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Does the GNU Project and GNOME have an official distro like how KDE has KDE Neon?
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Yes, but it's a secret.
any of the FSF-endorsed distros.
so only these ones? https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html

What about a laptop like this?
(In my language but you can see the specs)

Pic unrelated

Its 380$
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Ideapads are shit
But marginally better than average
So this one is good for web dev?

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Hello boys need some help. I am gonna buy this board tomorrow pic related asus 350-f strix. It has 3 4pin fan headers. Can i connect a y splitter to them and control the speeds of the fans with 6 fans connected? Also is this a good board?
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yes but you will only be able to control them from the header, not individually. Got it?
Also if you connect two non-identical four-pin fans to one header, the one that has the tachometer wire running to the mobo is the one the board will see, know about, and make fan-control decisions based on. 4-pin splitters are missing one wire in one of the two sides of the split for this reason. So say the mobo wants Fan 1 at 1000 RPM and sets the PWM wire to whatever it takes to get Fan 1 to turn at that speed. Fan 2 will see the same PWM signal, and will spin at whatever duty cycle it has for that setting. Which might be louder or quieter (or have more or less airflow) than Fan 1.

You'll need to plan for that when thinking about your airflow and fan-control settings. The easiest thing to do is just use identical or similar fans on each half of the splitter.

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Don't like the lack of respect the company has for the concept of free speech. What are the best alternatives for browsers and websites?
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>making your own life more painful because muh morals

read nietzsche and grow up, tard.
>read nietzsche and grow up

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Which tech companies/organizations are the least cancerous?
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Red Hat

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Hey /g/

Anyone here living off selling iOS apps?

I was a web dev for a while and now learning Swift and the iOS ecosystem. I have a few months and a few quite original ideas to implement, but I did some research and now I'm worrying that it won't even pay off my cheap rent apartment.

Any advice here? I really like the platform and the language so far and don't want to do web development anymore. In the worst case I'm going back to freelance (doing iOS instead) with a few apps in portfolio, but I'd like to avoid it. So the main question is - should I try to make really good ones or just get familiar with the platform, throw something to the store and start seeking for the freelance job?

I'm living in a low cost country and my lifestyle is very ascetic, so $300/month is enough minimum.
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Also I'm using Hackintosh. In theory Apple could ban my account and delete the apps, but I have heard of only one of such case. Can't even find the link now, it is somewhere on Reddit. I guess I shouldn't worry about it.
how can we tell you without even knowing your app ideas?
>Anyone here living off selling iOS apps?
Yes. I made around $57,000 from Nov 2016 - July 2017 selling apps. Not bad considering it was my first app.

>install madvr
>notice little difference because i don't use a cr*ppy 1366x768 tn display
>regret installing potentially harmful 3rd party software

which memes have you fallen for recently
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Are you retarded?

Madvr is great even on my 1440p IPS panel.
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use MPV, MPC is dead
>>notice little difference because i don't use a cr*ppy 1366x768 tn display
that's not how it works

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Do you tip FOSS developers?

How much or what % are you supposed to tip them?
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You tip however the fuck much or little you want, money, contributing to the codebase, or whatever. I usually tip 20% of the price of a comparable pay-to-use software when tipping in cash, or try to at least get one good pull accepted with features I want to see with the software.
I tip 15% of the price of software.
i tip by shilling their wares on /g/


I need help on deciding about a 400$ max laptop.
I need it mostly for kali/blackarch linux and web development.
Cant and wont get a thinkpad, saw a lenovo ideapad g50-45 for 400, thoughts?
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X220, they are under 200 bucks, upgrade RAM and storage. Anything else is a fools errand.
Too much of a hassle to upgrade, plus it doesn't look sleek

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>IPv6 was made to be an improvement to IPv4
>but it's so flawed and insecure, no one is moving to it
What went wrong?
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>>but it's so flawed and insecure, no one is moving to it
[citation needed]
>citations needed
What's insecure about it

>everything has an accessible IP address
Firstly, ever heard of firewalls? Your gateway router will simply not forward traffic to your host, unless you have an outgoing connection. Most, if not all, ISP-provided router/WiFI AP/DSL modem combos already come with this feature.

Secondly, NAT is not a security feature: https://blog.webernetz.net/2013/05/21/why-nat-has-nothing-to-do-with-security/

Not to mention that jews working in ISPs will probably still charge you for IP ranges, so you'd have to use NAT anyway.

>Router solicitation attacks
Only if you use stateless autoconfiguration, which nobody uses anyway. The same goes for "but my MAC address is part of my IP address" argument, most networks will use DHCPv6.

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Alright lads who own a 1070 or know about the performance of them, is it pretty identical to the 980ti in performance? I have a gigabyte 980ti and I hate it, runs too hot and loud and want to switch to a MSI 1070, always love the MSI cards. So yeah, are they basically both the same in performance?
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I have an EVGA GTX 1070 FTW edition as a backup and its performance is basically identical to a 980Ti from my understanding. It runs very quiet and cool.
it is faster then a 980Ti/Titan X Maxwell

After some OCing a 980Ti should match/beat a 1070. OCing headroom is insane on these cards, but obviously that'd just make the power draw/temps increase.
Still, I'd definitely call this a sidegrade unless you care that much about temps. Wait until 1080Ti performance is in your price range, 'cause that'd actually be a worthwhile upgrade.

Say it with me: 'AMD is finished and bankrupt'
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This shit wasn't funny on launch day and it's not funny now.
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Ryzen 7 1700 is almost 5 times worse than i7 7700

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when will /g/ stop being wrong?
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This is actually pretty cool. I wonder if I could use this exact same set to help improve productivity.

Also what does WPM have to do with programming. I've seen some people write one liners that can do what others do in 1k line programs.
Pretty sure he makes the speech software read the screen at 450 WPM, not typing or productivity.
I honestly haven't ever heard /g/ make the claim that blind people can't write code, and have actually heard a few anecdotes about blind programmers doing fairly decently. It's not that easy for a blind person to become a good programmer, but it certainly is possible. Accessibility tools have become quite advanced these days.

>Type words in chrome
>Auto-corrector wants me to use American English
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The current state of /g/
because you have that in configs
Fuck Britain

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So this is the power of the nbn in Australia... woah
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>tfw your internet is 133.6 x faster than australia
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