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So im minutes away from booting a gentoo usb stick and starting to install it on my main system, anything i should know?
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install gentoo
Compile everything with
-Ofast -flto -fopenmp -D_GLIBCXX_PARALLEL -mfpmath=both -fomit-frame-pointer
for the ultimate Gentoo experience

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>go in for programming job interview
>notice a bunch of people working there have not just one, but two buttons unbuttoned on their shirts, exposing their chests

Is this place too casual?
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Depends if they looked like they've been slaving or just chilling
it's july
Go look at the employees.
Never outdress the employees when going into the interview.
If they're not dressed super professionally, do not come in wearing a suit.

Mozilla is building a FOSS voice recognition engine!
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Why not contribute to mycroft?
>using anything made by numale companies
>To ensure you're following the Mozilla Code of Conduct while using this product, all voice transmissions will be analyzed for any forms of hate speech or privileged heteronormative narratives. Violation of this code of conduct will result in your name being added to a public shaming list and barring from further usage of the product.
>Mozilla: The Human Company!

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Have little to no knowledge in programming but pretty interested. After seeing what it was about I figured that I'd see what the possibilities were, career wise. Saw software development and of course I got excited. I'm here to ask however, what programming can offer realistically.
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Easy job and big dollars
Is that from personal experience?
My day is easy (I'm at work right now), time flies because I enjoy my work, 50%of my time is not work related
I get paid significantly more than friends in other fields

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Pic related. I want to block all of China from my network services. How do I do that?
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Get a list of all IP ranges registered in China and then run a script to block them with iptables
Bump. The Chinkskids keep polluting my logs like they do their rivers.
Host something nasty about CCP. You can badmouth chinese all you want, but only by touching their masters will you get blacklisted.

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Anyone else have a fetish for fucking high performance compute clusters?
>visit a local uni on their "open day"
>get to see a Cray xc40 supercomputer
>Tent in the pant.jpg
>all I can think of is sticking my dick in one of its slots
>come back home and fap to Xeon phi
Pic related, isn't she a hottie
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Fake & gay
Kill yourself
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Dem power cables
It's true senpai

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web 6.0 cancer.jpg
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Is this the new pop up?
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what does it even do? I had it enabled for YouTube but I never see any notifications.
It probably notifies you when someone replies to one of your comments or when someone you follow uploads something.

News sites just use it to spam you with articles.
Are sites choosing to display this or is it some sort of Chrome glitch?

My assumption is it's the new "sign up for our mailing list" and a way to force spam to your notification tab.

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the kdis.jpg
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Why don't sites, especially smaller ones use torrents?

>Setup server that seeds all the files
>several volunteer users act as guaranteed additional seeders
>Plus whoever seeds

You have the best of both systems. Torrents are always guaranteed to be seeded, and it acts as a download anyways, and any additional seeders reduces the bandwidth.
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They do
What a bunch of ugly girls
IPFS works like that

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Hello, technology retard here.
So, supposedly you should use open source software because its code can be freely audited. But what ensures that this is the same code that's used in already compiled executables I download?
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Blind Faith in others to do the checking for you
You can compile the code, and check for diferrences. The same compiler will produce the same binary. That is a good- enough approach.
Does hashing produce the same result? Do things like last modified date affect hash?

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The atmosphere in this attic of an old high-rise building was special. Cigarette butts and empty bottles scattered on the floor, some old decrepit mattresses laid here and there. On mattresses sat and lay decent kind of people who found here something that they could not find in ordinary life. Almost in the center, in an ornate chair in front of an ornate table, a delicate little girl, usually just bored, ready to open a small hatch in the floor on a conditional knock.
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And knock they did.

The knock was the very same, two hits - a pause - three hits, and the girl lazily got up from her fancy chair, clicked the bolt and gently kicked the hatch. From the hatch appeared first a police cap, then another. The girl recoiled from the hatch and was going to raise the alarm, but the policeman Petrenko showed by gesture: be quiet. The girl obeyed. None of the visitors even moved.
The policemen have not seen a den of this size. In the middle of the workday, at least thirty people connected their own computers or, perhaps, leased laptops right here to an illegal Internet access point. Twisted-pair cables - gray, white, blue, red - stretched to a small server rack connected to an even smaller satellite dish. The policeman Ivanov opened the door of the counter, looked into it and whistled: "What do you know, it's not even D-Link, an actual Cisco, forty-eight ports."

