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My mom's laptop completely shitted itself and cant even take in windows recovery cds without doing a BSOD loop after. So im gonna see if i can install linux mint on it. I dont know anything about linux but it shouldnt be too hard. If this doesnt work though idk, maybe the harddrive is corrupted or something, then what do i do...

>pic related
your thoughts?
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The hard drive might have bad sectors, but corrupted data isn't a concern. You're going to wipe it all anyway. You're not going to recover anything into Linux.

And if the HDD is really fubar then you'll order a 60-120GB SSD online, pop it in for her and she can enjoy a faster computer.

Also maybe instead of wiping and going to Linux, you can try wiping and doing a fresh install of Windows. She'll probably appreciate that.
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something happened :^)

don't be surprised if you can't access the drive even after installing linux. linux didn't like my windows drives and keep doing weird things like having them disappear or not be accessible
That's not a "Windows drive" problem. Either you didn't properly format the drive before installing Linux or it was a physically defective drive which Windows had been covering for by knowing to ignore the fucked up parts. A healthy drive would not look any different than a bare drive off of a warehouse shelf otherwise, though.

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Could anyone explain what happened here
>Its storming (thunder and lightning n shit) in the area
>Power goes out in the house
>Truck starts running
>It can be started from this remote (pic related)
What the hell happened here
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it wasn't ur truck just now that started running, the police pulled up and cut your power

better start smashing your drives
In order of decreasing probability:
1. You sat on the remote you fat fuck
2. A child / dog / woman was playing with the remote and pressed the start button
3. One in a gorillion change the EM interference from a lightning strike had the exact signal your remote sends to start the truck

Power being out is irrelevant, you dumb cunt, because YOUR TRUCK HAS A BATTERY
1. Didn't sit on it not fat
2. No one fucked with it

Idk if power being out is irrelevant

Truck started running right after the power went out

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>Android Box
Looking to get a android box <$100. Where do I begin learning what's good and what's not? 2gb ram minimum? Can I or should I root and install a rom on the android box like a phone or they don't work like that? Can I run both Kodi and plex for my home network?

Any input appreciated
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You don't need special hardware to install Android.


It runs most apps. Enjoy.
> 2gb ram minimum?

Most definitely. Even without all that bloatfaggotry that goes on with OEM roms, android itself is quite bloated so 2GB is essentially minimum for it to not be shit.
android is for faggots, get a box you can flash with openelec and be free of faggotry

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>Google spying on everything you do won't put you in jail...
... myth BUSTED!

>Google Home Breaks Up Domestic Dispute By Calling the Police

>We’re gradually learning that smart home devices can be quite valuable for police. Following a recent case in which Amazon handed over data from its Echo device to police investigating a murder, a Google Home called the police when a couple was allegedly involved in a violent domestic dispute.

>According to ABC News, officers were called to a home outside Albuquerque, New Mexico this week when a Google Home called 911 and the operator heard a confrontation in the background. Police say that Eduardo Barros was house-sitting at the residence with his girlfriend and their daughter. Barros allegedly pulled a gun on his girlfriend when they got into an argument and asked her: “Did you call the sheriffs?” Google Home apparently heard “call the sheriffs,” and proceeded to call the sheriffs.

>A SWAT team arrived at the home and after negotiating for hours, they were able to take Barros into custody. Police tell ABC News that the man’s girlfriend was injured but did not need to visit a hospital. The couple’s daughter was safe and unharmed.

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>google * is a botnet
well no shit
Anyone who purchases one of these deserves to be spied on, fucking retards.
anyone who uses anything made by an advertising and privacy broker company is a fucking idiot and deserves to get fucked by them.

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it it good?
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Kill your parents
my mom uses one for work. It's a gorgeous machine for sure. I might buy one someday but my x220 just won't quit

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So with Ethereum and plenty of people getting into mining, would a bitcoin situation be expected soon? I.E where the supply side gets overloaded and it becomes to expensive for anyone but people with serious money to create a mining operation?

I'm seriously hoping that Eth crashes soon because the GPU market is shit now
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I give it 2 months, all those people havent made enough money to start selling yet. Theres gonna be a huge crash when enough of them do.
To top it off second hand market will be flooded with cheap 580s and 1070s which have been mined on 24/7 and might die any minute
Most people undervolt mining cards.

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C gets a lot of things wrong, but braces are better than indentation for blocks.

Javascript gets a lot of things wrong, but prototypes are better than classes.

Python is slow. It became popular for data processing because it was a meme language at the right time and then NumPy was written. However, NumPy could have been written for many other languages.

Python isn't a bad language, but it is more popular than it deserves to be.
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>python is not good!
Nice blog, faggot. (^:
>for math
>not matlab or haskell

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remember when eclipse was better than netbeans? haha good times...
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no, i dont
intellij > netbeans > eclipse
it still is you shitty troll

eclipse is severely underrated for C++ too, not just java

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From a purely computing and technological standpoint, is Battle Programmer Shirase worth watching?
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no, it doesn't even try for realism
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based ralph the russkie mirebs putting his ass on the line to show us cool stuff
>From a purely computing and technological standpoint, is Battle Programmer Shirase worth watching?- 2 posts and 1 image reply shown.
Yes.. It's fantastic. One of my top 15 /g/ anime.

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So I have my TV set up right on top of my monitor and ive been wanting to upgrade my current speakers to some nice bookshelf speakers... but i was wondering if i shouldn't just go with a sound bar. this was i could just use it for both my pc and my TV. i never really see any PC set ups with sound bars. are book shelf speakers better? or do soundbars not work well with pcs?

pic related is my current set up. ignore the sub, its now on the floor now. same speakers though.
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>sports and capeshit
this is an 18+ website
Yeah man, as opposed to pedophile vietnamese drawings and dragon dildos, so grown up!
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anime website

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The iPad can't multi...
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why maps though
Get out, padposter.
4chan is 18+ btw

Just bought myself an iPhone SE today.

Don't worry, this will be the last post I'll make on this board because I know you guys hate Applefags.
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Top lel jk I'm staying bois
A thread died for this.
rip my thread

What is the best Motherboard + CPU combo for watching 720p/1080p videos?
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yo mama
Probably anything recent that isn't under $80 total.
are you aware of any video playback benchmark utility?

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Are there any uses for p4/AMD 64 boxes nowadays?
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Gentoo runs just fine on them.You can play games like CS GO without any hassle/lag spikes.
would it be possible to build a netburst cpu on a reduced nm process? what would happen?
Tor exit node

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I just ordered this, did I fuck up?
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what is it
it's a graphics card
Nope not at all
FTW2 is a pretty good card, you should get some decent overclocking potential too. They switched the company they bought their components from this time so there are no more exploding vrms

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