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>that moment when you barely understand the code you just wrote, it isn't running properly and theres SIGSEGVs everywhere
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that's when it's time to get a cup of coffee

mondays, am i right?
Is drinking coffe really helpful or just a meme?

well i find that i really do need a cup in the morning or i have trouble focusing. maybe it's just the placebo effect but at this point i don't really care anymore because coffee is cheap for home and free at any real workplace

i don't think it's so much the coffee as just taking your eyes off the problem for a while. very often people get completely tunnel visioned and write retarded code only to come back after 15 minutes and realize they could do it all in 2 elegant lines

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>tfw bought a core 2 quad Q6700 for $10 on ebay
>tfw FX8350 performance for chump change

Why do people buy AMD again?
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Are you really this stupid?

Saving $200 up front with ancient hardware means you have to deal with insane power usage by today's standards.
CPUs might not be getting faster these days, but their power usage is only a tiny fraction of what it was 10 years ago, even on desktop models.
Enjoy your power bill.

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All you need to know about systemd is that ironically systemd wouldn't be able to exist today if we had been using systemd's design philosophy on GNU/Linux from the beginning.

In other words, we'd be stuck with outdated technology and only able to replace it if we create another monolithic init system that interacted with everything in exactly the same way systemd does.

Systemd is basically exploiting the flexibility of its predecessors to kill the flexibility we have in the area of init systems. People might like it now, but we're walking into a walled garden.
After systemd becomes the standard and everything depends on it systemd will never receive any competition because it would be an extremely monumental task to try and create a systemd alternative.

All the newbies here support systemd because it "just werks". But using things just because it works is a very Windows mentality.
They're forgetting (because init systems isn't really on their radar in the first place) that the reasons we all use GNU/Linux in the first place is for flexibility, being able to do things _our_ way not the way someone getting paid to do their job decided we should do it, and design philosophies.
Systemd is the exact opposite of all of that.
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>because it "just werks"
I doubt that. Most people don't care about init systems and just post shit because they want to troll those that do care. Of course there are shills too.

I'm not a newbie, I usually don't have much to with init systems myself but for the few things I have to deal with it, systemd fails in every single case.

So I don't believe the "just werks" meme. This is not touching the bad design as a subject yet.
>Putting a web server in PID 1

Lennartix is a mistake

It's been fun, alright? We've had some laughs, shed some tears, and had some amazing moments. But it's time to let go. You turn 45 this year. It's time you start thinking about retiring.
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go into a thread. top right of the screen go to settings. click expand all settings. scroll down to legacy captcha, check the box, scroll all the way down and save settings.
Good tip, Anon. But the Captcha still looks like a portal to hell. Definitely not a heater.
Oh yeah, that'll heat you up.

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>scan my listening ports using netstat every hour
>use a VPN when i'm not shitposting
>restart my router every half a day to get a new IP
>check my firewall exceptions every week
>running self destruct cookies, agent spoofer and umatrix on firefox

who /paranoid/ here?

why did you turn my like this, /g/?
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>use a VPN when i'm not shitposting
>I don't have a VPN on all the time
>see im so /paranoid/
>>restart my router every half a day to get a new IP
Creating an audit trail at your ISP.
>Not living in a bunker with a 3 month supply of filtered air, water, food, power, and multiple redundant internet connections, with a shotgun booby trapped, pointed at the door.

View this

I cannot be stopped
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Yes uuuuuuuuhhh lemme get uuuuuuuhhhh
Oh look

A fucking ARG

What a big shock, not like there's another 15 million here.

Fuck off and go back to /b/.

Cheers from /mlp/

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Hey /g/. A recruiter reached out to me recently for a software dev position and it's been a while since I've been in the job hunting game. I'm scheduled for a call in a week, would anyone like to share resources for interview prep? It's with one of the larger companies /g/ doesn't typically advocate for, but I figure I should make the best of it. If anyone knows what recent challenges or questions tech's Big 4 like putting forward, I'd be very grateful.
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I'd go to Hackerrank and Leetcode and practice coding questions.
Thanks, pretty much what I'm looking for.

Is it possible to bypass the firmware level protections on flash memory that distribute read/write locations? If so it might be possible to rapidly read/write the same sectors until they corrupt, bricking the device
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if there are exposed leads there is a way. it's this very reason that I laugh at these 'security modules' companies advertise for securing their hardware. Like a module slapped on an insecure board fixes anything. especially with un-shielded leads
I'm talking about a software level application bricking the hardware.

The firmware on flash devices like thumb drives and SSDs prevent repeated read-writes to the same physical locations on the disk, because each sector can only take so many until it stops working. When a sector stops working the firmware goes around it, sectioning off it and everything around it as useless.

Presumably if you already are able to control the firmware of a device there are other ways to brick it, such as just removing the firmware entirely, but depending on the device the memory could still be recovered or the device could be "un-bricked" with enough work trying to replace the firmware. Corrupting the memory sectors is pretty absolute though, there's no way to recover from something like that, no matter how hard you try. For something like a thumb drive it'd be a minor nuisance, but SSDs can get pricy and flash memory pops up in all sorts of other places, potentially taking other hardware with it.

Any recommendations on a good 4k HDR TV for vidya?

Limit around £600
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Ayyyy lmao, go OLED or go home, poor man.
LG OLED55B7 just had the price dropped below 2 grand.
amh a409u my dude

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What are the first steps for developing a metalic finger that I can control just by moving one of my other fingers?
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You feel it too, don't you?

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show /g/ what you've been programming, what projects you're working on, etc
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Is Linus Tech Tips our /g/uy?
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no, he's a plebbitor.
No, he is /v/'s guy.
I dunno, his videos have been getting worse lately, those weird cutaway things he's doing now.

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