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What is the best brute force software for hacking online accounts /g/?
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Just go and download a dictionary or if you want to be even faster a special one with often used passwords included etc..
It should be a big list in a .txt file.

DO NOT trust any other extension because they will add you to a (mostly chinese) botnet.

After you've downloaded the list (make sure to have enough disk space) select everything, right click and click on "copy". After that you just paste the list into the password field (it helps to know the account name) and due to a very common function of most password managers it will try them all out until it gets the right one.

I hope I could help a fellow hacker. xD
We are anonymus!

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Is there a better program with an Android app out there? Any foss alternatives?
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the backdoor
TightVNC with no-ip
Looks like official app is paid though. Which free one would work best?

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EFI and MBR are both literally pajeet tier FUCKUPS

Libreboot is only available to like richard stallmann + max 2 other fat fucks because the hardware support is SHIT AS FUCK, OH YEAH WE SUPPORT LIKE 2 THINKPAD MODELS GET OUR FREE(TM) HARDWARE

Is it so hard to write a custom bios? There should be an open source project to cover most hardware used today which doesnt overcomplicate things
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Fork OpenBIOS
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>Reverse engineering purposeful backdoors from classified defense contracts
Open Firmware's backdoored?

Hello /g/ can you recommend me a Linux distro for my gtx1080ti 7700k 32gb ram pc? My aim is to use some kind of mininalistic DE and modern web browser not execeeding 100 MB of ram. Thanks
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I'm surprised you didn't install Gentoo already.
I tried gentoo but even using the base system running only bash it uses 72MB already

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What are /g/'s opinions on refurbished laptops? Is it worth buying a workstation several years old and expect it to hold up for another 5 years or so?
Or are refurbs just a meme?
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I'm shilling here, but /tpg/ is probably the most usable refurb. They're dirt cheap for what the can get done.
I have a refurb xps15, it was definitely new when i got it.

What are some cool technology for pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, notebooks, binders, analog or digital?
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Why does that Fountain Pen have a battery in it.
Maybe you just press a button to refill it
Where can I get one of those?

What specs should I look into a TV? I don't care about smart/video playback features
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Depends on size, really all I worried about was the resolution being at least 1080p, refresh rate marketed as at least 120hz, and reasonably priced. Believe in yourself OP
At 40-50 inches range, not something extreme
>LED back light

Not a neet

Your rich
>OLED display

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>using Vim is hard
excuse me?
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>tfw up to level 5 in the vim mmorpg
>tfw figured out how to use buffers, splits and tabs together effectively
>finally ready to take on the first vimscript boss with my friends later
Much hard. Learning everything nano is capable of takes 2 minutes. Learning everything vim is capable of takes years.
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You got a problem with that?

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Shilling for free, every day. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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it's dead, jim
Got the Rift like a week ago. Shit's pretty cool.

Also, is there no good roller coaster game out? All I found were really short promotional rides or really old games that I can't get to run.
I've heard people suggest No Limits 2, but I've also heard it wasn't very good either. People just sort of abandoned roller coaster apps.

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What podcasts does /g/ listen to?
I would like to start listening to podast but I don't know any.
The only podcast I ever heard was the RoosterTeeth one, like 4 or 5 years ago before they went to shit.
I'm fine with listening about technology - mobile phones, computers, even vidya since its related
What do you guys listen to?
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More or Less
This American Life
The Best Debate in the Universe
Taste My Game Face
Tank Riot
Little Atoms
tell me a little more about them anon :)
More or Less: BBC show about stats behind news items.
This American Life: General interest magazine show, bit lefty, generally high quality.
The Best Debate in the Universe: Debate show, sort of shock-jock-y.
Taste My Game Face: Vidyagaem podcast hosted by some British guys. Rough around the edges but good discussions.
Tank Riot: Some middle aged guys discuss topics. Probably past its prime, older eps on single topics are better.
Little Atoms: Chat with nonfiction authors about their books being released.

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So, I have a new Dell laptop and when I did a restart, I noticed that this Chinese app was stopping it from running. I managed to take a picture of it.

Does anyone know what it means?
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>not installing a fresh, known good copy of the operating system as soon as you get it out of the box

welcom 2 botnet
laptops always come with shitloads of bundleware and adware pre-installed
Reset your PC on the windows optioons

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>dl the benchmark from crystalmark

Not sure if this is a good score or not for an Samsung 960 Evo, the Samsung website advertises much higher speeds, if any other anons have one and run the test, please let me know.
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Not sure I understand these numbers but the test took ages
Fuck I was using an old af version. Now I'm getting proper speeds..
That isn't a good score friend. What drive is that?

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What is iBroadcast's business model?

>Unlimited storage
>No adds

How do they pay server costs?
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Probably selling tracking data on their users. Remember the meme, if a product is free then you are the product.

Yeah it's pretty suspicious.

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what date is this? 03-10-2017 i'm an american
for me it would be march 10th 2017
but its not when i ordered it. its a subscription thing
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Not that hard, brainlet.
Only brainlets don't use YYYY-MM-DD
thanks, i couldent get it for some reason

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What is on the last page of Google search results?
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in order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the ones already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.
Naked pictures of your mum ;)
Coupons for 100% off

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