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I discovered my ram has this interesting curve when its under heavy load, while any other statistic is pretty much a straight line as expected.

Curious what you guys think might cause this? maybe because i use two different ram blocks?
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you have a virus, have you installed the latest Windows 10™ Insider's Edition® Updates?
looks like a memory leak that's constantly being refilled
make sure you put the ram sticks properly in your motherboard
it's just how windows manages RAM
when windows sees that the ram is over 80% full it'll start purging whatever it can to free up where it's possible

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am I the only person on /g/ who actually likes Gnome3?
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I'm very new to non windows machines. I just put freebsd on old pc I'm turning into vpn server. I installed xfce on it because not having a gui was intimidating but still using the terminal all the time.

I don't know why I posted this here, but I like xfce thus far
xfce is nice, especially on old PCs, it's pretty minimal/ugly compared to the heavier DEs like gnome/kde/mate etc

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Alright /g/, this is a festering problem that's continuing to shit all over this board and at some point some of you NEETs are going to have to grow up and grip day-to-day reality.

Botnet, Windows, Microsoft, Chrome, Google, Apple, Telemetry, Tracker. Do all these words trigger you? They still should, but at some point you need to learn to accept it. There is no such thing as absolute total privacy in the internet, or in the world. Someone somewhere is going to know a little bit about you and where you are, and at some point you'll probably realise that's okay.
You may think you can escape it by installing all these browser plugins, switching to GNU/Linux and only using dumbphones etc. but what about your other day to day activities? If you use a card to withdraw money or pay for things, the bank knows who you are and where and when you did that. Again, the kind of tracking you're looking to avoid by going to these autistic lengths. All defeated by something you need to do to function.
Yes, invasive ad tracking needs to stop. Nothing wrong with believing that, but in the end how are these ads _really_ harming you? Not physically, they're just showing you more relevant things. By searching in ANY search engine someone out there is going to know what you typed in, it's needed for it to function. See the pattern?
Every time you download a package for your "secure" distro, your IP is out there. Even behind a VPN, your VPN provider will know who you are, especially if it's a paid service. This is okay however, if you pick the right one and you trust them.
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(cont.) There seriously is no such thing as total privacy. There is total security, and that is a good thing. Encryption, running linux, sandboxes and VMs etc. good for stuff like your banking to make it as difficult as possible for a bad third party to intercept your shit. But you're human, humans are social creatures. Someone else needs to know what you're requesting for you to receive whatever webpage you're requesting in Neetrunner etc.
In the end, you'll feel a lot happier just doing what you can to avoid breaches of privacy, and not worrying about others especially if you can trust who it's going to and/or don't care about the (usually benign) data being sent. Windows 10 has options, use them. A google account and Android phone has options, use them. I'm not shilling for Googleistan or Pajeetsoft, but I'm just saying this board has a problem and it's time we actually analysed what this "botnet" is all about and what it is for, rather than bitching about it's mere existence. It isn't going away any time soon, just make peace with it and contact it as _least_ as possible, you can't cut contact with it entirely and be comfortable. You would have to have no internet, no smartphone, no bank account and a mask on at all times. No job etc. so that no one knew who you are or what you are doing. We make _fun_ of those kinds of people, don't stoop to their stupid "Hurr i'm in the matrix" level of hacker-faggotry.

Please /g/, get some intelligent discussion going instead of autistic screeching about "muh botnet" when at most times, it's not going to harm you, or there's a choice not to use it right under your nose.
Jeri Ryan is MY waifu. hands off, fgt.
This thread is pointless. More than half the people on this board legitimately think they can escape it or live off the grid, while still using the internet. Or any service normal people use to make their lives easier.

