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What exactly is this inflated bag thingy inside my pc? I know nothing about computers
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it looks like a shopping bag.

typically there isn't one in a computer so you should probably ask whoever put it there.
Well I literally just bought it. I thought it was some bag cooler technology so I didn't want to touch it
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you know the recycling bin icon on your desktop? thats where the files are stored that you put in there.
All computers have it, on laptops it is usually a small compartment under the battery or between the keyboard and mainboard.

also don't listen to >>62329036, he is an idiot and lies on the internet.

I mean come on, who would lie on the internet?

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hey /g/, what do you think of ayo.js and why is it better than node.js?

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Ayo hol up. Got any more of those ""users""?
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It's designed to bring together a diverse range of people from different cultures, beliefs, genders, and backgrounds from across the world to work on a project and be treated fairly -- a core value of any global collaborative open source project.
"There's better value in having diversity than having some individual have the free speech that would work against others," he said.
That toxic culture in Node.js' governance has led to an inclusivity problem.

knew it sjw bullhshit

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>not saving a few MB by ensuring your FLAC ripping quality is 8
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> saving few megabytes
have you ever done a comparison ? last time i tried the difference was literally kilobytes

i suspect who ever wrote that codec was trolling us autists who have to fiddle with every setting and turn it up to 11

also why we are at it why did apple go with alac instead of flac ? i heard it had to do with the tags and flac tags are shit.... ipods and iphones not doing native flac was a fucking tragedy IMHO
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I saved around 2-5MB on some average length tracks. File with 0 (no compression) vs 8.
>not saving lots more by using lossy formats instead holding on to placebo better qiality

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code debugging.gif
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"At the pool" edition.
Previous thread: >>62316228
Use a search engine before posting.
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Why do get colds more in cold weather?
How the fuck do I mount a CIFS share in Android?
I'm running the below as root, selinux is set to permissive for the time being:
#mount -o username=user,password=pass -t cifs //192.168.X.X/share /data/media/0/cifs

Doesn't work with
#mount -o unc=\\\\192.168.X.X\share,username=user,password=pass -t cifs none /data/media/0/cifs


The target folder exists, I'm only getting cryptic "Invalid argument" errors.
Something fucky is happening with my desktop. It's Windows 10, it's my games machine, I do all my personal shit on my laptop, all of sudden Windows says I have no firewall or Antivirus and to turn it back on. Everytime I open the windows security settings it closes a second later, and when I do go in the long way through control panel and all that it doesn't let me run Antivirus or turn on the firewall anyway.

Sounds like I've for some kind of AIDS, unless somebody here knows better?

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Well /g/?
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Needs more ad nauseum.
I've thought of switching from Maps for ages. Is Waze good? What about Sygic?
Use OpenMap

they are gonna go with the left design aren’t they? god damnit.
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who knows?

also, cares
i think it's the huge rounded corners that ruins the left one for me. just give me a rectangular screen :(
Oh good, so it's not just me.
I fucking hate rounded corners and I can't even really explain why

Is this a good phone? Anyone have one, want to share any info.
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Good phone ? Yes
Overpriced ? Yes
Good quality/price ratio ? No
Bought an S8+ for 700$ yesterday. It's a beautiful phone. The hdr is good. Camera is good. It feels really nice to hold and the phone's sexy.
But would I buy it for 700$ if it was my own money? no. My company bought it for me so I don't mind. But the I don't feel like any phone is worth 700$
If you're not getting either the S8+ or the Note8, don't bother getting an S8 unless you're content with lile 4-5h SoT

>open-source design
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me on the left

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I switched from firefox to this.

I am still shell-shocked

I was gonna update my cpu and ram to speed Firefox. Now I dont even need

>inb4 Vivaldi and Opera (they are slower)
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I just use Iridium. Chrome but without the botnet.
honestly it's been so many years i don't remember it that well. it's not like a keep a journal logging all the times i changed software preferences.
everything is almost 2 seconds faster to load on chrome

shit is almost instant on heavy sites like instagram

ITT post what you're working on

I am currently trying to make the jump from AVRs to STM32 based micros. I have to say there are quite a lot of differences, plus i cant figure out how to work the STM directly in assembly, like i did with the AVRs. Oh well
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posting from my RPI
Not exactly a micro, but who cares
What do I need if I want to remotely turn my PC on and after an interval press F2 through USB HID?

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loonix fags call this the "fisherprice theme", but it sounds an awful lot like jealousy to me.
Back in those days i tended to always use the basic theme, but now when i look back upon the windows XP theme and have matured, I can appreciate i for it's incredible beauty.
It's sort of how when i watched the Darude - Sandstorm music video back in the day it looked cheesy, but now it looks almost retro-futuristic and aesthetic as fuck.
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indeed. XP was the best Windows release.
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This is the mature version of the XP theme.
Royale master race

I'd always switch to the silver theme but kept Luna. It was comfy.

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You have a contact named "Mom" on your phone.

You cannot explain how I did that
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>saving contacts
What a tool. Do the botnet's work for it, sheeple.
lol no

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What to do?
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Looks like some old terminal
Its useless old shit
give it to me
Give it back, Jamal

what if i get a 200Hz TV and play overwatch at 1440p? Are there any major pitfalls in this plan?
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TVs are horrible for playing desktop games.
They have a lot of input lag so everything will be delayed, and their pixels are usually huge because of their physical size.
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Can the tv really accept 200hz? Because most that are advertised at that high a hz are only capable of doing it with trumotion/smoothing/soap opera filter.

Also hips > everything else
basically this. the pixel size issue isn't as much of a problem if you're playing games (versus using the TV for reading, writing, etc... you know, anything computer-specific), but the input lag in particular will fuck you.

you're not good enough to make a 200Hz monitor the deciding bottleneck in the video games you play.

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