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How do you setup a printer and print a document from the command line?

It will be very difficult for you.

It takes me less than 5 seconds to do that in GNOME.

DE haters BTFO.
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The command is literally three characters. How is that difficult?
printf "document"
>"cortana print this document"

linux cant do this frogposter

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your moms vag
What the fuck?
Display your books one page at a time or as a continuous scroll you fucking mongloid

>Buy new 5 TB HDD.
>Do a full backup of my drive @100MB/s.
Takes 13.8 hours to finish.

Storage density increase but read/write speeds stay slow. What about when we get 15-20 TB hdds in a couple years?
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>Storage density increase but read/write speeds stay slow.
Thats because you're using low end desktop class disks. Go get some 15k rpm SAS disks and try again.
>What about when we get 15-20 TB hdds in a couple years?
Also they'll be even worse because the largest capacities are SMR disks with horrible write performance.
I don't see the problem. You do a full backup once and then just use rsync.

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What's the deal with computers not being able to shuffle stuff properly? If Spotify has 300 songs it will play back maybe 75 of them. My iPod Classic does the same thing. When I set my PC's screensaver to photo slideshow it only picks about 100 out of my 400 pics. I know there's tons of other programs that do this too.

Is there any way to fix this?
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On what scale of autism are you to "detect" that?
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You have no idea. But it bothers me greatly.
But I'm assuming it has something to do with the way the shuffle function is coded?
its because non-quantum computers are not capable of randomization, only pseudo randomization based on a known quantity

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I haver a HP laptop with microsoft vista home premium.. don't know the password to get into it nor do i have the back up disk... is there an easy way to get into it?
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Linux live cd.
>is there an easy way to get into it?
Turn it on and wait for the GPU to melt a hole through the casing.
I don't know any of that... not computer savvy enough for pc's.. think i am gonna throw it away.

Selling stuff with an average market price of $30.

One of my competitors (he surely knows the average price also) bids $150.


Minutes later, a buyer almost without feedback bids $470.


Asking other sellers since I'm wondering what the heck could these people possibly be up to, because although I can't put my finger on it, I surely find this all very unusual and potentially risky to my wallet (10% seller fees on a $470 sale is something).
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what is it you are selling?
Collector stamps
On eBay you can block bidders with unpaid item cases, which they will surely have if they did this regularly

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Is it worth the install?

How long will it take to get GNOME, LibreOffice, Firefox and Chromium compiled and installed?
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>Using GNOME
what the fuck?
I mean, aside from that, if you're asking if it's worth it you're probably not the target audience anyhow, so don't bother
all the time
>Is it worth the install?
>How long will it take to get GNOME, LibreOffice, Firefox and Chromium compiled and installed?
I would recommend you to use xfce

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Hello /g/, just recently set out for college and looking for a high quality laptop that'll last me for 5+ years (web browsing, email, and Linux dual booting). 256+ G of SSD storage for media, 8+ G of RAM, and a good display are all preferable (a good processor would be nice too - 2.7+ at minimum). Thinkpad meme is pretty powerful, but I can't help but wonder if there are any alternatives. If it must be a Thinkpad which one would give me the most bang for my buck? (No macfags please - my dad's been fully cucked by them)
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>duel booting in 2016 +1
git one of these three
x220, x220, or x230 if u dont mind chiclet.
pen and paper.
Hi friend,
I suggest the Thinkpad T470. Think of it as the flagship Thinkpad
Best of luck on your laptop search

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Do you miss him?
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that's Diana Walker shitlord
R.I.P. Getty
My condolences to the Images family.

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What's your wifi router named? Mine is "uwotm8"
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Wu-Tang Lan

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If you didn't enjoy eating their shit so much they would probably stop manufacturing it
broadcom is an anagram for backdoor.
more like crabdoom

How the fuck do I get rid of color banding, this shit pisses me off.
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In images or video?

turn on dithering in graphics drivers

or if its a video turn on dithering in the video player
buy 48-bit deeep color monitor

>tfw Threadripper 16c/32t is slower than 10c/20t i9-7900x


Did you guys get bamboozled again by WaitMD™?

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>Using gaymes to benchmark a server CPU
Are Intel shills really this desperate?
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really makes you think doesn't it
Five sheckles have been deposited into your Intel account!

What changes would make to the now standard full PC keyboard?
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Basically ANSI with Num Lock actually being used more, Right alt to alt gr, and caplock and backspace swapped
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best keyboard coming through
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So, my PC blew up and I'm stuck with an old-as-fuck notebook. My problem is that apparently Firefox can eat as much as 1GB of RAM and my notebook can't take it. Help me find a browser that isn't as much RAM-hungry, /g/.
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Try using google.
Why, if I can ask you guys instead? :^)
See ya on page 12 ;)

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