This was considered hot in the 80s.
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It was acceptable in the 80's ~~~
I totally had that bad boy on the right.
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This was and will be considered hot for eternity.

literally #ff0000
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Literally white inferiority
I will admit. As a white person we hate ourselves
#000 trying to articulate an opinion

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What are some good command line programs for linux AND windows
Examples: mps-youtube, youtube-dl
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>good command line
Sowwy but I am not yet prepared for the programming penguin

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Well, can you anon?
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Nice opportunities for ddos too. I'll pass on infesting my house with the IoT
Only retards fall for the IoT meme
Really, how hard is it for someone to not spend every waking moment of their life connected to the internet?
my aircon
security system
are all usable through the net
iot is real

Is Ubuntu a meme? It's supposed to be the justwerkz of distros but I had nothing but fucking problems with it, none of the drivers would work for me, it was super choppy everywhere, I installed Arch (Antergos) today and it's smooth as fuck, no mystery driver problems, can actually see my usbs out of the box.

>tfw an arch distro is more justwerkz than ubuntu
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Ubunutu got that designation long before Antergos was a thing, didn't it
have been using windows for years. gonna try debian. what you think.
Can be difficult as debian has no out of the box non-free drivers

Prepare to bang your head against a wall coming from windows

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Why am I so much more productive when I only use my x220 instead of my desktop with 2x24"?
Maybe because it aint so comfy to shitpost and therefore i """have""" to be productive? Do any anons feel the same?
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Fuck if I know, I hate working on a laptop.
>I hate working on a laptop
Me too, but apperently I have to ;_;
I'm crying because is true ;_;

So why they hell do companies do this? Do people actually fall for this scumbag marketing strategy?

Why when it comes to performance, are companies allowed to be so misleading with data on how much better their new product is? E.g: "Oh look how much faster the new iPhone is with the new A-faggotX chip!"

If you haven't noticed the problem with the picture, the graph has no x or y axis... This was at the apple event. And this happens every time.

Even when it comes to numbers when you run benchmarks on computers, the numbers seem so meaningless. "Oh look! A score of 16,478. Thats how powerful it is!". So 16,478 what? Peanuts?

So yea, I suppose post times when companies use misleading or meaningless numbers?
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This is primarily to please stock holders. Consumers usually cannot be bothered with presentations like this.
I didn't think about the stock holders. Good point.
It's Apple, if they boxed a shiny peice of glass as long as it looks good the customers will be happy

Why haven't you picked up your T470 for college /g/ FeelsTooGoodMan
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Because my T420 works perfectly with Hackintosh and by extension meets my university's standards.
I ended up biting the bullet and buying a Mac.
I don't want people to make fun of me in college.
I want to be looked upon as inferior so I bought a Dell XPS

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Are portable operting systems such as Puppy Linux any useful?
If yes, give me some useful things it can be used for
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Useful for booting old PCs (win9x era, no usb drivers and no connectivity) and recovering files from them.
Also it's nice to have one on some USB drive, you never know when you might need it.
It is useful if you have to work from a ton of different machines and you don't want to leave your data behind.
It is useful if you need to restore a computer and the OS isn't working.
It is useful if you need to test a few things without installing an OS.
>you never know when you might need it
and it will be woefully out-of-date when you do

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There are actual people right fucking now on /g/, who have been running Nightly without any sort of adblocker for DAYS, because they don't know how install one without using Firefox's addons site.
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>There are actual people right fucking now on /g/
Don't lie OP
Found one
Most certainly someone owns a sex doll so technically they can be fucking while on /g/

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pok3r with mx blue is superior
Get a tada68 with gateron browns

You can get an aluminum case for it too if you’re into that autism
someone spoonfeed me comfy cheap chinkboard
I have Quickfire TKs w/ browns, anything similar for <$100?

MacBook is the ultimate Chad laptop, hands down

fresh pussy everywhere I go

or have you ever heard a grill saying "wow anon, your new chinkpad looks so nice, can I try it out?"

No? me neither. Dont get chinkpads, you faggits
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>Thinking your choice of computer gets you laid
Nice one virgin
This, also shows that you know whats good and fashionable
Why would a girl try out a MacBook someone else has if girls only buy MacBooks?
Checkmate Apple shill.

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