843 shark SD card, phone case and KZ ZST
• Disappointing news: the e-ink Digoo weather station is a chink lie, is instead ugly blue LCD >>61591893
• Anon wants to buy a Xiaomi Air 13 2016 without watching reviews >>61592015 anons remind him it burns hotter than the sun >>61592106 better chink alternative laptops offered
• More people about to fall for the Big Clive human death approved mosquito light >>61592353
• Anon wants a drawing tablet >>61592464
anons suggest the Ugee meme, he thinks it's overkill and all you need is a Core Duo >>61593131
• Anon holding out hope for "official" weeb shit to appear on Ali >>61593168
• More deliveries for /csg/ anonymous >>61595449 a mobile phone clamp for PS3 controllers >61595854 and 24 pin to 8 pin cable >>61596069
• A review of the big-ass chink mouse mats >>61595847
• Anon shilling his Chink Shit Randomiser App >>61602449
• Anon sells his camera gear and turns to chink phones for good camera...? >>61602772

Previous thread >>61590044
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News extended:

• Anon updates his Gearbest doc >>61604368 leaves in vindictive cunty digs at /csg/ >>61604453 Comfy (me) returns with his pastebin >>61604607 Google Docs anon response is to try and get me banned but has his posts deleted by mods instead >>61604831
• RegOp arrives in style to show off his new James Donkey 125M mouse >>61605060 >>61605073 says it feels better than the Motospeed V40 >>61605119
The software is very Pornhub-like >>61605177
• Anon writes up a chink shit watch guide from high-end to vintage >>61605414
• Anon gets a pair of KZ ATR, simvict D05 buds, infuser for beer making, some hose clamps, screen protectors for fitbit charge 2, the Zanflare f1 and a bunch of nitecore tubes that I got for 5$ from gearbest on flash sale >>61606864
You forgot to change your trip code
>tfw never make the news

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