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I'm installing Hackintosh, what should I expect?

Also, recommended programs?
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>what should I expect?
It depends.

>compatible hardware?
a gay OS.
>non compatible hardware?
a broken gay OS that might not even boot.
Are you homosexual by any chance?
>recommended programs?
what do you usually use? I could suggest alternatives

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nene c++.jpg
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old thread: >>61573303

What are you working on, /g/?
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thoughts on game development?
>This book is super easy
>I went through my Beginner C book even more!

Does learning C first actually make you a better C++ programmer?
/dpt/ irrationally hate it or pretend, because video games are irrelevant on linux but its the most fun and interesting type of programming.

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How do I get into embedded systems and get a job in it with only a CS degree?
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make sure you know C very well, and ASM.

When finding jobs that focus on low level hard ware, make sure you know your hardware (at the very least, the CPUs very well, like arm variants and atmel). You don't need to be a manuel, you always have reference material, but when people grill you about stuff, be sure to know your basics.

t. web intdustry guy that didn't get into embedded industries because he didn't want to work at automotive or agencies that develop shit for microsoft like bsquare.
Get a RPi and you can start with simple things lile turning on a led and move on from there
Also this basically

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>Adobe Flash will stop updating and distributing in 2020.

Do you still care about the flash player ?
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My OS doesn't even have Flash.
>8 threads in the catalog
>he created another one
It's something I care about quite a bit, due to the sheer amount of old works of art (flash animations and games) that will never be updated, that may be lost as no machine becomes capable of reading them. What I'm hoping on is for open source interpreters like Shumway to at the very least handle the exit gracefully. It is important that people stop making new content in Flash, but it is also important that we not lose the past.

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Wow, is there anything he can't do? A billionaire with a heart of gold, nobody can really hate him.
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Jews gonna kill him
I'm unironically rooting for him to succeed. Remember kids, contrarianism is a self-defence mechanism.
Ask yourself this, is it really for the betterment of mankind?

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What went wrong?
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Nothing, this is fine.
Microsoft has always done more innovating than Apple anyway.
literally merc shill central, tomorrow they'll have a piece on how the next iphone is so innovative after an early morning contribution from cupertino obviously
Microsoft has always been extremely awkward

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redpill me on github
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no fuck off pajeet
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It's a version control repository.
oh yea? thanks POINDEXTER

are all the ""arch"" users just antergos users being vague?
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I'm using plain old Arch, so the answer is no. Next!
isolated case
Me too!

I'm guessing that's the answer really, to what just happened. Was running some benchmark to see realistically what my performance is with the overclock ive got on the 970 i just got off ebay, when i decided to take the side panel off and reach into the case.

bad decision. a spark occurred above the gpu and the system turned off, so i turned off the power strip and the switch on the psu to make sure everything's okay. it's running now, is my gpu dying naturally or was it my dumbass hand that caused it?
pic related, its the model i picked up
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Your GPU's dying. It was just a coincidence that it happened the exact moment that some dumb cunt stuck their hand into the case.
to be fair though, it was a pretty stupid overclock, and the program was just some random one i didn't really recognize.

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Why Gnome icons so fuckin ugly?
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Gnome has ugly stock GTK themes and icons. The DE is actually good, but looks ugly without customization.
just make your own lol
2 = 1 + 1
or is it

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>visit Hacker News
>most popular post is titled "Why I'm learning Perl 6"
>comments section full of people saying they're going to drop Go/Elixir for Perl 6 after just a month of learning the former, despite it being an order of magnitude slower than Python and filled with more gotchas than C++
have these dullards done anything productive in their lives?
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I don't want to scare you, but I know of one senior engineer for a major financial institution who is currently updating the backend pools on their haproxy configs with perl. their entire infrastructure is also basically all special snowflakes and each node is a manual setup LOL.
go is worse
i thought perl was some kinda niche scripting/specialized task language like awk


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It's okay mistakes happen.
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delet thi
Why do we have a thinkpad general and not a laptop general instead?

It seems like some mad lenovo cocksucking/marketing really. Imagine that instead of having a smartphone general we had a samsung phone general, or a macbook general.

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Have you changed your thermal paste \g/ ?
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changed thermal paste? I'm using the stock cooler man, fuck doing thermal paste yourself
i wanted to do that when i first got my computer
but i just put it together and i didnt fele like taking apart

Yeah a year ago on my laptop.

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>only programming languages i know are HTML, CSS and Batch

>attention span too low to learn C/C+/C++/C#
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Learn Python, Java, or Ruby

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>no new Terry video for more than 24 hours
Did they get him?
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you have a whole general dedicated to bullying that mentally unstable man, mind fucking off to it?

>b-b-b-but it's t-technology related

That's not nice especially coming FROM A NIGGER MONKEY.
CIA nigger detected

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