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>the GUI version is for Windows only, we imagine Linux users are capable of running it themselves :)

Fuck you. Yes, I can do it myself, but it doesn't mean I prefer to type command after command rather than clicking three times on an interface.
It's just a tedious waste of fucking time. I keep encountering this bullshit.
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Are you mad, anon?
Why are you mad anon? Tell me what happened

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How do you improve your programming skills?
Do you read books or blogs? Do you watch videos?
Do you just work on personal projects?
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Read books, then apply the knowledge in programs you write to help you learn.
I read blogs to discover new technologies than use this in either personal projects or implement them (if tested enough) in commercial stuff.

Coding videos are a waste of time, watch conferences for different frameworks. The speaker usually do a good job of combining theory with practical stuff giving you good insight into new architectures, coding practices or technologies.

Also have at least one side project you are constantly working on.
I read books, and look around the net. Stackoverflow and other forums have some gold.

Apart from a normal learning book for a new language, I also make sure to get a programmer's reference book to help me along. These usually describe a few of the more advanced tasks that you can code,and is IMO good for getting a quick head start on programming most utilities, tools and services, especially for business use.

If i'm stuck with a problem in my code, I try to find an implementation that works (from stackoverflow or something), and then adapt the code therein to my needs.

I never watch videos on coding... I just find it's the wrong medium for relaying info for a text-based task.

If it's not work-related coding, I try not to use literature, the internet or other means of scrounging up code if it can be helped.
It keeps the creativity going, and might end up being a better implementation for the task than most you'd find on the 'net.

I also try to keep updated on performance tricks and caveats of a given language... "best practice" might not be best practice under your circumstances and in your implementation, and might give you problems down the road... or just horribly slow code

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I need a small computer (Rpi, banana, etc) for small website.
Wich one does /g/ recommend?
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get a job, buy a real computer and stop being weeaboo scum
anime website
Literally any will do, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and it works fine for a small and simple website.

Why don't app developers give real patch notes?
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Lazy/no standards/don't care
Also they just think no one really wants to know.
Lagdroid users are street shitters that simply can't comprehend that much information.

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They went into a more convoluted naming convention, Java style.
>"knock knock its police your son is kill"
>"no how"
>"he exit after disconnect"
Their shitty reasoning: https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/3721

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So i went for a trip to Israel and my bags were taken off me at security and put on a seperate flight. They mysteriously lost said bag and took over two weeks to get it back to me.

What are the chances that bags were taken by Shin Bet and that Schlomo Shekelstein has uploaded GOAT tier spyware to my notebook?
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>What are the chances that bags were taken by Shin Bet and that Schlomo Shekelstein has uploaded GOAT tier spyware to my notebook?
they wanted to do that but then they saw that you're running windows anyway
don't chance it. hope you had a separate backup. take it to a café or restaurant, do a 7-pass overwrite, and sell it to some poor schmuck.
Why would you put your notebook on your checked baggage? Thats just asking for it to be stolen.

Also, why would anyone go to Israel?

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Well I finally got ahold of the 2nd PC I ever owned (1st I ever bought with my cold hard cash). An IBM PS/2E.

Note it is connected to a PS/1 Monitor (the first PC I owned and got through some hard labor on summer break in high school for free).

After a bit of a pain in the ass I an finally loading Windows 95 on it. Something was weird with disk 1 of the Windows 95 Upgrade so I had to dig into my images and reload disk 1. Now it works again and 95 is installing.
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Nice Model M keyboard there.
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Indeed. Found this one in an abandoned building in Northern Greenland (was stationed at Thule). Added some stickers later to convert it to English
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Loaded and now sound playing through the PC speaker.


How is Chrome Os for Development? I usually do JS, C++ , no fancy graphics.
Are they good? From the specs they seem they are.
What are you toughts?
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Didn't use ChromeOS for a while, but there were no IDEs and no compilers for ChromeOS. Unless you installed Linux or went the chrouton route, that is.

But then what's the point of ChromeOS
ChromeOS is GNU/Linux, you can use whatever editor you want.
I know. But, as a Windows user i would like to join the Linux world. And since i don't trust you(yes you) for developing my software, i was wondering.

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my audio fucked idk how to fix it i ran a troubleshoot and it claims to have fixed but hasnt. when i go into device manager and select the usual audio (realtek high defintion) its gives me this: "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)". what do i do /g/?
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Install gentoo.
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Had to do some training for my job...
Spent 3 months writting ARM & x86 only...
Now I'm back to high level stuff and I somehow miss jmp
Jumping from a label to another doesn't require much thinking, it fast, and straightforward.
A simple
jmp patch
could save much time instead of refactoring whole bunch of code.

I know am retard. But GOTO is love, GOTO is life.
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Goto is poo In loo tier
poo is superior, pajeet is king

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Are there any secure digital currencies that can be transfered to another person using only short range wireless without the use of existing networks (like internet or cellular)?
I don't believe a single thing cryptomarketers say, if a transaction can't be made in a jungle or on Mars then the technology has failed in my eyes. It must be made with long term potential in mind.
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If it's not connected to a network then how do you verify transactions and prevent someone from hacking the software to have unlimited money?

This is probably the most retarded thing I read today
buttcoin was really never designed to be anything like that, but there are memecoins that do what you describe. Regardless, fuck off to >>>/biz/ because grypto monies discussion on this board is basically spam.

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I need help to choose a new headphone for daily uses. I'm using a sennheiser omx 185, but the ear hook has begun falling.

This headphone is the perfect combination for me but I cannot find it to buy anywhere.

I really need that they have ear-hook and that they don't have the adaptor that goes inside the ear.

Does somebody recomends such headphones? Thanks
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go to hpg
What is that?

you want /csg/ and the kz-ate where the cord loops over the ear

dont torture yourself with obsolete models

i repaired 2 pairs of my favourite phillips she3590 before i made the switch to KZ

just get a decent music app that has a good eq and never look back

your ears will adjust...

I'm so tired of "b" showing up when I clearly hit the space button.
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why is there an ad there? isnt that the default samsung keyboard?
Hit the space button somewhere else
hello this his android support how may I be helping today?

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What fucking moron thought making the control arm a total bitch to turn and forcing you to lean off the platform was a good idea?
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Walkies aren't that fucking hard to use retard.

t. warehouse operator
I dunno; I've only ever used forklifts. Had to use an EPJ today and the fucker was absurdly difficult to steer because the arm was not moving unless I shoved my body into it or hung off the edge like a retard.
You keep the arm lowered, turn the accelerator just a little bit, and then it will turn.

LOL AMD is finished, you need Nitrogen to cool it!

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5.2 is actually pretty shit, single die got 5.4ghz

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