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Are password managers a meme or not? Which one is best?
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What kind of defective burger-addled brain do you have that you can't remember them all in your head?
KeePass is great for encrypted offline storage as well as password generation
I can already tell you're vulnerable as fuck.

>Consider 4chan to be one of the final bastions of what it means to have 'freedom of speech' in internet.
>More and more websites increasingly adding restrictions on what you can and cannot write.
>Be a php coder and decide to make a website with no money or donations that allows people to continue writing whatever they want.
>Post it on various plug sites and people take it very negatively
>Still trying to find people willing to write.

Tell me what you guys think. You guys got some code projects? Do you guys do hand code? I know I love hand code. What can I do to legitimately improve the site?

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before worrying about the code you should consider the sort of people it takes to administrate something like that.

not only the heat from the media (and law enforcement agencies) but also the ethical dilemma when publishing something like pro-pedophile articles.
right now there is so little traffic I am able to manage it alone. over time i plan on releasing an admin panel where others can manage with me too. though Content would only be deleted If it infringes on the basic human rights others would have as well. I thought about this a lot and put most of what I think on the rules section
>human rights

I hope you don't mean the UN or even legal definition of it, because if so, your website is already fucked from within.

that's what I meant. it takes someone absurdly objective to allow something that disgusts them.

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Are there any low hanging fruits left in machine learning and ai?
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Low hanging fruits don't exist. Whenever there are low hanging fruits in something it's because it's such a new field that only the people discovering that field are picking those fruits.
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So which field still has low hanging fruits?


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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61550100
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Imagine C++ but good
Kill yourself mudslime.
What editor is that?

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I'm getting a NextBook basically for free. But it's running Windows 8.1. Basically a piece of shit.

Thought about trying to install android on it for shits and giggles but wasn't sure how. Found this and thought it might be applicable.


Regardless, any ideas on making it semi-useful?
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Install gentoo
Remix OS. It's android made for PCs.
Remix OS is dead, sadly.

Also, use https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/x86-bliss-x86-pc-s-t3534657 instead.

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Well, no wonder Linux desktop runs like complete shit feeling laggy and stuttery compared to Windows. What a fucking MESS.

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Thanks man
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>make first purchase ever on Amazon
>it's near 500€
>they block my account and ask me to send a fucking fax and if I dont have a fax (who has a fax in 2017) I need to send conventional mail to London because they can't confirm the validity of my Mastercard
>Im not sure requesting this information to send to other countries is even legal
>I have no problems buying games on Steam and Jew Bezos wants me to send private fiscal information to foreign countries over archaic methods

Is this a joke?
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PS: "Person" sending this (most likely a bot) is ((Account Specialist)), not even identifies themselves.

The email is real tho, not phising. I had to double check because it looks like a scam at first.
>Buying things from amazon
>not using ebay
>not buying stuff from chinese sellers on ebay
>not buying stuff from south korean sellers on ebay
it's not only cheaper but more secure. Plus you don't give shekels to (((Bezos)))
why do you people use fucking parenthesis around everything?

>in b4 newfag
>in b4 summer is here

I am more or less forced to use this. Is there any way to enable downloading to /tmp/ when opening a file, and only saving it in Downloads/ when actually selecting 'save'?

This is mildly annoying. There is an online bug report about this from 2008 (!). I couldn't find any setting to fix it. Is this feature still not implemented?
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Install GNU IceCat
Install gentoo
>tfw when too autistic for top tier browser

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Is he /ourguy/ ?

Channel for the uninitiated: https://www.youtube.com/lukesmithxyz
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Go home Luke
He is. I like his content.
>has a job
>uses Arch and Void Linux unironically

/ourguy/ 200%

Holy shit these guys are fucking amazing:

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Europoors are so poor they take up weird hobbies.
You try raymarching a complex scene at 1080p60 on anything but the newest graphics cards.

I live in Denmark. I was joking.

But it's weird that the whole demoscene culture only took off here in Europe.

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Hi /g/urus,

This might belong in /sqt/, but I want to run Linux on a Chromebook. I had one before and used crouton, but could never get the chroot config to save properly and had to re-install Linux everytime I booted and wanted to use it. Is this normal suffering, or am I a faggot?
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>Am I a faggot?

But onto your problem. What distribution and de are you trying to install? What model Chromebook?
I feared as much.

>distro & de
I'd like plain-jane OpenSUSE

>What model Chromebook?
Its the Samsung Chromebook 3.

I don't have it on-hand anymore, but wanted to know if its feasible to have a permanent Linux installation. Is crouton for this?
Crouton essentially creates a virtual environment to run Linux in. It's not like flashing it onto a hard drive. The book will still be Chrome os. However, when you create a chroot, it allows Linux to be ran virtually and saved. It's not the same as completely erasing chromeOs.

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Afternoon, /g/, just wanted to know if this computer is worth the price I'll be trying to buy sooner or later, thanks. (Mind the poor quality of pic, just cropped the price off and put it over the specs)
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Is it a laptop or a desktop?
It's a dual core. Not worth it.
Buy Dell optiplex 390 MT or 790 MT with i5 2400 and install a SSD in it. Total cost 220 bucks
>16GB RAM "for intensive gaming"
>Dual core APU
what did they mean by this?

Also what will you be using it for OP?

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So there is Pantsu, nyaa.si and possibly some others. Pantsu is /g/ approved but most torrents get 0 seed. Nyaa.si is HorribleSubs approved and looks better. Which one do I use?
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watching anime
if your not a racist homophobic problematic toxic gobbergator then you use nyaa.si
I use both myself. Some stuff I've been able to find on one and not the other.

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Since none of you are paying attention I am going to make 3D audio generation in engine a thing and make dollars.
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but stereo already works?
Have fun
I am going to make dolls for a living. There is no more noble profession.

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Next month i'm switching ISP and i want to buy a new router that's not dogass.
No gaymeng or pajeet shit.
Also as long as it's worth the price, i could go for some expensive stuff
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not your review site fagget
OpenBSD on a Soekris net6501.
All consumer wireless routers are trash. They have shit firmware with ancient software and it never gets updated, because once they've sold the thing they've made all the money they'll ever make off of it.

The only use they have is being put in access-point mode and stuck behind a pfSense box or something that does the actual routing and security.

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