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>The G4560 is a formidable part at its USD $64 price - 2 cores, 4 threads, the latest "Kaby Lake" micro-architecture, 3 MB L3 cache, and 3.50 GHz clock speeds. On the flip side, it makes buying Core i3 dual-core parts close to double its price a dumb option. Intel's solution? Effectively kill it.
>According to a DigiWorthy report, Intel has decided to scale down production of the Pentium G4560 in a bid to cripple its availability, and force consumers to opt for pricier 7th generation Core i3 parts.
Rest in peace the budget build processor. I guess we should start buying the 4600, its only a couple dollars more.
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>he uses intel CPU's after the core 2 series
Its like you ENJOY being part of the botnet.
Wouldn't the i3s compete with R3s? Intel can't win that one
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What carrier did you switch from and how much worse or better is metro pcs?

I just got a free 32GB/2GB LG K20 plus from them and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Call quality is better with little to no interference, LTE works everywhere and is batshit crazy fast.

I switched over from boost mobile which has got to be one of the worst carriers out there. Call quality was always shit and half the time there was interference that made it impossible to perceive human speech. LTE worked 30% of the time and when it did immediately throttled to 1mbps or less.
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>much worse or better is metro pcs?
MetroPCS used to be a ghetto CDMA carrier for niggers, at least that's how it was here in new England.

They got bought out by T-Mobile a couple of years ago and now they are just a 1:1 lower-end brand but hosted on T-Mobile's network. The sims are even cross-compatible because they are the same. It's identical in functionality to T-Mobile but I recommend you use your own device.
When I was in my senior year in HS I used MetroPCS, I loved it for the dirt cheap Unlimited Plan because it ran off of T-Mobiles towers.

I switched from MetroPCS to Verizon because they have better speeds in my area, but MetroPCS is just fine for those who don't download shit all day, I used Metro as my home internet for a while and it worked fine until they cracked down on unlimited tethering.

All in all it depends on where you live man.(Except for Sprint, that shit is bad)

I might switch back to Metro now that I have home internet that is fast, they even have that unlimited plan for 50 a month.
What do you mean cracked down on tethering (I'm asking for a friend)?

I am not optimistic about this.
Mark my words: Net Neutrality will be abolished and the internet will be destroyed. I can feel it.

Screenshot this post.
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The companies have way too much power and the new people at the FCC are way too easy to bribe. It's a done deal.
Why screenshot? Who will be left to show it to?
do something about it

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>local craigslist-similar clone
>someone sells a blackberry keyone, 2 weeks old for 500 $
>go to a locally well known electornics store website which sells it for 545 $
>inspect element, change html markup to 454 $
>send seller the screenshot with the fake price, saying that he's selling over the actual price
>he agrees on lowering to 400 $
>buy it
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>Black berry
That's fradulent lol. Why didn't he check for himself?
>>local craigslist-similar clone
Is it kajiji? Are you a leaf?

Op here.
Seriously considering going back to Gentoo or just dying.
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why are you using vindoors if you're not a gaymer anyway?
stop pretending wincuck
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Don't even get me started.
Got a great deal on some Y700 refurbs, received calls the moment i posted offers online. Double checked, updated, debloated.
Kids come in looking for "gayming" laptops, i open one up and it takes 5 minutes to load because lol even more updates motherfucker, and we're just going to spin that fucking wheel without any progress bar or percentage.

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How do you disable the fucking head parking in the BIOS or at startup automatically? This shit is killing hard drives, why the fuck is it even a thing
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Install yosemite
Head parking is fine.
kill yourself

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Trying to learn how pfsense works so I can administer it properly
when I ran the traffic shaper wizard, I noticed that all clients seem to only get 10% of the actual download speed no matter what, though the upload is unaffected
I'm now trying to figure out a way to add a exception to the traffic shaper, but I don't have any knowledge on how it works
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Linux doesn't work, use some Windows firewall like Comodo
pfsense is BSD
>linux with less drivers

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A friend once asked me to watch a video with her that she was going to display on her computer using Netflix. I declined, saying that Netflix was such a threat to freedom that I felt uncomfortable with promoting its use in this way.
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Was she (he) offended?
>not recognizing the stallman quote
gtfo of my board

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>not using the Enlightenment DE

It's the best desktop environment available if you want something comfy.
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>not using a window manager exclusively
is 17 finally usable ? it's been shit for at least 5 years after the release
> year 2XXX
> Using a DE

Reported, flagged and saged.
GTFO wannabe nerd you probably need a GUI to find a girlfriend. Plz.

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I'd like to learn how to use a debugger since I'm learning C.
What are some good resources to learn how to use gdb/lldb (preferably the latter)?
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The tutorials I've found assume prior knowledge of debugging
Use valgrind: valgrind --leak-check=full --show-reachable=yes ./a.out
I just use xcode to step through my code :^)

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>tfw you failed the silicon lottery
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>yfw you didn't fell for the OC meme
>tfw I procrastinated and didn't OC my CPU until a year after I bought it
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>tfw I never overclocked my i5 2500k

Where were you when Mozilla was kill?
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browsing safari using macOS using my superior macbook.
Not everyone wants to sell their firstborn to use Crapple
Palemoon doesn't have this problem.

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Give me ideas for simple android projects.
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Just start with Tasker and learn about all of the different hooks and components you can play with on an Android handset.

Then develop your own Tasker plugin for a functionality which you might notice is missing.

Then use all of this knowledge to write your own cool apps.
show birb specie by picture.
Farm simulator

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So anon, what is your hotmail address?
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[email protected]
[email protected]
Would you like password too anon?

Why can't I find any Skylake-X i7-7820x CPUs in stock? I thought Jews were good at business and collecting shekels.

>t. USA fag
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Probably because it was rushed to launch and they didn't make enough of them for the small market segment that would end up buying them.
That's GPUs, dumbass. The only CPU miners need are low end Celerons or Pentiums.

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