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article: https://www.fastcompany.com/40466986/edward-snowden-bunnie-huang-built-a-privacy-surveillance-add-on-case-for-smartphones-iphone
direct link: https://www.pubpub.org/pub/direct-radio-introspection
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The fuk is going on here
literally spying on you and calling it privacy

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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"
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>Not startpage

You can't even shitpost right.
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filter when
I want you, op, to kill yourself. Not because I used Linux or Windows or for any privacy reasons. But because you're fucking obnoxious

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What is it about this company that generates such heated arguments?
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don't forget, sage goes in all fields
too many schills/antischills

calle calle

how to vpn
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That's not a gif, I hate you now.
Tell me your address so I can send you dragon dildos.
actually it IS a gif
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really disappointing gif to be honest, thought it was a cutie with abs, strong anime girls are nice i m o.

Wtf is this language, and why the fuck would anyone code in it?

I might have just been a really slow learner with this, but it took me like an hour just to figure out how to assign variables.

I'm probably just shit with functional languages. What is /g/'s take on OCaml?
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Writing a website using ocaml was the best decision so far.
It's excellent, except for parallelism support. It's the future of webdev, or so Facebook thinks. Don't tumble In the dark, read a book like Real World OCaml.
Learning FP is like learning to program for the first time, give yourself time.

OCaml is good, but I feel languages like Scala or F# have all the nice features of OCaml and are better supported and run more efficiently.

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I'm sorry ;(

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>multiple IOS threads

/g/ - 2017
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>using Google products
>big apple news today
>wahhh stop talking about things I don't like

>We do have... one more thing...

What is it /g/?
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>dildos... dildos for everyone
I guarantee that it's top notch.

If Bill Gates wasn't devoting his time saving countless lives and making the world a better place by constantly giving away his money and time away, do you think he could do better than some Iphone with shit that samsung already put out months/years ago and a slightly larger screen?

I think yes.

p.s. we getting AoE3. http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-jokes-about-new-age-of-empires-from-microsoft-2017-6
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AoE 4*

I don't think so. Microsoft had historically been Windows-as-a-platform, the core functionality wasn't nearly as important as giving a working platform for developers to do whatever the fuck they wanted.

Microsoft made phones before the iPhone came out, they didn't sell. In today's world, apps are key. And you can have all the money in the world making a FutureFone XP but if you don't have decent apps, you're not going to best the iPhone. Just like how it didn't matter how smooth OS X 10.4 was. The applications were all being made for Windows. That's where the mass market goes.

The value isn't in the hardware, it's in the ecosystem. At this point, there's no way to just buy your way into making a better product. There's not enough resources on the planet to just 'come out with' a better, filler, more mature ecosystem than what Apple already has. You need to define a whole new computing paradigm, like what Apple did with mobile-focused operating systems.

So if Bill can make a new computing paradigm that doesn't fit with classic desktop OSs, command line OSs, or mobile OSs, and start working on something in that space, he may be able to build a better product than Apple will be able to, but it won't be a phone.
Given how quickly windows went to shit after he left.

Why do networking jobs pay so well in the US but not in any other first world countries?
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They don't outside of large and midsized companies in large and midsized cities
No shit what kind of retard is going to try to find a network job in middle of nowhere flyoverville.

Don't forget government jobs like working for a school district.
Recruiters keep flogging that shit

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Anons, where do I find music to download with good quality? Preference for classical music.
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/classical/ has some mega links

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There were literally buttons cut off by the weird display notch. I've defended them for fifteen years but for the year's biggest Apple event to have this shit on stage? This is sad. Apple is slipping hard.
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I'm not too triggered by it, however this kind of careless shit is what I expect from run of the mill androidniggers.

Apple had stopped innovating a while ago, I made my peace with that. They were however still excellent at executing for a while. That's also gone.

The only reason I see left against switching to android is that Google data mines the shit out of your anus way harder than Apple - because Apple makes money from overpriced hardware while Google makes it from selling you ads.
apple what a terrible bad showing they had today. who would ever want to buy their phones for the $$$.
I don't know why they are fragmenting every app and UI feature with a fucked screen shape. It is so absurd to me. Some stuff like video can ignore I guess, but they literally are designing the UI and Ios with the fucking notch in mind. What happens when the next iphone x doesn't have as a big of a notch? Do you have 3 fragmented versions of apps now? It's so fucking stupid

effected platforms
>ios (patched in IOS10)
>android(marshmallow/nougat patched on sept9th update)
>Windows*(expect updates?)
>Linux; spying only (root exploit patched <kernel 3.11)
>BlueZ was patched for spying this week.

BlueBorne Is actually 4 exploits in one.

1. spying: passively pickup bluetooth without end user pairing/accepting a request

2. pushing requests to fish for identification or other information which can be used to unlock security questions

3. using the preview type of exploits it gains information to setup a mitm via your MACaddress which has a table for Operating Systems and chooses the exploit method which doesnt require pairing or any end user actions

4.network tether with bluetooth and allow it to attack the memory surface which leads to root privs and its also able to setup a local network to mitm you wifi-traffic and full control over the radio bands
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PCucks will never EVER get bloodborne
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>never ever get an exploit

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Sad. Why can't the Apple and the Anti-Apple shills just all contain themselves to a few existing threads? Why does everyone feel the need to make their own?
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You're doing a wonderful job making it worse

someone who unironically owns 5 apple products he uses on the daily
Fuck off
/g/ has always been a pro-Apple board, I'm tired of these reddit newfags pretending otherwise

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hello /g/ I found something called OpenAI a program that allows you to make your own bots, AIs or chatbots.


I personally prefer the universe version since its far more better than the gym version.


but if you want the gym version, you can get it here.


you can post on what bots you made here anything related to bots.
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Bump. Check out the openAI dota bot.

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