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How do you cope with Visual Studio?
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I don't
VSCode is significantly faster because Microsoft builds upon a fork of Electron
I use vim.

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Hey, /g/! I'm relatively new to programming larger projects, and I wanted to give it a shot in C++. My current is a "workshop" program designed to test new ideas and their core programming logic. Currently I only have one real working feature, but I plan on adding many more soon. Since I don't have much prior experience, I'm looking for advice (am I falling into bad habits, what could I make better, etc etc). In general, I'm looking for criticism of the program thus far and for new ideas going forward. Git:
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mah man
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Looks clean. I would avoid goto like the plague though

You know, I really knew nowhere else to come for this. I need help making some old as fuck PC games compatible with Windows 10, I believe they're using the dropped SecureDisc technology, which is hindering every .exe form working. I got Harry Potter and the Chanber of Secrets to work simply by obtaining a cracked .exe, but some of these games are very obscure. Normally I wouldn't go begging a board for assistance, but I did manage to completely nuke my PC in the process of trying to make a fucking Hoyle game to work. Any help actually getting the damn thing running would be nice, but I have a greentext to make you cringe either way:

>After having figured that a cracked .exe was all that was necessary to pass the ancient DRM present on much of turn-of-the-millennium PC software, I sought out one for a game I had coveted since being a wee young lad in the back of my childhood home (a fucking trailer)
>I was finally going to kick Gax's fucking face in after all these years
>I go searching in the same usual manner for a cracked .exe- clicking links I shouldn't, not understanding the languages I'm seeing
>This seems normal
>I find a very peculiar Russian website
>Holy hell, it has board3.exe just sitting there!
>Instantly click without thinking what I'm doing
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>Within a minute there are 32 new tabs open in Chrome going to websites I've never heard of in languages I do not understand
>Within two minutes a horde of applications and programs have been installed to my PC
>I'm pretty sure someone's trying to use my PC as an Etherium miner
>Over the course of a few hours I manage to manually quarantine and delete most everything I can find; I ransack every fucking folder I can
>But it's never enough, "Heal Your PC" and "BrowserAir" keep reinstalling and opening more tabs in every fucking browser I have
>Rip out the internet cable
>Whip out an external
>Start gathering every notable file and work I had on this PC, copy it all to the external
>Refresh this motherfucker with the force of a thousand ornery grandmas
>Still not sure if I'm good

I literally nuked my PC just to play a fucking Hoyle game, please help my sorry ass not be retarded
Use virtualbox to install xp or w/e

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Question for all the Net Neutrality proponents, and let's try to keep this civil

If the regulation that the FCC wants to roll back never entered force, how will anything change?

I don't necessarily disagree with the regulations that were written up but if they were never in force, how will preventing them from taking effect be the end of open internet? That seems like status quo.
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ISPs started to look for loopholes in past legislation to weasel their asses out of net neutrality. The current legislation exists to keep net neutrality for long term. Obviously, ISPs don't want that. That's why rolling back isn't good. It's also a bad message. If ISPs get what they want they will keep pushing and trying for more.

The system how it is run now is less profitable for ISPs, because it makes it hard for them to budget customers below their actual contractual agreements. ISPs want you to pay up decent money while only using minuscule amounts of data and bandwidth. They underestimated Netflix and other streaming services. With those in place, every customer is a potential burden on their network.

The whole situation is really straightforward. Only shills will argue against net neutrality. Literally. Only people who directly benefit from fucking over customers have arguments against net neutrality.
Previously Net Neutrality was treated as if it were in effect until the situation changed legally. Right now ISPs likely don't want to risk people becoming aware of the situation and negative consequences to them by inconveniencing normies severely enough that they would complain and prevent a rollback.

>Hi all,
>As part of an announcement made in 2013, Skype has shut down SkypeKit, which was a collection of software and APIs that allowed Internet-connected devices or applications, including Dualphone, to offer Skype voice and video calls.
>We have now officially decommissioned SkypeKit as these tools do not deliver a consistent Skype user experience or support cross-platform application development.
>For those who are experiencing the impact of the retirement of Dualphone now, this is due to an extra push to move Skype from a peer-to-peer service to a cloud based infrastructure. We can confirm that due to this migration, older phones are no longer supported, further information can be found on our device support page. To view a full list of devices that are supported on Skype after this migration to the cloud, please visit our Support Page
fucking faggots
I've been using skype phones for years and now this
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>this is due to an extra push to move Skype from a peer-to-peer service to an NSA based infrastructure.
you can just scrape web.skype.com and make your own client
>and make your own client
Not for a phone with a power of NES or somethig like that.

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Why are you not using the supreme systems programming language, that is Rust?
inb4 written by Mozilla SJWs. Ignore the politics, this is not >>>/pol/
Dare find a counter srgument. Protip: You cant.
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The fun fact is that cars are actually wrote in C
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>Dare find a counter srgument
Doesnt fill any kind of needed niche aside from "Its C with more data types!"
It's heinously ugly
The community is the most cancerous thing to ever touch upon the tech industry, and yes that is a valid argument you don't get to just hand wave it away.
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Rust shall replace C soon in grand scale
You code to socialise or to solve problems? Idiot i said dont drag politics into this.

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Your favourite online resources for learning a new programming language?
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The fucking website of the language, brainlet pyshitter. Kys immediately.

What is /g/ thoughts on https://ifttt.com and IoT in general?
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So many things connected to the internet with barely or no security updates. What could go wrong?
Is internet security the devs problem or the securitys problem?


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So after i replaced my laptop keyboard because the D key was missing, the new keyboard is mapped to a ton of random keys. The only difference is that the Windows key is on the other side and the ribbon that sends keystrokes is a different color. Why do you think that was?
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did you install the ribbon upside down?
Nope, I've checked

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Updated loop edition

Show me what you got
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must suck being desperate for attention and not getting it, kek

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German lawmakers havepassedacontroversial lawunder which Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies could face fines of up to €50 million ($57 million) for failing to remove hate speech. The Network Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as the “Facebook law,” was passed by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliamentary body.

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Germany's seriously ramping up for another holocaust. First you prevent speech, then you cultivate it, and then you're free to murder whoever you like
Jeez what a fucking cucked country

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Where did that 7900X score come from?
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Yeah it's pretty clearly an overclocked result.
>overclocked 7900x score
Fuck off.

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My company still sticks with XAM(MySQL)PP.

Why are there so many outdated fuckers in this planet?
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Yeah, let's use NodeJS!!! XDDD HELL YEAH XDD
Don't fix what's not broken
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its almost like rewriting maintainable code that works is a stupid idea

How do you install Onboard for Funtoo/Gentoo? There doesn't seem to be an ebuild and I am tard-anon. Compiling from source failed, can't remember exactly how cause it was last week. Any of you smart folks wanna make an ebuild or some shit?
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>uses source based distro
>can't even compile things from source
just install ubuntu
I have compiled around ten to twenty other programs from source over the years. Installed Funtoo less than a month ago so I'm still getting knowledgeable about Portage, emerge, ebuilds and all that jazz.

>have issue with one program
>give up and install Ubuntu
>have issue with entire OS
No, thanks.

>Intel actually fucking cited wccftech
the absolute madmen.
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I love how worthless this information will be in 2 years.

Everything is pointless. All of this tech is slow trash. Why the fuck do they keep the goods to themselves for so long.

Neural augmentation hurry the fuck up please.
Go away Elon Musk.
>tfw your neural augment powered by Intel™ is actually sending all of your thoughts and emotions to the NSA through an unremovable backdoor

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