- And who is the master of all this good? - Police officer Petrenko addressed the girl kindly, in a fatherly way.
- I! I'm the owner! - The girl blurted out proudly.
- Oh well. We'll look around for now. Do not do anything stupid.
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For some reason, for a moment the policeman Petrenko felt ashamed and disgusted that during the era of prosperity of the Motherland he takes bribes from Internet dens. Maybe he was embarrassed by the desire of people to get into the banned Internet at all costs, or maybe the thought of illegality of bribery flashed through his head. He was freed from the embryo of his painful reflections by waving policeman Ivanov.

- What is this? - Petrenko gestured to the woman wearing headphones and a white helmet covering her eyes.
- Relax, she can not hear us. This is Vive.
- What?
- Vive. Virtual reality. Let's see what she has there. - Ivanov turned on a small monitor on the floor not far from the woman.

Speccy thread?
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I use GNU/Linux
I use Linux/GNU/X
I use SystemD+Linux

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Ive got a raspberry pi playing video for some safety stuff to employees. I need better audio then the tv has. I do have 4 smallish speaker sitting around that take bare speaker wire.

What is the best way to do this? Should I get some kind of baby amp or something? Ive tested the pi and the 3.5 mm jack takes over the moment I plug something in so thats no problem. Could I split the 3.5 into 2 3.5s? Then just strip the wire and plug it into 2 speakers? Id get by with 2 if its got the power to drive that.
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There are very inexpensive splitter adapters you can buy. The question is more of power, and that depends on the speakers and the space you're trying to fill with sound. A cheap amp might be worthwhile.

Its a basement. Concrete walls ceiling and floor. I turned it into a lunch room for workers so they are not near machines when they dont need to be. Had a problem with someone deciding to eat lunch on something then fell off it.

Ive got three picnic tables down there long ways and room for two more. Its a pretty big room but I dont want to drown it. Its a lunch room and it seemed a good idea to rotate saftey videos in the background as a sort of reminder.

Ill start looking for a small amp that takes 3.5mm thanks.
You need an amplifier. eBay has Chinese ones that have a 3.5mm input and take 12v power for under $10 but it'll take a long time to get to you. You could also just find a pair of powered computer speakers at Goodwill.

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I;m looking for a piece of hardware that will record telephone convos off a land line either coming from /andor going out to a particular phone number. I am afraid my grandmother is being targeted for some shady money shit from a relative and I want to get to the bottom of things. Any ideas?
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You should contact the police if you think anything illegal is going on. You should also talk to your grandmother about potential scams out there.
That's illegal and any evidence you gather can't be used in court
Federal law permits recording telephonecallsand in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties. See 18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d). This is called a "one-party consent" law.

grandma is old and frail and a shady relative from another country is trying to coerce her into sending money. I want to hear wtf is going on.

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>everything is a botnet
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>If you care about privacy you're some sort of weirdo
I feel sorry for the people that are botnet phobic. Their quality of life is worse than it should be. Worrying about stupid shit problems that aren't even real problems. I guess they don't have "real" problems to deal with so they create this dumb shit drama to stay entertained?. No idea. I'm just hypothesizing. I guess under on /g/ (stupidest most retarded corner of the internet that is somewhat interested in technology) it makes sense to talk about literally retarded shit whereas any other forum you have somewhat halfway coherent and intellectual people discussing shit that matters. I'm just feel sorry for halfway decent people get sucked into this meme.
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Holy shit, why does this feel so comfy?

I know vim for like ~5-7 years now and never got really into it, because I was too lazy to learn it properly and was always satisfied with stupid IDEs or shit like sublime/atom/whateverfuckyou.
Like a week ago or something I forced myself to use vim for a project, just to (maybe) get what the fuzz is all about, looked up every hotkey that I needed or customized my .vimrc and now this shit feels so damn good.

I can encourage anyone who is too lazy to learn all those hotkeys n shit to actually do it or atleast try it. Feels like a heavy learning curve, it kind-of is, but it is worth it.

Is neovim even better than vim?

Okay, blog post ends here. Thanks for your attention.
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What's better about it over nano? Never tried Vim you see.
They are basically the same thing. Vim just sounds cooler. Also you feel like a cool hacker if you can say you use vim
The modal system lets you do a lot of a cool stuff in a few keystrokes

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