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isn't dbus harmful in a similar way to systemd?
It was pushed into linux by Red Hat, and now tons of programs depend on it unnecessarily.

it's also believed that dbus was created as a way for Red Hat to get around GPL restrictions.

>Strategically, it allows RedHat to sell its customers an opt-out from the GPL, while still effectively linking to GPL codebases. That hasn't been tested in Court of course, and I for one wouldn't believe any lawyer nor snake-oil salesman that it would stand up to inspection.
>If anything, I'd fire the lawyer who dreamt it up or okayed it, as he's a liability.
>Localising RPC doesn't stop it being a function-call; that's the whole point of RPC. All they're doing is exactly that, and labelling it IPC.
>Indeed when I ran the above analysis of the motivation, past an embedded developer, his immediate response was "Yeah, that's exactly why we [his company] love dbus: because we can ignore the GPL."
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>systemd: removing dbus breaks dependency 'dbus'
really makes you think...
It is.
Pretty sure kbus is our only hope.
It's actually a very closely linked threat. systemd does most of its harm by reimplementing core OS functionality as DBus interfaces. There's been countless security bus due to AccountsService being complete shit, but the more core problem is that it's making different programs dependent on DBus services that only systemd provides.

I'm not convinced that Red Hat is trying to get around the GPL through DBus, there are much simpler ways than that.

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How stressful is it on your components to power your PC off and on a couple times (or more) a day? Would it be preferable to just let it idle instead?
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>what is sleep mode
probably the only thing that would suffer from that would be hdds
it shouldn't be a problem at all

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redpill me on ipv6 leakage problems
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>redpill me
uhm, what? i don't keep up with generation Z lingo...
You already appear to be redpilled on the subject OP

ipv6 is also built off of your mac adress
>inb4 i change it in software

people arent awar that their NIC also has a hardware mac adress that cant be modified in userspace

this creates a unique worldwide identification
That makes sense. Won't a slightly-modified NAT for ipv6 routers solve this problem though?

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Is it worth paying a little more for I7 3770k compared to I7 2700k?
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>year of our lord
>only 4 cores

If you want to overclock go with the 2700k, it has a soldered on heatspreader so it cools a lot better and doesn't have to be delidded

i was just wondering if any one had an ancer
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dumb phoneposter
so asking a legit ? makes me dumb and i am posting on my phone cuz i am in the proses of switching isp,s

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A shill a day keeps the ____ away. All text is a WIP.

>Current state of hardware/software, and what we're getting in the near future

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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Is anyone outside of you even posting in these threads?
>not waiting until 2019


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>tfw you thought this was fake but it turned out to be real

What is it with Google and Nazism?
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>Google defines a common word that's used by people
>It just happens to deal with the Holocaust
Shut the fuck up, just because people use "oven" to mean your pic related in real life speech does not mean that Google is run by Nazis or is anti-Semitic.

Go back to >>>/pol/
You are saying this is just a coincidence then?
>doesn't know that "definition", "usage" and "connotation" are three separate things

How can someone be this retarded?

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>want to buy a book from amazon
>they ask for all my information and credit card
>want to buy groceries
>they only accept anything but cash
>want to rent a book from a library
>they want all my information
Why is there so much botnet in echo "$(date +%Y)".
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>>want to buy groceries
>>they only accept anything but cash
Literally where would this happen?
In the future where everything is more botnet.
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>not having your own hydroponic farm
>not downloading encrypted pdfs, printing them and bookbinding them
stay blue pilled kid

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Coventry, England - Autonomous vehicles will learn some of the swarming skills, as used by birds and insects, thanks to a new research programmes involving WMG at University of Warwick.


WMG at the University of Warwick will receive just over half a million pound from Innovate UK for its part in the £2m programme in which it will partner with autonomous pod manufacturer RDM Group, and Milton Keynes Council to create Swarm Intelligence for autonomous pods. The concept is based on fusing together existing information from other autonomous vehicles a fleet of pods to allow each pod to locally decide the most appropriate action for the group as a whole – similar to how insects and birds currently behave. This means that pods can highlight any unexpected behaviour to a supervisor, as well as enabling ‘platooning’, where vehicles follow each other when possible to minimise the number or individual vehicle movements. The technology also enables the system automatically adapt its behaviour to meet the demand so that Pods can be optimally distributed within a city to the areas where they are most likely requested.

Dr Stewart Birrell, Assistant Professor at WMG at the University of Warwick said,

>“Here at WMG we are developing the SWARM algorithm and evaluating that the decisions made are robust and reliable, but equally as importantly accepted and trusted by passengers and other road users in this increasingly complex, shared space, pedestrianised road network that we have today.”

Simon Brewerton, Chief Technology Officer at RDM Group said:

>“SWARM will be developed over the next two years with a view to starting the three-month trial in April 2019. It will also utilise WMG’s ‘3xD simulator for Intelligent Vehicles’ that will allow multiple virtual pods to be simulated alongside pods operating in real time at two different test sites.”
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>buy new drone
>go out to the fields to play around with it and learn the controls
>flock of drones flies past
>your drone joins them and flies away forever
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>He still uses Opera 12.16
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>He still uses Opera
meine negger
>he still spells out 0p3r4

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>using dvorak keyboard
>try to hit ctrl+v
>actually hit ctrl+w
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> 2017
> not using Colemak
HCESAR is better.

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This guy is asking 200 euro for the build in pic related. I dont know much about xeons or quadros but this seems like a bargain.
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Not really worth it IMO.
Why? Seems like a good workstation for 200bux

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Should I use hibernate in windows with a SSD boot drive? If I understand correctly windows creates massive multi-GB sized files while going into hibernate mode and it would shorten SSD lifespan
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hibernation is 1-2 write cycle per day per sector, literally doesn't matter with todays SSDs. In win10 you don't even need hibernation, fast-boot is better.

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The robot cars are gonna pick up them deadbeat robot drones, thas why we solvin parachute captchas
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>not being part of the CALLE master race

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Hey /g/ i have a tinfoil hat theory about Intel, what do you think, that Mesh is going to be Netbrusrt 2.0
>Intel up until 2000 relies on transistor shrinkage without and major architecture changes
>In 2000 they come up with Netburst in order to reach 20ghz speeds.
>Fails, Chips ran very hot, and where less efficient then the Pentium 3s at launch
>Rather than pushing speed they follow AMD and go the more core count in order to keep performance and progress moving forward.
>AMD shits the bed with bulldozer
tinfoil hat part
>Intel finds during it's near total domination of the laptop and desktop market that Ring Bus won't scale very well
>they start buying up large entities in the hopes they can find talent to fix the problem
>This is why during this time we don't really see much improvement over core count, not due to Intel's greed, but do to ont being able to come up with something better.
>Amd brings back Jim Keller to solve the same problem
>intel Doesn't really change much to their CPUs until they can figure something out, realize on smaller transistors in order to get small gains each generation, not in too much of a hurry.
>They get some AMD silicone in their labs to see what they came up with.
>They now have to use what they got in the form of Mesh even though it's not ready
>Ryzen launch
>Mesh launch
We know for a fact that Intel CPUs with Mesh run very hot and use more power compared to AMD at this time, You can debate on which is better performance but that's not the point. I think they won't be able to solve the heat problem while pushing more cores, similar to how they couldn't push more speed on Netburst without running into heat problems. AMD I think will scale better at 10nm and 7nm due to Jim's design and we will see difference in performance close that of the Pentium 4 and Athlon 3000+ days.
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Thats is happening right now.

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