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I don't understand much about this board or world im kind of stupid but not autism, more like concussion
im just gonna hang myself with a clay cutter
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>visit favorite autism containment community
>half the threads are retards deluding themselves into believing net neutrality was ever a thing
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all these threads make me wonder why people even bother with anything ever, makes life seem pointless. >pic related
I think everyone's feeling this way lately.

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>open 2 tabs
>constantly crashes and uses shitload of ram
>open 7 tabs
>works stable and uses 200 mb ram
What gives?
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you might be just retarded
Can confirm. I haven't had a firefox crash in over 4 years.
I just set my firefox to cache to memory. Is there such a bash one-liner to sync before shut down.
I like to turn my computer off at night.

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enjoy you're mitm

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installed Fedora Workstation 26, updated and rebooted
Gnome buggy
install some packages from official repo
> triggers SeLinux policies
$ dnf search vlc
$ dnf search mpv
$ dnf install elixir
$ iex # elixir's shell
>Error: Elixir running in a system with a defferent endianness than the one its source code was compiled in.
Battery drained in hour.
Powering off the laptop
>plymount hangs for minute and screen appears spamming me with some bad synchronization of devices and lack of permissions (can't read how fast it's scrolling)

Nice try RedHat
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My laptop could run games like Borderlands 2 at 50-60fps at the medium setting about half a year ago, nowadays though after overclocking it for a few months and reinstalling windows 10 it can barely hold up 40fps on the lowesrt settings. What is this caused by and can it be fixed?
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Windows 10 and Nvidia PhysX don't mix
Simple soloution -> Windows 7 compatability mode. ur welcome
Can I switch without losing me software already instelled?

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Today is the "Net Neutrality Day of Action". A day where internet users are expected to rally and cry for American internet access to be controlled by the US government. Internet users who have never actually read any of the proposed net neutrality laws were outraged when regulations on ISPs that had never actually gone into affect were slated to be removed.

Net Neutrality proponents claim that those regulations were the only things keeping ISPs from locking down your internet and making you pay for access to individual websites. And that if they're removed, all ISPs will immediately start making poor business decisions that have the worst possible impact on everyone because they're all the devil. Of course, no ISPs were ever bound to those regulations at any point, and if they wanted to do any of that shit they could have started whenever they wanted. The old net neutrality laws wouldn't have even gone into effect until next year.

So call your congressmen and tell them that you hate an open an unregulated internet, and that you don't trust yourself to operate a free speech platform without government oversight. I'm sure the power-hungry policy makers will be happy to comply and never give that power up again.
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fuck off
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I for one welcome our new low-bandwidth overlords.

Samsung has introduced an impressive new line of QLED displays aimed at “virtual competition” and set to “deliver the ultimate gaming experience”. Leading the pack is the ultra-wide 49-inch curvedCHG90, which sports a 32:9 aspect ratio, 3,840×1,080 double full HD (DFHD), a 144hz screen refresh rate
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/jewish overhyped monitors general/
The further the first letter behind "LED" is the better the monitor is, duh. First O now Q and finally Z which will be quantum dot
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16:9 is already too wide! What is this shit. Who the fuck needs double width widescreen, what's next, 48:19?

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Why the fuck aren't (((you))) using:

Are (((you))) a sjw fluent gay pussy that fears muh evil russians?


Best options, based in a sane country, out of the 5 five eyes (((alliance))), Yandex is likely the 4th most important Search-based provider, with Google, Baidu, and Bing being ahead in terms of overall traffic. Also they offer:

>Yandex Hosted DNS

Yandex also offers hosted DNS for free with a dns editor available after delegating any domains.

>Yandex Domains

Yandex allows Mail accounts to register Domains!

...and more, c'mon are (((you))) a shilling kike?
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Иди нaхyй.
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>based in a sane country
Дa ты ж пoeхaвший.

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>said the site that bans all VPNs
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>net neutrality
What's so bad about forcing normalfags to pay more to use facebook, twatter and netflix?

Net neutrality is literally a non issue for anyone who isn't a disgusting neurotypical.
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Can normie phoneposters deliver their take on this?
Net neutrality is more about not having ISPs lean on websites for money. Facebook and twatter will pay ISPs so that people who use those normie services will get full speed access.
But when it's time for the ISPs to lean on 4chan and say 'hey you should pay us money to get 'premium service content delivery'', you think hiroshima will pay the ransom? You think any small site can pay the ransom?
I know, right? What's so bad about normalfags freely browsing Facebook and Twitter while 4chan gets ratelimited to 1kbps?

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I'm brain fucked guys, have we encountered ETI? Is this just figurative language like their pizza talk? What the hell is really going on here?

Also, Terri Mansfields website: http://www.terrimansfield.com/2017-year-of-justice/
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>something emailed to someone makes it true
brb enlarging my penis with the $13M i made from a nigerian prince

Your penis will never grow beyond the 2 inches you were born with and I'm not saying it's true, I'm wondering if this person is being serious or speaking figuratively.
Ayy lmaos are not technology.

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I'm trying to edit an .mka file I extracted from an .mkv file. It's about 2,5 GB in size and contains 7 separate audio tracks. I can successfully import it in Audacity, however the program becomes extremely sluggish or it simply crashes, so I can hardly edit anything at all.

What do?
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>audio or video processing software
>open sores
These don't mix well.
Convert the tracks to pcm wav so they are uncompressed. Or edit them separately.
Windows proprietary ecosystem of audio editing software doesn't have this problem.

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What is the raw value based on? It's not decimal form
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Is there any beginner-oriented software out there that I can use to learn about electrical circuits? I currently know next to nothing so anything would be helpful.
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/g/ is only about /g/raphic cards anymore, but you might enjoy >>>/diy/ohm

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